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High (2009-06-20)
Great Trouser. My regular Size for Trousers is 40 - I ordered an 42 because this one is high waisted and it fits perfect.

Schatull - DE
British Tropical BD Trousers (2009-06-09)

I just ordered another pair of your trousers. They are hands down the finest reproduction of KD Tropical trousers on earth. Almost impossible to tell from originals (and I own two pair of originals). Thanks a gain.

Bill Wisher

Wisher - US
Trousers (2009-05-20)
As ordered again, thanks.

Kessler - US
K.D. Trousers (2009-03-03)
Just as described , looks like the original thing , your kit always does. Great delivery . Well pleased.

watt - FRANCE
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