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More then expected (2010-09-11)
The radio is great. Me and my friens got three of them so we can actualy use it on the field when reenacting. Looks and feels great and it's a lot of fun using them... Congrats and TX. And the shippment couldn't be faster.

Filipic - SI
BC-611 (2010-08-30)
Fantastic reproduction of the famous BC-611 used in WW2. Is an important part of my collection, as I have one original HT used by brazilian army during WW2 and the reproduction made by WPG is very, very real.
An important item for reenactors and an important part of the military radio history.
Thank you WPG.


Kasseb - BRAZIL
Turns Off (2010-08-25)
After testing my radios, I was excited to bring them out to an reenactment. I loaded the batteries back in and turned them on... I pushed the side button and they turned off... hmmmm. This kept happening so I didn''t use them. I need to look into this issue - I am guessing a bad wire or something. The fit and finish is good but the inside work is very sloppy.

Rob - PA
BC-611 Walkie Talkies (2010-08-19)
Super fast shipping and really great quality products.I am totally impressed by WPG and all of the items they offer. The best on the market today for service and quality. You need to order from WPG because you deserve the best!!!!!!

DiMaio - US
Chief Grunt (2010-08-18)
Good but not excellent. Antenna cover threads are barely workable. Bottom cover retainer will not move so that bottom can be removed. Visually very good.

Horn - US
611 radio (2010-08-12)
got the replacement today, if it works as well as the other one we all ready have it will be great....a really nice addition to our unit display and for use at Tactical events. GMz

Mazzarella - US
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-08-02)
Flipping cool.

Scobie - US
handie talkie radio (2010-07-30)
The item is excellent but I would like to praise the great service you get from WPG!!!! xxx+++!

Jones - GB
BC 611 FRS (2010-07-22)
I received my BC 611 in about a week. I found it to be exactly what I had expected, well built and visually correct to the descerning eye. Yes the screw on the top isn't slotted and it's missing two other screws and the antenna isn't exactly the same, but for an active reenactment, or display it is just what I needed.

Schinleber - US
Mike K (2010-07-22)
I was impressed with the very prompt delivery from UAE. They look great and feel great. Would have to be careful when removing the lid to turn on and off and replacing the batteries, do you have replacement parts if required?

I think a minor detail for having a product no one else has. Any other radio types in the pipeline for the future? If so you can count on me to get one.

Great product, will go great at the re-enacting events. Thanks to the makers and WPG.

Krause - AU
BC-611 (2010-07-21)
Great reproduction BC-611....thanks for making well made repros that no one else makes!

Wills - US
USMC (2010-07-11)
What a fantastic reproduction, just what the hobby needs, arrived very very fast 2 1/2 days. keep it up Jerry.

Gurman - GB
US BC-611 Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-07-09)
I continue to have great success with products from WPG. The US BC-611 is a faithful reproduction and works great.

Kegel - US
BC-611 (2010-07-05)
After going through the exercise of converting a well-worn original, I truly appreciate having a turn-key reproduction for use in tactical events. It is a cleverly done copy and, since it is functional, the other criticisms are nit-picking.

Hudgins - US
Bc-611 (2010-07-05)
I receved my Bc-611 and i really like it. i know that you can't have every thing the same as the originals. i am really happy, but my bottom cover, and the pin was broke to. jerry sain that he would send a replacement part. we will have to seeif they do or not. i am doing my own conversion to the unit.

Taylor - US
BC-611 (2010-07-02)
Great product and very fast delivery from Dubai (3 days after ordering).

Mike - Michigan
BC-611 (2010-06-30)
I received my handie talkie 6/29/2010 very happy and very satisfied. I could not believe it took less than a week from ordering to get to me.
The item was well packaged which is a plus also the item was what i expected very nice and well

BC-611 (2010-06-29)
Good solid construction. I was very impressed with the fast shipment of the product. I received my item via DHL within a week of placing my order online. A+++ I have not had a chance to use this item "in the field," but it looks like it will serve our purpose well! Thank you for providing an item that has been missing from the WWII reenacting community.

Hill - US
Excellent (2010-06-29)
Sorry, I am an idiot. There is an aerial and it is under the protective cover. That big nobbly thing which I didn''t unwind to look for it. Sorry WPG as I wasn''t ripped off. Appologies!!!!

