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mess kits (2009-10-21)
very well made item - should provide years of use.

Harmon - US
mr (2009-10-01)
i was advised to buy this from wpg as the bale arms are stronger, yep its great

doyle - IE
Hobbyist (2009-09-02)
A simple thing like a mess kit, done to
perfection, great piece at a great price!

Mack - US
great (2009-09-01)
As allways a great item .My order arrived so fast it was here befor I finished sending out my order

wall - US
WW1 and earlier mess tin (2009-08-29)
These items were purchased to use in a Victorian impression. As such I expected to have to make new covers. The tins themselves and good quality. and I wold order from this firm again.

Woodward - US
Mess Kit (2009-07-16)
Great item. No complaints at all, both about the mess kit or WPG's service. I will be a return customer!!

Brady - US
Mess tin (2009-07-04)
The inside was a little dirty, but a nice scrubbing with steel wool and cleaning will make it shine. Highly recommend!

Kruger - US
WWI mess tin (2009-06-10)
It was better than expected, bigger as well. all is in order and will provide me great service. I must say though the lid is held on pretty tight, not too much of a problem though. all in all a great item.

Michael - U.S.
WW1 mess tin (2009-06-05)
A cracking little item, now with the handle in the lid for frying/cooking. The cover included in the price- a great deal for the price, as often these are sold seperately.

Looks great on the back of your 08 webbing!

Clarke - GB
British WW1 and Earlier Mess Tin (2009-03-02)
It's as good as I've seen

Turner - CANADA
good cover (2008-02-10)
canvas type cover is more correct than competitors farby web type, well done.

Davin - Australia
Mess tin (2008-01-25)
Fantastic mess tin. Wish the handle in the frying pan dish was included, but still a great item for the kit. My compliments

Barton - Ohio USA
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