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Excellent (2020-06-14)
Way ahead of you! Already reviewed with 5 stars. Only fault I had with it were cross-head screws instead of slotted but I've rectified this

Thrush - UK
Almost perfect (2020-06-04)
The table arrived with WPG's usual efficiency and on assembly is commendably sturdy. The timber braces that give the top it's rigidity need a little tidying up as the notches for the bolts are a bit rough. The leather needs oiling but new leather always does. There's just one thing that bugs me. Cross head screws have been used!! Given the market is basically a bunch of stitch counting perfectionists, I'm surprised. Still, they are least fairly easy to replace. Given these don't turn up in great condition all that often, it's a decent purchase.

Rob - UK
Fast delivery (2020-05-31)
Quality reproduction

MacMullen - US
fast service,well packed (2019-10-06)
as always, up to wpg's excellent standards. they should have made more tables. would love to a return of the folding camp chairs as a compliment to the tables

robertson - US
Great little table (2019-10-02)
I was about to get one of these some time ago but they sold out before I got around to it. Glad to see a few of them come back. I certainly didn't wait this time around. Super fast shipping great service.

Wheeler  - US
Folding Camp Table (2016-01-14)
Super; fast delivery

Mersena - AT
Nice upgrade for my display (2014-08-31)
The table arrived in good health in Belgium. Nice looking repro. A second item unfortunatly didn't arrive so far week later. Lets see, where it is held up.

Van Bellinghen Nico - BE
Table (2014-07-06)
Nice reproduction table I had the chair and the washing basin/Bath this was the missing touch to my officers set looks great when all set up with the officers tent.
Fast delivery and great service.

Dave P - GB
Table and map case (2014-03-25)
Awesome top notch stuff. Table leg was slightly chipped but was able to glue and I am one happy camper.

Wijdoogen - US
Folding Chair (2012-04-24)
Generally very well-made. But the carpenter obviously realised he had made a mistake in the setting out when putting in the final fixing, tried to bodge it up and then gave up. It only took around twenty minutes of filing and re-varnishing to make it assemble properly but the point is that it left the workshop clearly needing further work.

Atkin  - GB
Great addition (2011-12-14)
Great addition to my vintage camping kit collection. It had a few defects, but the repairs were simple to repair.

Mark - Navarre, FL
great item (2011-06-24)
very god repro, fast shiping

frederic - FR
Camp Table (2011-02-06)
Looks swell, nice for my glass of wine.

Kosmeijer - NL
As good as they come.. (2011-01-20)
I had the chairs and the washing basin...this was the missing touch. Simply lovely!!

Piglia - NZ
- (2010-11-29)
beautiful made; it is a very welcome addition to my chairs and bath I ordered from you. Now we can add more realism to our re-eneacting display.

Wassenaar - NL
feedback (2010-08-31)
Top rate. No issues. however, the feedback form is causing me grief....

burrill - US