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M (2010-04-28)
High quality product. No doubt the best website of militaria items.

Very pleased (2010-04-28)
I got the package yesterday and very pleased.

Radcliffe  - US
cap (2010-04-17)
like the cap thanks

Fisher - CA
UK Trench Cap (2010-03-10)
Thank you WPG again for a very fast delivery. The cap is very well made indeed. I take a 7 1/4 hat size and this was very tight indeed so order a size or so up. Or you can soak the cap in hot, but not boiling water and then put it on until dry. This works a treat and it helps shrink the chin strap which is a bit on the long side. Thanks WPG

Andrews - GB
great copy of an original (2010-03-02)

Durcan - IE
Mr (2010-02-13)
Oustanding service, quick shipping, great product, Great guy to deal with, what more could you ask for?

Hiorth - CA
belle repro (2010-01-23)
belle casquette, envoi rapide et soigné.
seule la jugulaire est à racourcir, mais c''est très facile ! que du ++++++

Disdier - France
standtohorse/ 1st command in Cavalry formation (2010-01-05)
Great cap/ only glitch was leather strap's too long as is. Easy modification and its probably to spec. Cap is exactly as shown. Worn once and comfortable as you'd expect for "Trench" wear.

James - US
Still very happy (2009-12-21)
This item was ordered at the same time as the khaki kilt hose- came swiftly and in perfect condition. Will be back!

LaMarre - US
UK Trench Cap (2009-12-13)
Just as I ordered. And fast shipping. Thanks.

Cross - US
UK Trench Cap (2009-12-12)
AWESOME CAP!!!!!!...I have to go along wiht the others about the chin strap..not as wide or the same color as the picture online..however..the cap is of excellant quality!..arrived, not only on time..but..alot sooner than expected!..I would definetly purchase more items from fact I have my eye on the Highlanders Shanter Cap....

Dobson - US
To cap it off (2009-11-16)
Excellent construction - Great look - Not so keen on having to put the strap on myself but I'll get over it. BUT (and every one has a butt) I orderd a 7.5 because that is what I wear and my other hats a perfect to a tad loose - this one is a tad snug - so if you can - consider a half or 1/4 size up.

Lawrence - US
trench cap (2009-11-16)
The trench cap was great and looks eaven better in real life than on the picture on the wpg web site.
Like everyone has said before, the strap is too long but is easy to shorten yourself.

The shipping from UAE was allso very fast.

Will buy again!

Wallin - SE
UK Trench Cap--WELL DONE, LADS! (2009-10-30)
I have seen some originals, and now I know what they looked like when they were brand new. I'd bet that even the stitch count is authentic. The strap is just fine after a 2-minute trimming. The cloth is a spot-on match in colour, texture, and weight. In Civil War Reenacting we soak our new forage caps with hot water and wear them until dry. I did the same with the UK trench cap and WOW, what character! It is now begging to be worn at a rakish angle. That helps sort out the chinstrap too. A TRULY BRILLIANT REPRODUCTION!!!

Forman - US
Soft peeked trench cap (2009-10-07)
The cap is great- the quality if good and matched my expectations. The leather chin strap was a bit to long though, but on the whole it is good. It is on display and adorned with cap badge.

Madeley - AU
UK Trench Cap (2009-09-16)
Some years ago, I ordered a WPG trench cap when they were first made available. This new trench cap is of superior construction and appearance to those old first runs. The issues with the chinstrap aside ( I simply exchanged it with my old cap's ), I was very pleased and would recommend purchase for other collectors/reenactors.

King - US
UK Trench Cap (2009-09-10)
It's going to a favorite of mine!

Trench cap (2009-09-05)
V good

Perry - IE
hobbyist (2009-09-02)
Like the cap alot. Fits perfectly and really
shows high quality. Thanks for such a quick
turnaround on the order!

Mack - US
UK Trench Cap (2009-08-22)
I have never seen an original but this reproduction is of top quality. Shipping was very quick. The item was exactly as described. I will definitely do business with WPG again.

White - CA
Trench Cap (2009-08-18)
Very pleased - quick delivery. Well made. Similar thoughts to others on the chinstrap but thanks for the comments by Rogue Male

Mike - AU
trench cap (2009-08-03)
seems like the real thing, but strap was a little off.

