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Fast delivery (2018-11-26)
Fast delivery, which was important since I needed it quickly to march in the Veteran's Day parade. Tunic was a little tight in the arms though, otherwise, look and quality are great.

Ari - US
Arrived as promised (2018-11-06)
It fits !

Ward - US
Fast shipping and a very good fit (2018-10-22)
I took a chance and ordered a WW1 US Army tunic based on my chest size - it fits very well! Nice quality and fast shipping too.

Very happy with service and product. (2018-10-16)
The tunic fit was very good, looked real nice. I like the material used, it had the right look and matched an original pair of trousers I have pretty good. Thanks

Peavey - US
One of the best products from WPG (2018-10-15)
I wear a 42R and the tunic fitted very well. Sleeve length, skirt length, and collar (I am a 17") are all correct. The wool is a bit softer than the original, but the color, weave, and the look are better than anything reproduction available.

Chen - US
Amazed (2018-09-23)
Very pleased with the products and customer assistance

Michaud - US
WPG US WW1 Enlisted Tunic (2018-09-13)
Nicely done. The wool perfecty matches originals in my collection. Fit and quality is excellent.

Jim - US
very fast delivery (2018-08-16)
Very well made & correct tunic for the price compared to other vendors. Had to return and order larger size and the return/refund process worked great. Order your chest size when purchasing this tunic.

johnson  - US
Great repro (2018-08-14)
Amazing quality and accuracy.

Cornett - US
M1912 Tunic (2018-07-08)
I had purchased one of these tunics from another vendor. I had to give every measurement possible and the tunic didn't fit. I ordered your tunic and just gave my suit size. The tunic fits perfectly.

Belland - US
Very Nice (2018-06-15)
Fits well and looks great.

Faltesek - US
Well done (2018-05-04)
Fast service and product as advertised.

campbell - US
Great tunic & Fast Delivery (2018-04-10)
Very happy with my tunic , good quality , and fast shipping ......only suggestion I would make is that they take REGULAR credit cards on there web site ( not second hand pay pal)...thanks much...

Kokal - US
Fast delivery (2018-04-01)
Looks good next original but may be a little big.

Walker - US
Top quality (2018-03-02)
Amazing fast shipping,great item fits beautifully,Top quality product.

sewell - GB
Super fast delivery (2018-02-02)
As usual, well made and great material.

Fassett - CA
fast delivery (2017-12-27)
amazingly fast delivery and just the right size. Fits around my neck with ample enough room. Thanks again Rick US Tennessee

Davis - US
very satisfied (2017-12-17)
The jacket arrived in a timely manor, very well made, Price was very reasonable. I am very satisfied with the quality of the product, the price and the shipping time.

Sharp - US
super (2017-11-30)
very nice shipping very fast
thank you WPG
best regards

Uniform and exchange (2017-09-30)
Ill get straight to the point. Ordered the M1912 US enlisted uniform. Love it. Will probably buy another someday.
Also ordered the cap to go with it, realized it was too small. WPG exchanged it real quick and got a new one out to me.

Brian - US
Amazed (2017-09-25)
Perfect ! This is à beautiful tunic !
And fast delivery !

Very pleased (2017-09-10)
very fast delivery and good communication with progress of the order and shipping details. very nice fit excellent workmanship

Pahl - US
M1912 tunic (2017-08-08)
The tunic is the best repro I have seen. The wool is spot on to my originals. Order one size down. Could I suggest having the shoulder pads removed. other than notch...

Farinelli - US
Well pleased (2017-08-03)
I was well pleased with my World War 1 uniform. It is very close to an original coat, paints, and cap. Thank you WPG!

Smith - US
Ultra Fast shipping! Product Pretty Good (2017-07-27)
The replica, M1912 wool uniform coat is the best replica available on the market today. The woolen fabric is excellent! Despite that, there are some improvements that are in order: The shoulder pads should be removed as original enlisted grade garments did not have this feature. They are cut generously and a little bigger than the marked size. The size should reflect the actual size of the garment.

Chris Ruff - USA
I very happy with this. (2017-07-21)
The wool is the closest I've ever seen, but I'm most pleased about the cut. The new run has narrower shoulders, waist suppression, and small arm holes. In other words, it is cut like an original. Since most repros miss the boat here, this is a very welcome surprise and I highly recommend this item

Damian - California
Best (2017-03-22)
I am very satisfied with the jacket.

Kelly - US
Absolutely perfect tunic (2017-02-17)
Well made and arrived from UAE the same week I ordered it. Spot on to order one size down which is unheard of for stuff made over seas usually.