BC611 (2010-06-28)
It's me again. I just wanted to say that if you come out with a BC 1000 please let me know. If it's as good as the BC 611 I want one Thanks. Dennis

Lyles - US
BC-611 (2010-06-27)
Thanks. I am very pleased with the BC-611. It will go great with my 1942 Jeep.

Lyles - US
BC-611 (2010-06-27)
looks great! Cannot wait to get it out to the field to use,

Helget - US
SCR-536 (2010-06-26)
Very fast shipping. Very secure packing. Variety of shipping options. Have not field tested this transceiver yet, but after putting batteries in, woke fine. Overall, this unit is the best knock off I've seen. Some improvements I would recomend:
darker OD shade, longer, non- chromed antenna and flat head screws.

DiPersio - US
JUST PERFECT (2010-06-26)
The perfect field gear for US camp and reenacting.

Material (2010-06-25)
verry good thank you from France Utah beach......

holdy - FR
Walki-Talki (2010-06-25)
What could I say-Is great enought? It's great!!!! Henry O

Ordosgoitia - US
BC-611 Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-06-22)
These are exceptional knock-off's and come complete with straps, data plates and blank freq. cards.

Using the FRS radios allows more flexibility, better range and a radio that can be readily serviced or replaced if need be.

You can buy two of these for the cost of one BC-611.

The only drawback is having to use a screw driver to open and close the unit to turn the radio on & off; a worthwhile trade off as I can leave my WW-II BC-611's at home and/or only use them for Living History events/display purposes.

Great service (3 days shipping) and a very courteous staff that responded to my queries. Good unit and great value. No SNAFU's here.

Barebo - US
BC-611 Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-06-22)
Overall, these are very good replicas and function well!

I have two working WW-II, BC-611''s and these are great knock-off''s.

The FRS radios give great flexibility, can be readily serviced or replaced and have better range.

You can get two of these for the $$ that one real BC-611 would cost.

Comes with straps and all data plates and a blank freq. card, all you need is batteries.

About the only draw back is having to use a screw driver to open & close the unit to turn it on and off. A worth while trade off to keep the real BC''s at home!

Van - PA - U.S.A.
US BC-611 Handie Talkie Radio (2010-06-21)
Very fast delivery from Dubai Warehouse, two and a half days. Great 1/1 scale reproduction especially for the price. One thing I noticed was that phillips screws where used instead of flat head (only seven are noticed, six on side & one on top) but one could replace them for under a dollar. Again a great item, I have recomended it to friends.

Ramos - US
BC-611 (2010-06-20)
The radios are pretty good reproduction. They look great. I did not have problems with the instructions or the FSR radio. And, yes the antenna is shorter than the real BC-611, the real ones did not have shiny chrome antennas but, what do you expect its a reproduction. The only change I would like would be a way to turn it on without having to unscrew the top.

Hrabak - US
Repro BC 611s (2010-06-19)
My pair of radios are great. As a reenactor we were sorely missing this piece of equipment. Thanks Jerry for getting these into our hands. As always the who experience from order to delivery was great.

Kegel - US
BC611 (2010-06-18)
Expert service, very fast delivery and a fantastic product. Very highly recommended

Gibson - GB
BC 611 (2010-06-18)
Great product at a great price. Looks identical to an original and will make a very nice display and we won't woory about messing up an original!

Richter - US
hand radio (2010-06-17)
perfect.will go with my marine uniform.

williams - GB
Handie Talkie Radio (2010-06-17)
A good alternative for an orginal Radio. And it works quite well.

Vorthmann - DE
A Good-Looking Replica (2010-06-16)
I received the BC-611 repo yesterday. Dimensionally it is spot on, and many details are correct. To the uninitiated, it looks really good.
Nits I have to pick - paint color is off - too light. And it isn't "wrinkled right" (hard to replicate unless you use a very specifc kind of paint)
Nameplate lettering is off (fonts)
All screws are Phillips, should be straight slot, and dark rather than bright finish
Antenna is quite short compared to the original, the antenna grommet is just wrong, and the theads on the antenna cover are too fine-pitch to allow swap with GI parts.

Functionally, it can talk with any handheld civilian FRS/MGMRS radio. To access the on/off and channel select you have to unscrew and remove the top. Batteries (4xAA) load through the bottom. It actually has a complete but very small handheld mounted in the top of the unit. PTT like the original.

Light in weight, but all metal. I will distance test it tonight an level ground. My only concerns at present: Will it survive a fall? Will the paint hold up? Will I lose the screw that holds on the lid in the field?

