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Worrld War 1 Helmet. (2010-08-12)
I am very pleased with the fast service.
The Helmet is well made,although the liner seems to be a "cross" between an American M1917,and the British M1.(white string rather than brown being the main culprit),among other tiny details,but everything else seems fine,and you can't argue with the price!.

Andrew Good - NZ
British Brodie Pattern WW1 Helmet (2010-03-31)
Very good, it fits well and I was impressed by how quick it arrived with me too.

Rolfe - GB
5 (2010-03-22)
As expected. Great helmet.

Watts - US
British Brodie Pattern Helmets (2010-03-20)
nice repro. appreciate the patience finding one that fits

Metheny - US
Excellent (2010-03-19)
Sits a little high on the head, but I guess my old original helmet had a broken liner, so i am used to it sitting that way. The cover is a bit awkward, can't get it to fit my helmet right at all (looks all poofy in some parts and slips off the rim in others) but I prefer it "au natural" anyway. As mentioned, for a First World War helmet, can't be beat. (and no-one will really see the liner anyway, as long as it fits right the material really isn't important IMHO)

Robert Palfrey - US
Great for the price (2010-03-02)
For a helmet under 100, this isn''t a bad deal. The helmet and assembly are fantastic. The liner needs improvement, the pad and band "leather" while an accurate cut are made of stinky modern Naugahyde and will need to be replaced for 100% accuracy.

Anders - CA USA
WW1 British Brodie Helmet (2010-02-10)
Very pleased with the helmet. The liner looks like a very accurate reproduction as far as I can tell from available photos. Thanks.

Fantastic helmet (2009-11-23)
a great ww1 helmet, very comfortable and fast shipping

Kelly - AU
HM3 (2009-11-11)
Tin lid looks good. Fits great.

Jones - US
helmet (2009-09-30)
nice repro looks good and feels good on head

hertzog - US
British brodie helmet (2009-09-09)
fantastic product and super fast service.

Evans - AU
hobbyist (2009-09-02)
A bit tight but fits nevertheless. All of
your gear is exceptional, or at least that
which I've ordered. Prices are great,
turnaround is fantastic. Authenticity is
beyond question! Keep up the great work.

Mack - US
Brodie Helmet (2009-08-22)
Nice helmet and liner, fast shipment

Jim, Tewksbury - US
WW1 helmet (2009-05-31)
Excellent repro WWI helmet. The liner is spot on.

Frazer - US
Helmet (2009-05-27)
Finally, a helmet that fit my giant head size (61).Great design and helmet liner is soooo much easier to adjust than previoulsy!

Lachance - CA
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