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wool socks (2010-10-28)
good copy good quality

Kuntz - US
Socks (2010-09-25)
Very good and very comfortable. So good I'm oredering another three pairs.

Bennett - GB
Army Gray Wool Blend Socks: OK (2010-09-19)
Perfectly Fitting & Durable, OK for reenactment but comfortable for modern tastes *certainly not grandpa's stinging matting wool* Effective both in mild as in cold/wet weather

Lazzaro - IT
Boot-Worthy (2010-09-13)
Excellent Fabric, Durability & wearability; I''m not an expert in the field, I''ve bought it just to wear it in the wilderness & I''m pretty satisfied

Lazzaro - Italy
US Army, USMC and British Army Gray Wool Blend Socks (2010-08-03)
Great quality and service.

Lauria - US
GREAT!!!!!! (2010-06-28)

Good socks. (2010-06-16)
It is hard enough finding a decent pair of wool socks that are not modernized with poly-blends and stand out from a mile away... These socks may have poly in them but you wouldn't ever know unless someone told you. I'm impressed with these, they really look the part.

McNamara - US
Gray wool blend socks (2010-06-09)
Superb repro in every respect - give them some real hard use & have a go at proper darning!!
Thanks again Jerry.

Ulrich - GB
Great value! (2010-06-04)
I bought the three pair deal and they have held up to numerous washings and a few reenactments. Feel confident in ordering.

Matthew - Denver
Socks. (2010-05-15)
These socks are just the job,and a good addition to my kit.Great service and very fast delivery to UK.

askew - GB
WWI Type socks (2010-05-05)
Great item, good quality. Looks very close to the originals. Recommend to WWI reenactors.

Pepin - US
Nice Socks (2010-03-12)
These will go well with shorts and ammo boots - my RAF Desert uniform for sunny airshows.

Rutledge - US
reenactor (2010-03-12)
vary nice.

Henson - US
US Army, USMC and British Army Gray Wool Blend Socks (2010-03-09)
Very comfortable to wear and prompt delivery.

Pierre - FR
US Army, USMC and British Army Gray Wool Blend Socks (2010-03-08)
They feel great!

McDowell - US
Socks (2009-11-19)
Great service & a quality product.

Lennon - US

magreehan - GB
Socks (2009-10-26)
Nice and warm!


McGee - US
US Army, USMC and British Army Gray Wool Blend Socks (2009-09-05)
great socks, very fast delivery

Hiscock - GB
Grey Wool Socks (2009-08-29)
Nice quality, but a tad short on length on the size 1 marked "Large". All in all very nice and should do the trick

Michaud - US
Mr (2009-07-27)
Great socks, just the thing for your kit.

Bob Dixon - GB
US Army, USMC and British Army Gray Wool Blend Socks (2009-07-25)
These socks are great! You will not find a better replica pair of gray socks for your British kit!

Barrett - US
Socks (2009-07-04)
Very comfortable, and fast delivery.

Kruger - US
socks (2009-06-28)
looks good

Dobias - CZ
Fine (2009-06-20)
Very fine Socks, very comfortable

Schatull - DE
Local defence force volunteer (2009-06-13)
Always great stuff from WPG!

Woulfe - US
british socks (2009-05-25)
perfect item

hajek - CZ
uk khaki wool collarless shirts (2009-05-25)
perfect item for WWII re-enacment

hajek - CZ
+++ (2009-04-26)
great wool socks

Stanek - CZ
British Socks (2009-04-11)
Super fast service and the socks are great!

McGhee - US
nice quality-very good service (2009-02-25)
nice quality of the socks and they arrived in a timely manner

Cummins - US
us army , usmc british army gray wool blend socks (2009-02-08)
The socks were really nice, they fit and wore well. Thanks.

Biesiada - US
US Gray wool socks (2008-12-23)
Very nice.

Haithcock - US
Socks (2007-12-22)
Top-Product Yesterday i wear one Pair at Minus 10 Degrees my Feet remain Untouched by the cold.

Petros - Germany
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