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British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2011-03-28)
excellent product!
I didnt made it wet, fits perfect without!

Graus - NL
helmet net (2011-03-14)
Really tough to fit, but looks great when done.

Arroyo - PH
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2011-03-14)
Very nice, takes a little work to get it on, but it does look good.

Harbs - US
british helmet net (2011-03-09)
Very, very, good

casariego - ES
Helmet Net (2011-03-05)
I wished they had included instructions on how to install this thing. I was a chore putting in on without wetting it first. Once I got it on it looked great. If I had gotten it wet and stetched first it would look even better.

George - Texas
2-color helmet net (2011-02-08)
Really looks the part, authentic! Difficult to put on though at first, it helped to use a thin, black, almost invisible elastic string instead of the supplied drawstring, speeded up fitting a lot.

Arroyo - PH
Good (2011-02-06)
Never seen two colour nets, however it looks great.

British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2011-01-19)
Fast shipping, good quality

Van - NL
Mr (2011-01-13)
Good bit of kit.

Rivers - GB
helmet net (2011-01-10)
Now you tell me about getting wet first!!!

Crawford - US
Helmet net (2010-12-16)
Nice item.
Needed wetting and stretching to fit. Just as annoying as the originals. Well done WPG.

Wright - AU
* (2010-09-21)
Fine, looks good.

ottosson - SE
Helmet Net (2010-09-20)
Exactly what I expected. Well done!

Frantz - US
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2010-09-08)
A bit tight at first, wet her down, and she slips over the dome with no worries. Great repro!

Appleby - US
Retired (2010-08-31)
Fast shipping, really had to work to get the wet mesh over a Brit Despatch rider's helmet. Could have used another 1" all the way around. Was finally successful and it looks excellent.

Joe R., US - US
Fantastic! (2010-08-06)
Looks great on my mkIV helmet, takes a little work. The advice stated earlier to wet the thing then work it into shape was exactly right! You will absolutely have to soak it then spend some time shaping it over the helmet shell.

Harrison - CA
Even Better than Expected! (2010-08-05)
This is great! The perfect Commonwealth helmet net in my opinion. It is allot smaller out of the box than I expected and the advice to wet it and stretch it was much appreciated. Really work at it if you have a larger helmet (it was a turtle shell helmet in my case) and the odd shape and size of the shell was a challenge but shes fit nice and snug now.

Fantastic product, I would highly recommend it to others!

Jonathan - Canada
Helmet Net (2010-06-27)
Fast delivery, great item , Would always recomend WPG

Zeller - GB
Excelente Malla (2010-06-27)
Buena calidad ,cumple con la rigurosidad histórica.

Marcos Flores Nelson - CL
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2010-06-11)
Nice item and quick delivery. A bit snug at first, but after wetting it, it went easily.

De Clercq - BE
helmet net (2010-06-03)
good item !

Wassenaar - NL
MR. (2010-05-13)

helmet net (2010-05-12)
Smaller than expected...they smell like the real thing...have not tried to install them yet.

Top (2010-04-27)
Will look very nice on my para helmet. Thanks!

Bengtsson - SE
Helmet Net (2010-04-24)
Awesome net! Trick to get on my para helmet but looks like the real deal!

Bergeron - CA
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2010-03-26)
Its complete my MKI para helmet. Thank you.

Peter - SG
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2010-03-22)
Great net, fast shipping & delivery. Thanks

Peter - SG
net (2010-02-17)
just received it and going to try attaching it now pleased i read the other reviews with advice on wetting it first, quick delivery!!

moore - GB
Ged (2010-02-08)
What can i say being in the paras in the early 70s 80s i remember this type of helmet net exactly the same as the issue items Jerrys net is unbeleivable quality and delivery is quicker than an item i ordered from a store in the next county over here, cheers.

Miley - GB
net (2009-12-27)
Needs to be wet and worked to get the fit. Once done though looks fantastic. Many thanks

Proud - CA
British Helmet Net (2009-12-26)
Looks okay but yet to try and fit to a helmet.

Holbrook - AU
uk net (2009-12-14)
nice item

Mattioli - IT
red de camuflaje (2009-11-03)
Excelente, pero aún estoy luchando para ponerlo

Asenjo - ES
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2009-11-01)
Looks good.
Remember to wet it in order to get it to fit.

Cosgrove - CA
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2009-10-22)
Excellent, livraison rapide vers la France, super !

Aguera - FR
Two colour helmet net (2009-09-08)
Excellent, fast shipping. Well done WPG

Taylor - GB
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2009-08-22)
excellent, I will do business with you again

coltri - IT
Helmet cover. (2009-08-08)
Just what I wanted. Received order in less then a week.

Borowski - US
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2009-08-05)
Excellent item, exactly as advertised, looks the part. Well made, but a problem to fit initially. Very quick shipping. Recommended!!!

Trev - AU
helmet net (2009-07-23)
Worked fine on my jump helmet. No problems attaching it. Looks good.

Jeff - US
George ,USA (2009-07-06)
Great net. Trick to putting it on is to wet the net. Stretch it out before you put it on the helmet. Start on one side stretch the net gradually pulling on the draw string. It will fit .I wear a 7 1/2 helmet and this worked. Fast shipping.

Stefanski - US
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2009-07-01)
++++++++++ :-)

Roenning - NO
Helmet net (2009-06-27)
ok, now that i''ve managed to fit it on i can confirm it is A+ very nice

Brincat - Malta (2009-06-23)
i'm still trying to stretch this onto the repro para helmet, but it just needs some patience... it looks and feels liek the real thing!

Brincat - Malta
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2009-06-23)
Excellent item, well done and well packed. Besides that, a quick shipping. Recommended!!!

Triffoni - BR
helmet net (2009-06-18)
excellent scrim netting which fits my modern issue para helmet perfectly!
thanks very much for the fast dispatching (less than a week to get to the UK)



wright - GB
perfect (2009-05-31)
it's a little small but is streches out and it fit over my mk2 helmet and my schrapnel bandage easaly, it's exactly what you would expect so 5 stars

Gallen - US
Helmet net (2009-05-23)
The net looks great. I know it streatches but I still haven't figured out how to secure it to my helmet. Simple instructions would have been nice.

Hardy - US
British Two-Color Small Mesh Helmet Net (2009-05-23)
Looks superb on the 2nd Pattern British Airborne Helmet I purchased from you! Fast despatch to the UK too.

Rich - GB
Purchaser (2009-05-05)
Looks like those worn in the old war photos. A bit snug for my 7.5 inch head, but I believe I can get around that with my hat stretcher.

Nolen - US
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