Williamson - US
M1912 (2017-01-27)
Could not be happier with the M1912 coat. The first one that arrived was a bit small...WPG quickly authorized a return and mailed out a new coat that was a size larger. It fits and looks great! I was surprised the color of the coats wool is almost an exact match to my original 1SG insignia that I had sewn on. Thank you

Bingham - US
US M1912 Enlisted Tunic (2016-10-17)
Absolutely amazing is all I can say. The collar could be let out a bit to add some room but other than that it's perfect. The material was so close to matching when I stood next to our WW1 displays at our museum everyone was very impressed! The order was super fast and arrived in about four days. I'm very ruff on my kit in the field and it held up perfectly. I'll be sending all my guys your way Jerry. Thank you for an excellent product and quality customer service.

Michael J. Ditto - Texas, USA
Fantastic and well done!!! (2016-08-31)
I'm a long time WPG customer and had planned to order one of these new tunics from Jerry but got one from someone that had purchased several of these for a museum display. When put beside my original M1917 uniform the wool is the best match that I have seen in any repro attempt in the last 15 years! Jerry it is truly amazing! (I only wish that the collar sizing was a bit more generous(44 reg. with a 19" neck) I plan to purchase matching breeches and OS hat! Thanks for a marvelous M1912 repro!

Tim - TN
spelling error (2016-08-25)
Sorry I spelled Tunic incorrectly, please correct, Thanks John S. Matty

John - San Antonio
Tunis (2016-08-25)
Chose jacket size as my suitcoat. A little larger cut but comfortable. Perfect fit collar, sleeves chest and length. It couldent have been better in it had been Bespoke. Just a quality Tunic, very pleased.

John - San Antonio
M1917 tunic (2016-08-07)
Nice item with super fast delivery

Lawrence - US
Super (2016-05-31)
The item arrived 2 days early, fits well, is made well and I give you high marks all around.

Donegan - US
good as original (2016-05-15)
I have received it 3 days ago and i must say the material is dead spot on as my original. with the "wow" that looks as if it was never issued, very well preserved but from a distance its a tough call to say its a reproduction when it could pass as original, overall i highly recommend this tunic and looks very sharp and looks straight out of a time machine.

Cameron - CA
Great fabric weight, color. Ordered one size smaller & it fits great except neck (too tight). (2016-05-13)
My only suggestion is that you allow a tad bit more room in the collar. I cannot get the collar fastened with a shirt collar underneath & can barely get it closed without a shirt. Also, the collar is not stiff enough, so even after being pressed, there are "wrinkles" in the fabric. It was difficult to get my disks on the collar, too, due to the sewn in cording at the bottom of the collar. If collar was just 1/8" higher, this problem would be eliminated.

Shope - US
Fits Great (2016-04-28)
I normally wear a size 46 so I ordered a size 44 and it fits like it was made for me. I'll be wearing mine to my unit's display next month.

Chuck - US
Arrived amazingly fast! (2016-04-21)
Amazing quality and historical detail at an exceptionally reasonable price! I wear a 46 chest and found the provided guidance of 44 to be a perfect fit!

Rivas - US
M1912 U.S. Service Coat (2016-03-24)
The Service Coat arrived and when I opened the box, the quality was as always excellent and fit perfectly. I will be wearing it in two weeks to the WWI Event in Rockford.

Sauter - US
as close to authentic (2016-03-14)
Very close copy compared to my real 100 year old coat. The wool serge fabric is nearly dead on to the original.
Unfortunately I wear a size 36 coat. The sizing runs large as described. I ordered a 38 and had the waist & sleeves taken in for a more fitted look.
Not much could be done for reducing the chest area. Some of the slack is filled in when worn with the wool pullover shirt.
Overall the most authentic reproduction...It is seriously hard to tell when compared side by side to an original.
If a smaller size is offered I will definitely buy again.
I received within a week shipped from the Dubai. Amazing!

Paul - California
Better than the competition (2016-03-09)
The wool and overall cut of the tunic is outstanding except for in the waist area. Simple tayloring will have it confused with originals.

Sternad - US
Great Jacket, mind your sizes (2016-03-09)
Well made uniform jacket, material is a close match to an original I own. Good quality all around, only complaints are sizes and the collar. When ordering, order at least one size smaller than you normally would. I'm a 40, and 38 fits perfectly, and is comfortably loose.

Allen - US
Excellent (2016-02-22)
One needs to either order their real chest size or one size down. The pattern is graded for guys with big guts. The waist will be larger than the chest.
However, the quality of the fabric, construction, buttons, is the best reproduction that I've seen.
I LOVE it.

Buffington - US
Excellent! (2016-02-21)
I'm very impressed with the new WPG M1912 Enlisted Tunic. High quality wool, accurate sizing and fast delivery, all for a reasonable price.

Dunn - US