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Khaki Wool Collarless Shirt (2011-02-11)
A great one again. Very comfortable, marvelously fitted. Outstanding authenticity. Cheers!

Libicer - US
collarless shirt (2010-11-16)
very well made and very close to the original

thierry - FR
angola shirt (2010-11-09)
as usual a very great one but better ordering one size smaller
thanks again

thierry - france
Shirt (2010-10-26)
Nice! The best I have seen.

Musil - CZ
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2010-10-15)
Very well made and detail superb to the stitching!! thamks WPG you guys are the best in the industry!!!

DiMaio - US
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2010-10-12)
Excellent item just like the original, good fit. Fast shipping ,awesome serves. Very satisfied.

Todd - Alberta Canada
Collerless shirt (2010-08-12)
Pretty nice for the money! fits well. Top button hole is a little small and the fit around the neck when buttoned will choke you. Im average build 38 chest 5 foot 10 so I feel for anyone with an extra few pounds. overall well done!

Randall - US
Good shirt (2010-08-11)
Looks feels and wears fine. Only small issue is the sizing does seem to be a tad large.

Santos - US
Great item (2010-08-07)
Fitted perfectly, but itchy as hell. Just like an original!

Dodkins - US
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2010-06-29)
Perfect fit, very usefull item

Riedel - NL
chemise (2010-06-18)
tres bonne qualité merci beaucoup

morieux - FR
41RMC (2010-06-17)
Wrists are tight but good item.

Sorich - US
Mr (2010-04-20)
Nice shirt,excellent quality.Very fast service

McCaffrey - DK
collorles shirt (2010-04-15)
Good shirt, verry happy with it. Thank's

visser - NL
Collarless undershirt (2010-04-04)
Excellent quality, very authentic.
Superb service. Quick delivery.

Wass - GB
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2010-03-09)
Looks and itches like an original one... Very good reproduction!

Pierre - FR
collarless shirt (2010-03-02)
Very nice. A little too wide in the chest and waist, but perfect for re-enacting

Freisleben - DK
Collarless shirt (2010-02-28)
As others suggested, bought a size smaller than I actually take and it was a perfect fit apart from the collar is a bit tight.
Colour and material is spot on, another excellent reproduction from Jerry!

Keyte - GB
shirt (2010-02-17)
looks good have not tried it on for size yet!!! bring on my first reenactment event in may!!!

moore - GB
Collar less Shirt (2010-01-29)
Fast delivery good quality Thanks!

Dave - US
British Wool Collarless Shirt (2010-01-25)
Great Shirt. Arrived almost immediately, great fit, as others have posted the sleeves are about 2" too long in proportion to the chest size (must have long arms in the British Army !).

Overall fit and quality is great, not too scratchy at all but I'm a fan of wool flannel.

Thanks for another great item !

Berns - US
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2010-01-17)
very good copy and quality

visser - NL
Quality Counts (2009-12-24)
There is a reason I keep coming back to WPG. You get what you order,every time! The shirt is perfect!

Webb - US
collarless shirt (2009-11-17)
Great shirt. Bit small, but RMA is taking care of that. Sure the replacment will also be great.

Loewe - US
shirt (2009-11-15)
Great fit and look and feel (although it does take a little getting used to)!

Epstein - US
Glen UK (2009-11-03)
The real deal not like the Soldier of Fortune shirt I had wasted money on last year

Cooper - GB
uk khaki wool collarless shirts (2009-10-21)
nice shirt

hajek - CZ
great (2009-10-06)
I normally wear 42 (Europian size), ordered 40 and fits me GREAT! looks very nice.

Nachlinger - CZ
Good Shirt, Strange Fit (2009-09-30)
I am actually wearing this shirt as I write this. I would give it a 5, except the fit is kind of strange. I ordered a 42. The body is perfect, but the sleeves are a little too long. Also, the neck is almost too tight to button. What Price Glory has become my go to source for my everyday apparel.

Hardy - US
gnaaaaarrrrrr! (2009-09-19)
So like the real thing- so itchy, I love it!

Order 1 size bigger and it will fit perfectly. I washed once by hand in wool mix and it retainds the size well but ggnnnnaaaaaarr, still itchy! Authentic item! 10 out of 10.

steve - melbourne, Australia
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2009-07-15)
Excellent reproduction down to the details. Good show. Thanks!

Triffoni - BR
Very nice! (2009-07-03)
As per the other feedback, order a size smaller than what you'd normally wear. Love the period metal buttons, but whether you want this for WWII re-enactment or as a shirt for outdoor activities it works equally well. Nice and light weight, but tough and warm.

Griffiths - AU
Perfect Reproduction! (2009-07-02)
Looks exactly like the originals!

Violet - US
shirt (2009-06-28)
best reproduction on market

Dobias - CZ
uk khaki wool collarless shirts (2009-06-12)
perfect, nice, thanks

hajek - CZ
Woll shirt, khaki, collarless (2009-06-08)
Superb shirt. Fit and feel perfect. Gets comfier the more it is worn and washed - Carefully. No dryer for this, traditional methods only. Jerry, now only if you can make your WW1 Grey back the same quality.

Melchers - UK
Great shirt (2009-05-31)
Jerry, there are few people I trust as much as WPG. The work that goes into these articles is superb.Not many suppliers I trust to provide me with my gear that are accurate and first rate,but above all trustworthy. Thanks Jerry

Troy - Tasmania,Australia
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2009-05-31)
Very nice item as always.

Thanks Jerry!

Dick Deziel - CA
uk khaki wool collarless shirts (2009-05-25)
prfect item for re-enacting

hajek - CZ
Excellent (2009-05-21)
Very happy with purchase. Agree with others, order a size smaller than you think. I am a 42, should have ordered a 40. Ran it in the dryer once on low, brushed out the fuzzies and now its perfect!

Nelson - US
uk khaki wool collarless shirts (2009-05-18)
perfekt item, quck send, all o.k.

hajek - CZ
Khaki Wool Collarless Shirt (2009-04-03)
Nice shirt,excellent quality.Very fast service.

Simmons - US
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2009-03-22)
Excellent quality

Micallef - MALTA
Khaki wool dress shirt (2009-02-28)
Nice quality and fit. All items received in timely fashion.

Spires - US
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2009-02-06)
Just great! The very best reproduction; the very best service, the very best price. I will continue to order from WPG.

Dunford - CANADA
UK Khaki Wool Collarless Shirts (2008-12-25)
Excellent quality and very like originals. Impressively fast delivery from the warehouse in Dubai too!

Weale - UK
UK Collarless shirt (2008-11-29)
Exactly like the originals. Great item!

Simmons - US
British wool shirt (2008-11-25)
Fantastic! I ordered a 52 but you sent a 50. Glad you did. Fits like it was made for me

Sifling - US
Collarless Wool Shirt (2008-11-18)
The cut and fit are great. The quality of the fastenings is what impressed me the most. I wouldn't have believed how good the wool feels against bare skin--not scratchy! The finish is great. Thanks for a great product.

Arthur Golder - US
A+ (2008-11-12)
Looks great.

Borowski - US
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