Rob - CA
Perfect cap (2009-07-20)
The cap is excellent in manufacture and fit.

Re: the chin strap, it is authentic. When the hat is worn, the strap sits relatively loosely across where the headband and peak join, as it should...the Military History Workshop version does exactly the same (wider strap, though). See the book on Canadian VCs by John Swettenham, _Valiant Men_, and see the photos on pp. 74, 84 and 86. Front line practice in the CEF at least seems to have been to have the looser back strap tucked over the bottom lug of the cap badge (p. 74, 3 men of the 49th Btn CEF, p. 86, an officer), or have the whole strap pinned behind the cap badge (p. 84). Mine looks fine resting au naturale, but it is simply a looser fit than on a modern dress forage cap. This is a trnech cap, not a parade ground cap; it wouldn''t pass muster at Pirbright or Aldershot, but it is the authentic "front line fighter" look, sort of the "50-mission cap" for the infantry.

Re: valuation, I appreciate the vendor price renderings for the benefit of clearing customs with minimum difficulty (*cough*).

I''d have given anything to have one of these when I was a kid.

Rogue Male - Canada
Trench Cap (2009-07-10)
Very nice reproduction from high quality materials. service was excellent as well.

Page - US
Trench cap (2009-06-20)
The cap itself is very well made and a comfortable item. As noted by others, the strap is a bit long, but since it is leather, a few walks in the Oregon rain may help resolve that problem through shrinkage.

One note: You might want to have the manufacturer/shipper leave the actual cost of the cap off of the invoice in future. I paid $45.00 plus postage, and the invoice said that the cap plus strap came to a little under $6.00. I like the cap, but that's a really big mark-up.

Eastes - US
good trench cap (2009-06-10)
the item was good and as described. I had to shorten the chinstrap a little my self though as the one supplied is too long. all considered it is worth the money.

Michael - U.S.
Great cap (2009-06-02)
I've never seen an original in person but this has the heft and feel of period military goods. Looks like the caps on the troops in the WWI newsreels. Fit is spot on.

Quick delivery.

Yes, the leather strap is too long. Everyone complains about it so why not get the Pakis to shorten it (or move the buttons back a smidge)?

Lefcourte - US
Great Item (2009-05-31)
Outstanding! A perfect fit. Very well made, and the wool is of the right heft and texture. Thanks, Jerry.

Todd - Cayucos, CA USA
British Trench Cap (2009-05-14)
Super fast delivery! First Class "Spot-On" Reproduction. I only had to shorten the chinstrap, looks great when a vintage british cap badge is installed. Thank you very much! Kind regards Bernard van Bronkhorst

van Bronkhorst - NL
UK Trench Cap : SIMPLY DIVINE !!! (2009-04-08)
Very nice cap, fit like a glove, excellent kraftsmanship, very high wool quality,very close from the original.
Very very fast "Blitz"-delivery.
In one word : Excellent !!!!!

Marc H. - BE
Trench Cap (2009-03-08)
Fast shipping, Well made, Well fit, Overall very happy with transaction and the hat. Thanks, Rob

Horton - CANADA
uk trench cap (2009-01-07)
a very nice one with a very wool quality,very close from the original

thierry - FRANCE
Trench cap (2008-12-31)
Cap is well made and fits fine. Thanks.

Redmon - US
A fine hat (2008-12-12)
Overall, and excellent cap.

My only qualm was with the chinstrap - it was too big and needed to be altered by myself to fit snugly across the cap.

But otherwise, a beautiful thing.

Excellent! (2008-12-03)
I love this hat! Beautifully and sturdily made. Looks perfect with my vintage cap badge on it.

Matt - North Carolina, USA
cap (2008-11-25)
good stuff very quick delivery thanks

Overton - UK
Very quick delivery (2008-11-14)
Hello there, I've gotten this cap very quickly. So if you are longing for that new WWI item and count on swift delivery, this is the company! Cheers; Ron

Well made (2007-11-07)
This cap is very comfortable and feels well made. Interestingly enough, it looks awful until you put it on your head and it takes shape. I don''t care much for the leather chinstrap, but it belongs and looks fine from a distance.

Joseph - Connecticut
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