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cap (2012-05-21)
Very pleased with cap, great fit. top quality. A1 service.

Whitfield - GB
Items purchased (2012-05-20)
The cap purchased is of a high quality, all items were spot on, shipping was outstanding,
Thanks WPG.

Whitfield - GB
Great Cap! (2012-05-06)
Excellent Product! Cap fits great!
Perfectly pleased with my purchase and will recommend busy!

Little - US
MR P (2012-04-25)
Perfect transaction and fast shipping

mr (2012-04-12)
very pleased, fast and efficient, great product at a reasonable price, thank you

turnbull - AU
WW1 Trench Cap (2012-04-11)
Outstanding garment and fun to wear. Already getting approving comments when wearing it while riding my vintage looking motorcycle. Quality is top notch, as I've come to expect from WPG. Don't need the chin strapp while riding, but I'm glad I have the option.

Thorington - US
WW1 trench cap (2012-04-09)
Really impressive quality,better than i've found elsewhere & good value too.

mann - GB
UK Trench Cap (2012-04-06)
"Blitz delivery!"
Advice for german customers: DHL, Fedex or UPS and evade this bad GDSK-joke.

As far as I can say, this cap looks convincing for reenactment. In fact wearing it all the time, now. Threated with hot water as mentioned earlier gives it a nice worn touch. Size is precise.

Brosch - DE
British trench cap (2012-04-02)
Cap fits perfect and very pleased with the quality. Again, great service and super fast shipping.

McCleaf - US
UK Trench Cap (2012-03-31)
Quality of construction is very good and, as always, WPG delivers quickly and communicates well with the customer. Be prepared to order at least a size higher than normal on this one. Sizing is always hard, of course, but by planning this way, you won't have to bother with returns. I had to return, for a larger size, but WPG made that easy, so in the end all is good!

Goodell - US
UK Trench Cap (2012-03-29)
Good fit nice cap great service

wilson - AU
No issue at all (2012-02-25)
Good fit and quick turn around time thank you...

Allcock - US
Great hat, ugly strap (2012-02-21)
Cap fits dead on to listed size. Quality wool, nice cotton lining.

Strap is thin, verdigris'ed, and slightly moldy. In other words, it's probably dead-on accurate for a trench cap.

I wear the thing in my everyday hat rotation, too.

Pelikan - US
Good Value (2012-02-13)
Cap is as described. Suggest ordering one size larger than usual hat size. It is necessary to cut off about 1/2" of the leather band for a perfect fit. Cap is well made, comfortable and seems to be a reasonable recreaton of the original trench hat.

Rosenberg - US
UK Trench Cap (2012-02-07)
Great Cap, nice Fit. Very fast handling and shipping.

Only the leather chinstrap needs some adjustment, doesn't fit very well.

But overall I am satisfied.

Patrick - NL
Trench Cap UK (2012-01-16)
A typical 'Gor Blimey' cap

Borg - AU
UK trench cap (2011-12-13)
Perfect, better than expected
I am very happy to show off

Ruiz - ES
Faster and Fine (2011-12-08)
Virginia USA delivery in just a couple days! Great product, strap a bit thin and long, but easily trimmed to length. I am dual purposing hat for both WWI and Steampunk so not a problem as the strap will be under goggles. Great fit, ordered it 1/8 larger and it fits very nice. Looks ready for trenches or Air Locomotive Commander.

Mellblom - US
wwi british soft sd cap (2011-11-01)
absolutely satisfied in every way. I love it. thank you Jerry Lee and affiliates.will order more items in the future for sure.

gamarello - US
british trench cap (2011-09-23)
I 've received my order very fast and one more time i've appreciated to be in bisiness with you , many thanks for the UEA team ! About the cap : very good work except for the chinstrap but easy to change ; Many thanks ! ! ! J.F GAUTIER (France).

jean - FR
UK Trench Cap (2011-09-18)
Perfect. Exact. Superb. Quality material. Very pleased. Very tight fit right out of the box. The hot water soak/wear till dry solved everything. Blackadder Goes Forth!

USA - Oregon
dennis (2011-09-14)
Excellent material . fast shipping , very authentic . Only negatives would be chinstrap as above and though the cap is marked 7 3/4 US , it feels a bit tight .

McFarland - US
Ian (2011-07-17)
Superb.A pleasure to deal with.Very highly recommend.I have placed a new order for more items. Best regards from Scotland.

Marshall - GB
SGT (2011-05-31)
Absolutely perfect. Great quality. I modified mine to make it Australian by changing the buttons and adding a Rising Sun badge. Excellent and extremely fast delivery.

Misso - AU
trench cap (2011-05-13)
As per usual, very fast shipping and high quality. The strap seems fine...just needs a little weathering and trench mud.

Craig - US
WW! trebch cap (2011-04-12)
Excellent. Well made, high quality materials. I've already been asked by three girls ages about 17-22 where I got it. Yes, I told them how to order it.

Leveque - US
UK Trench Cap (2011-04-12)
An excellent item. The Trench Cap is well made and fits perfectly. I love wearing it. I am glad I ordered one size higher than my normal hat size though. The delivery speed was also very impressive, thank you.

