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Unique, Durable, BZ (2017-06-28)
... superb jacket, big, roomy ... ordered one size up from my norm, my grand children will probably be wearing this workhorse someday. Good job WPG!

William - Washington
Sweet Mary! (2017-05-10)
Just received this jacket in the mail, and I must say it is the coolest. If you don't get this jacket you will regret it until the end of your days. The photo's do not do it justice. Talon Zippers, period stampings, heavy weight material clearly mark this as a superior garment. It's out of this world both in terms of quality and strict adherence to authenticity! Hoozah!

Garry - USA
47 TAP (2016-07-16)
Love the XXL just received. Fabric is fantastic. Snap Fasteners show shelf life, easily retouched if desired.
Initially ordered a size L based on item description - not quite. Returned for an XXL, based upon L sizing.
Return process was "no wucking furries". WPG experience is solid there.

Chuck - USA
Amazing (2016-06-13)
Amazing product, nice jacket, with good fabric.

I recommand for Indochina impressions

David - France