If it survives the field test we will be buying several and using them regularly. Considering the price to replace my original, working BC-721, this is a great value and the differences will be all but unnoticeable to anyone but a radio geek like me.

Blecke - US
Great Copy of the original (2010-06-16)
I'm a HAM, & I have been playing with converting BC-611's for over a decade, gutting them to put another moderan radio inside, or getting the original radios working. I have been trying to get people to repop these for years. I have sevral originals to copare these with, and these are a dead on replica. For you stich counter out there, they have phillips screws, and perhaps the paint is a tad off, but you won't do better than these. Good quality case and baked on enamel.
Operationally, they contain FRS radios, which I am troublesooting, currently shutting down when mike is keyed. No manual was enclosed for these radios, Alibaba T-228 (chinese). This may be a programming issue, not sure yet. Antenna, mike key, mike and speaker & battery tray very well done. Good layout.
Gib Buckbee KC2JTU

Buckbee - US
walkie talkie (2010-06-16)
Absolutly great idea and great product.


shook - US
handie talkies (2010-06-15)
These 2 talkies look like the original ones but I had some problem to make them work normally , well after some repairs they work very well . Many thanks. J.F GAUTIER....

jean - FR
Really Nice (2010-06-15)
Really nice Repro of the hard to find and expensive BC-611 Handie-Talkie. The frequency label holder is upside-down which is easily fixed, but would be nice if they did it at the factory. All the examples of originals I have seen are a darker OD as well. But really great product.

Strohlein - US
BC-611 (2010-06-15)
Great reproduction and works in well with my World War II bar at home. Blends in well with all the collectables and a good mate next to my EE-8-B original radio.

Excellent WWII Style Radio (2010-06-15)
Received mine quickly and everything seems fine. The only thing I have not tested is the actual transmitting and receiving. Another member of my unit has bought one and we will see how they interact at our next event. Thanks for a much needed re-enacting tool.

Pizzano - US
SCR-536/BC-611 Operable (2010-06-14)
Received mine after a three week wait due to high demand. Had the chance to compare with an original and are 1:1 with the original size wise. FRS radio worked like a charm, although was a bit hard to access due to the top cover bracket. Antenna was a bit shorter than the originals, and the paint a bit lighter shade, but sitting on the table, looks identical to a BC-611. A good reproduction of a sorely needed item for the reenactor community.

Coulter - US
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-06-11)
Having trouble reading the display screen on the "working" version. Instruction booklet printed in too small a font size. Looks like moisture has condensed inside the display screen and makes it hard to read.
The other comments I have, I address to the antenna: 1) Did the WWII versions actually have a shiny chromed antenna? and 2) the plug through which the antenna passes, goes through a plastic fitting that looks to be some sort of clear plastic, sort of like the plastic some lab equipment is made, such as Nalgene.
If I could read the directions and at least hear static from the unit, somewhere, I'd rate it a 5, but at this point a 4 is all I feel I can go. Better instructions, in large fonts with large diagrams would have helped a lot.

Corley - US
US BC-611 (SCR-536) Handie-Talkie Radio (2010-06-11)
The Handi-Talkie arrived after being back-ordered since the beginning of May. Was able to get the batteries installed easily. The transmitter unit is another story. Direcftions are hard to read...too small...will have to copy them on a zerox machione and enlarge them. Also, there seems to be some moisture that has condensed inside the display (noticed it as soon as I had package open and was checking out the transmitter.) Looks like there might be a clear protective sheet over the face of the transmitter but don't want to make any effort at this point. Could turn the radio on but had a hard time reading the info. that iots display produced. Don't want to try to remove the radio transmitter from the

Corley - US
radio (2010-06-11)
wish I had waited a bit longer as the new radios have got the antenna as the originals. Would like to have been informed of the change. Feel ripped off!!

Alan - Wales
Excellent (2010-06-11)
Once again, WPG is offering a unique item at a good price. AAA+++

Kropp - US
BC 611 (2010-06-11)
Had seen the ad, but the actual radio was spot on to the original! Only thing that throws it off is the weight, thank god!

Great product!

Monroe - US
BC-611 review (2010-06-10)
they look great, haven't tried them out as yet--will this Sat.... the instructions could be in a little bigger type. item long needed in the reenactment community for events...,

Mazzarella - US
bodkin (2010-06-09)
great look and weight in these walkie-talkies,

O - NL
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