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British braces (2013-05-07)
A real pleasure to deal with.But, quite disappointing, they are not adjustable as far as I can find and the leather tabs are in the wrong positions !

Jean-Jacques F. - FR
Braces (2013-05-06)
Extremely fast delivery! Well done.

Braces (2013-04-16)
Fit great, and fast shipment.

Carlson - US
Great Braces (2013-03-25)
These braces are strong and solid in every aspect. The leather is highly durable and the straps are great, too. I would even assume that these outperform the originals!

Konrad Sladeczek - US
Trouser braces (2013-03-22)
Excellent and speedy service. They do exactly what it says on the tin. Very much appreciated.

Harrison - GB
British Army WWI and WW II style Trouser Braces (2013-03-06)
Great service and quality

Guidobono - US
Excellent (2013-03-06)
Excellent quality. Leather is VERY stiff.
Quite happy with them, will recommend to others looking for period correct trouser braces.

McDonald - CA
British Trouser Braces (2013-03-06)
Well constructed, and shipped quicklky.

Ragan - US
braces (2013-03-06)
very good quality and comfortable to wear. I use them both for dress and work.

Sullivan - US
Mr. (2013-03-06)

Scott Dunkirk - US
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2013-01-03)
Perfect quality and free shipping

Pigliapoco - IT
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2012-11-29)
The very best, perfect quality and fast shipping.

Michael T. - RU
ted (2012-11-09)
Excellent fast

koks - NL
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2012-10-27)
Quick delivery, great items as described. Many thanks!

Romanovskiy - UA
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2012-09-24)
Quick delivery, great items, as described. Many thanks!

Romanovskiy - UA
Great stuff! (2012-09-20)
Wonderful braces. Fine quality at a good price. These will be very useful.

Peter - MA USA
tourser braces (2012-09-12)
good quality and fit fast shipping

wilson - AU
Good! (2012-09-10)
Leather tabs are stiff, a bit tricky to attach to trouser buttons but soaking them in water should soften them up a bit!

Pahapill - CA
WW2 Army Braces (2012-08-02)
Authentic WW2 army braces, not elasticated so be careful not to lose those buttons!, Great quality and super fast delivery, ordered Saturday and delivered form UAE to UK by Wednesday afternoon.
Great service as usual, thanks to all at WPG

Parkes - GB
Mr. (2012-07-27)
Look exactly the same as ones I was issued in 1955. Most satisfactory purchase

Rock - US
Excellent ! (2012-07-17)
This item is exactly what I was thinking about ! and WPG has a very good service and shipment is quick : it took a week to come to Switzerland.

Duruz - CH
braces (2012-07-15)
Thanks for the quick delivery , good service and you all were very helpful gr Milco

van - NL
Touser Braces (2012-07-07)
Good quality fit well and Fast shipping

wilson - AU
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2012-07-05)
Always the best quality and service!

Henley - AU
Braces (2012-06-27)
Very nice. Quick Service.

McCartin - US
British Army WWI style Trouser Braces (2012-06-18)
Very nice item. A little confusing to use, perhaps instructions could be included to explain how to adjust these.

Horse Soldier - US
braces and swagger stick (2012-06-17)
Both items of good quality. shipment 5 Days well done.

Whitfield - GB
Braces (2012-05-26)
Super top quality!!

Arnaud - FR
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2012-05-25)
interesting for the collection, but think will try the WPG U.S. braces instead too, for practical use.

van - NL
Great (2012-05-16)
excellent item

Werner - BR
Order number 43006 (2012-04-30)
Great response, fast delivery!

McDonald - US
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2012-04-20)
nice and fast to deal with, nice items

Osterwald-Lenum - DK
Great (2012-04-12)

Werner - BR
Very nice overall (2012-04-02)
Don't lay very flat, so will cut canvas down to fit and Bob's your uncle!

Crawford - US
Braces (2012-04-01)

Wadkins - US
braces (2012-03-14)
nicely made, very adjustable and long.

smith - US
uk pants (2012-02-27)
very fast shipment, top quality

Deceuster - BE
Braces (2012-02-21)
Very good item and service as usually. Thank you.

Michal - CZ
Nice Repro (2012-02-19)
Very Nice but would be better if this was not made in a Third World Country.

Valvo - US
WWI and WWII Trouser Braces (2012-01-20)
Braces are of very good quality, and arrived at my home within a week.

Pastor - US
British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces (2011-12-13)
Great quality!VERY FAST shipping!

Shestopalov - RU
reenactor (2011-12-09)
very quick service, I had to return my first pair of trousers as they were too small. Turnaround time was excellent.

baker - US
braces (2011-12-07)
Very pleased with them and similar to the original pair we don't want to use. Very nicely done.

Campbell - US
Braces (2011-11-16)
Perfect +++

erc - FR
British Army WW1 Trouser Braces (2011-11-07)
This proved to be the exact copy of braces issued to the Australian Light Horse in WW1.

Ron S. Australia.

Stehn - AU
Trouser Braces (2011-10-27)
QQuick shipping and good looking, again well done lads

Nipper - US
braces (2011-10-06)
just received a second pair. Been using them for a long time and very satisfied, you wont find better.

Klavik - CZ
Mr. (2011-09-30)
Speedy arrival. Great item.

Shaw - GB
Versand nach Deutschland (2011-09-21)
Eine kleine gutgemeinte Warnung an alle deutschen Kunden ;o)

Es ist fatal die billigere Versandmethode "USPS/EMS" auszuwählen.
Tut man es doch, dann schaltet sich die GDSK als Mittler für den Zoll ein.
Diese Blutsauger verlangen für ihren "Service" dann zusätzlich ca. 25 €. Diese Methode ist teuer und dauert eine Ewigeit. Ich habe die Sachen nicht angenommen, zurückgehen lassen und mir die Ware über DHL neu versenden lassen.
Lieferung über DHL,Fedex oder UPS sind also wirklich nur zu empfehlen.

Die Ware ist einfach klasse.


Reißen - DE
5 (2011-09-20)
very good and very fast

Laga - PL
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