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5 (2019-02-02)
hivery goood nice kit well made will buy more

gladstone - UK
Nice item and great service (2018-03-30)
This is a well made item, the size is as described. Very fast delivery. I have never been disappointed.

Brand - UK
Excellent (2017-07-18)
These are the best British denims on the market to my mind, the colour match to the originals is just right and they fit nicely too.

Adams - UK
Great value (2017-07-06)
Got healthy and lost lots of weight so had to order smaller denim trousers. Measured my waist and ordered what I considered the correct waist size. These new ones fit perfectly. As usual, WPG continues to do a great job with quality products at a fair price, and superior customer service. I've never had an issue except one I created by ordering the wrong size and WPG took care of that with an incredibly easy return and re-ship process. No use to look anywhere else for your historical clothing & gear. These guys can't be beat.

Michael - US
wpg delivers. (2017-06-14)
as commented by others, technicaly it's not denim trousers. but cut and color is great. will be using these for my walks in the forest.

herodes - SE
Great idea (2017-05-30)
give them a 5 even though one suspender button fell off.have been wearing them for heavy use, with the suspenders.They look right and are very comfortable. Rest of buttons seem fine.

Hurtig - CA
Great service (2017-05-23)
I had no problems, I got the goods well in time of an event where I needed them

Oakley - US
UK Denim Trousers (2016-07-01)
I like the brownish Olive. Fits true to size !

Rueegg - CH
Excellent service (2016-06-26)
Great service as usual

Bourdiec - UK
wiltshire home guard (2015-01-17)
Very well made and look the part

Martin - UK
Very Nice trousers (2014-09-25)
These trousers are a very nice cotton fabric that wears very pleasant. Finish here and there could be a bit better but nevertheless wonderful trousers for a very nice price.

Brouwer - NL
repro denims (2014-07-17)
These are a good pair of denim BD trousers, but don't match an original jacket that I have. They are a completely different colour, being brown rather than the green of the jacket. The type of weave of the material is also completely of a different nature and this is obvious. This does mean the two can't be worn as a pair. Having said that, if you had bought a WPG pair I imagine you would be quite happy with them.

Simpson - GB
Good for Reproduction Trousers (2014-06-12)
The Reproduction trousers are quite reasonable. Great for the price, especially since it is difficult to find originals, especially ones that fit. I have an original 1950s at home that I do not want to wear, so these are ideal for that. I must getvsome more...soon.

Kausen - CA
Color good, a few (non-visible) sewing issues. (2014-05-11)
The buttonhole sewing is nowhere near as dense as originals and interior hems are cheaply done, but apart from these minor quality issues, these are almost a perfect reproduction - much better than the earlier version, and great for the price.

Cooper - US
Mr (2013-10-10)
The pants look and feel great. Good fit. Now I have 3 pair

Donegan - US
UK Denim Trousers (2012-11-08)
As Per originals - VG+

Borg - AU