Moore - US
Hat (2011-03-05)
Had to resew strap buttons to proper location but otherwise an excellent hat

Jim - Alberta/ Canada
Individual (2011-02-17)
very good quality hat. Great customer service when I ordered the wrong size, sorry. Quick turnaround time.

Crockett - US
UK Trench Cap (2011-01-23)
I was kind of supprised that the hat was brown, the picture showed it as grey. However, it looks great. Well made. Unfortiuneately, I ordered to small a size. Hopefully, I can get it exchanged.

Crockett - US
good cap (2011-01-13)
The cap is nicely made. Because of earlier comments, I ordered a size larger than I actually wear. This was a good idea; the cap fits snugly. Delivery was remarkably fast.

Richard - US
trench cap (2011-01-10)
Trench cap was very decent . I work with the origional and this is a good reproduction. The shipping company changed my name and couldn't find a 4 story museum building for 2 weeks. Other than that I'm pleased with the product.

Irvine - CA
Huzzah! (2010-12-06)
It keeps my noggin warm, and makes me look like an eccentric hipster. What more could I ask for?

McNamara - US
uk trench cap (2010-11-16)
very close to the original
fitts perfectly!

thierry - FR
Size a little bit too small (2010-10-30)
Just a problem of size. I think that it's a little bit too short. If you have a head size of 59cm you need to order a 60 cm. It's a pity because the Cap is a little bit too just. The cheanstrip is also too short and the buttons not well adjusted.
otherwise , it's a good product. Shipping perfect for the Kenya!

excellent service. (2010-10-18)
Ordered on the 9th oct delivered on the 15oct fantastic service great product.Question where do place the badge ?

dave - Canada
Trench Cap Purchase (2010-10-18)
I ordered and received a trench cap from the fine folks at WPG. I was given frequent updates on delivery including a shipping tracking number that kept me in the loop throughout the transit process. The item arrived in good order and met my expectation. The cap is well made and fits nicely; overall a superb transaction. Bravo!!!!

John, Atlanta - US
Trench Cap (2010-10-15)
Perfect fit and excellent quality.Fast shipping and highly pleased with WPG!!!

DiMaio - US
Trench Caps (2010-10-12)
Great quality, and (using Skynet) extremely fast delivery to the UK. Shall be getting more from you.

Lambert - GB
WPG Trench Cap. (2010-10-12)
I would prefer to be able to give a rating 4.5, but this is not an option.

These caps were made by a great many manufacturers, so there is a lot of variation within the population. The lining is of white cotton twill -- not as common as the black oilcloth lining, AKAIK, but a better choice re wearability. The khaki serge is quite plausible.

Re the strap -- The strap comprises two sections, one long piece that is doubled over and is joined to itself by a brass slider, and a short piece that ends in a brass loop. I did some research, and I decided that the short piece was about twice too long. I trimmed the the button hole end of this short piece from the rough side, with an X-acto, using a section of brass tubing as a template. I then drilled a new hole with a Dremel, from the finished side, and added cut a new slit with my X-acto. Now, the strap sits somewhat loosely on the front of the cap, with the two brass pieces arrayed symmetrically on both side of the visor -- the correct configuration. There seems to be another tiny bug with the strap: I think that the round head of the pin that fixes the loop that holds the brass slider should be visible. On my cap, it is facing toward the cap.

Overall, quite good. I do believe that the lower line of stitching around the top of the cap -- that simulates piping -- is too low, so that the simulated piping is too wide.

Lundy - US
Grand Poobah (2010-09-27)
Excellent trench cap. Quality material, careful construction. Shipment was fast and secure. Follow-up from WPG was appreciated.

Kittmer - US
Trench cap (2010-09-01)
very nice, but material is a bit rough, a finer cloth would be better

frank - DE
trench cap (2010-08-22)
Got here is short order, good workmanship, glad to read about chin strap, people very helpful.

McGowan - US
UK Trench Cap (2010-07-26)
Once again Very nice cap, fits like a glove, excellent kraftsmanship, very high wool quality,very close from the original.
Very very fast "Blitz"-delivery. In one word : Excellent !!!!!

Henskens - BE
Trench Cap Review (2010-06-18)
Same as earlier comments re: chinstrap. No big issue of course because it is easily re-sized. better it be to long than too short. Perhaps just a note on the catalogue that tells purchaser that they may need to shorten the strap for the correct look. The cap is very good.

Kevin Hebib - CA
Trench Cap (2010-06-12)
Arrived quickly. Great reproduction. Sizing a little smaller than expected.

Mayes - US
M (2010-04-28)
High quality product. No doubt the best website of militaria items.

Very pleased (2010-04-28)
I got the package yesterday and very pleased.

Radcliffe  - US
cap (2010-04-17)
like the cap thanks

Fisher - CA
UK Trench Cap (2010-03-10)
Thank you WPG again for a very fast delivery. The cap is very well made indeed. I take a 7 1/4 hat size and this was very tight indeed so order a size or so up. Or you can soak the cap in hot, but not boiling water and then put it on until dry. This works a treat and it helps shrink the chin strap which is a bit on the long side. Thanks WPG

Andrews - GB
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