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US Office Khaki Trousers (2012-10-20)
I''m not a reenactor, but I wear several WPG products for a 1920s-40s inspired civilian look. These trousers are perfect for that, with the high-waist, generous period cut. Not like these tapered-legged junksqueezers a man is forced to wear nowadays! At the same time, these trousers are not as extremely baggy as the British officer KD trousers. Well made, good fabric, compliments to the people in Pakistan who make these for WPG! Customer service 1st class as usual.

Phillip - GB
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2012-09-23)
waist is correct as stated on earlier post, they are long. Good weight and feel. Service is A-1

Johnson - US
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2012-09-10)
Great quality, fit is correct, will have to alter the length. As always fast service.

Johnson - US
WWII US Army Officer Khaki Trousers (2012-06-25)
These trousers are superb. This is my second purchase of this item. The fit and look is what I had hoped for -- Long rise with full cut in the thighs and wide leg bottom opening. Authentic WWII look and feel. These are the best cotton khakis I own!

Weber - US
fits great (2012-06-16)
great fit on the the pants, size was just right. i wear a 36 in jeans and 38 in slacks and these 38s worked great.

Pegis - US
officer trousers (2012-02-25)
I'm glad the length was left for my fitting.

Horek - US
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2012-02-23)
Great product, nice garment.

Great Trousers! Great Price! (2011-10-30)
You can't go wrong with these trousers. They are rgeat recreations of the originals.

Schneider - US
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2011-08-09)
Good idea to cut the extra length off the pants (long!) to use for the epauletts. Since two of us wanted that, maybe offer the jacket with epauletts, and shorter pants?

Summerville - US
Pants (2011-06-29)
Thease are geat pants

Hunnewell - US
Great (2011-06-22)
These are awsome. Great fit and finish. The real deal.

Allen - US
retired (2011-05-29)
Great pants - always happy with what I order from WPG. And just in time for the Reading, PA air show.

Kalinowski - US
Officer's Khaki Trousers (2010-11-27)
Very well constructed. Tailored with the period-correct high-waist and includes period pocketwatch pocket on right side (good place a Zippo lighter if you don't have a pocketwatch). Material matches the Officer's khaki shirt, and if you need to shorten the length of the pants, you can use the extra material to make epauletts for the enlisted men's version of the shirt.

Whigham - US
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2010-07-22)
Great, I love them, nice and baggy, exact match in colour to my original cap. AAA+++

Chris - UK
Khaki pants (2010-05-20)
Excellent reproduction! 38 Fit was perfect and item as advertised, good material and workmanship.

Thanks WPG

Dawson - US
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2010-04-30)
This is my second order of this officer khaki pants. Good patern and great WWII fit.

Officer Khaki Trousers (2010-04-26)
Great material and look. The size offered should have fit loose and they are a little snug.

Bess - US
Fine Trousers. (2010-02-17)
Reminds one of wearing these and lounging in a hammock looking out over der Friesches Nierung at the Baltic Sea in the thirties. These trousers are authentic in cut and high riseres, just like we like them: proper. Rear pockets are cut a little too narrow for men with robust Goerring-like fingers and wide wallets. Are they perfect: Hell No. What is? You best ordre at least seven pair at these prices and quality.

Lord Harrington - US
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2010-02-09)
Very fast shipping. Fantastic cut and fit, like an original. One of the best chinos I have.

Great Trousers (2010-01-28)
Sehr Gut und Bardzo Dobrze. Good woolen shirt. Colour matches the Pink Trousers and Officers Breeches well; and that shockingly good, provided one wants them match. The shirts are a fitted cut. Ordre larger for more room. Looks smart, feels cashmere-esque. Best have at least three sent, whom knows if the ship may sink!

Lord Harrington - United States of North America
Pants (2009-10-18)
Got here fast and look great.

Mullen - US
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2009-09-09)
With my compliments, very nice item as usual from your workshop

Cardoni - IT
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2009-07-07)
Great! Perfect! Exactly as needed.

Fuller - US
Summer kaki officer pants and cap. (2009-06-24)
Items look great....nice fit and finish. Thanks for a prompt service.

Rolls - US
US Officer Khaki Trousers (2009-01-06)
Item is great! Very authentic.

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