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MK VII Canvas Bag (2011-12-06)
The bag is awesome. Use it to carry my tablet and other gadgets and got many positive comments about it. Ordered 1 and then got another to give as gift. The bag is sturdy. The metal parts are not corroded. Had to replace the strap as it is too short for me. The only complaint I have is that price was a bit high for a canvas bag (albeit with some history) but as I use the bag more and more that does not bother me so much. All-in-all I have to rate the bag and the service a 5.

Vretanos - CA
Indy Bag (2011-11-28)
Nothing I can add that hasn't been said. Very fast delivery. Exchanged my defective bag without fuss. Friendly customer service.

Liu - AU
Mark VII Bag (2011-11-25)
The bag is really great and I couldn't believe how quickly it arrived coming from Dubai. The leather strap looks perfect on it. Amazing work. Great job!

Brendan - MN, USA
EXCELLENT !! (2011-11-23)
I had received the bag safely. Very good condition. Very good service.

Nobu - JP
MKV VII Bag (2011-11-16)
Thanks for your being so professional and fast!!!

I even consider buying another item from you, guys, so see you very soon!!!


Levystone - FR
Mk VII "Indy" gas mask bag (2011-11-03)
This bag is in mint and unissued condition marked W&G 1942. No rust, not mildew, and ready to have the canvas strap cut off and a leather ROTLA strap attached for whatever adventure life throws at a bad penny...these bags just seem to to keep showing up.

Caskey - US
MK V11 BAG (2011-10-30)
Superb piece of kit.Loads of compartments for my
stuff.Trouble free transaction and fast delivery
and as usual, excellent quality.Chuffed to bits.

Great experience (2011-10-22)
The bag was in great shape, and the company is wonderful: fast shipping, great return policy. I'll definitely be buying from them again.

Michael - US
Mark7 (2011-10-12)
the bag is beautifull. very good condition. super fast shipping. great customer service! I'm getting another soon ;-)

Eric - NO
Simon (2011-10-10)
Just like the original

Lovell-Smith - GB
Once again, we have a winner (2011-09-28)
Very pleased with my second W&G MK VII bag. WPG customer service is top notch.

Thanks again

Wilson - US
MK VII bag Orriginal (2011-09-21)
Happy, I'd say is an understatement. 1st bag some how got damaged, WPG sent me a new bag PDQ.
And it's in awsome condtion.
I may even buy another in near future.

Wilson - US
Superb! (2011-09-13)
As new and delivered faster than most domestic mail!

Dommers - US
I am so happy with the service!!! (2011-09-12)
I bought the item as a gift for my husband so i can't comment on it itself but I was shocked with how fast I got it. The item came from the UAE (to Ottawa Canada) in the same amount of time it took me to recieve an order from Toronto. I also didn't feel like I was being ripped off on the hipping cost. I was so pleased with the speedy cheap shipping i even posted on my Facebook wall about it.

Sauve - CA
Amazing piece of history. It's in even better condition than I expected. Fantastic transaction. Thanks so much.

Purves - US
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2011-09-06)
I am extremly pleased with the MKVII bag. It is nicer than I expected for being made in the 1940s. Mind was a little dirty and showed signs of age, but I like it that way. Looks perfect to me. No rust or corrosion on the metal parts, just a little dirty. I can't get over how fast the shipping was. It made it from the other side of the world in two days. Very impressed!

Florida - US
Great service, shipping, and product! (2011-08-31)
I was amazed with WPG! Their service is exceptional. I've never recieved any online purchase faster--and the bag was coming from the UAE!! The bag itself is in perfect condition, as far as I can tell, and is much nicer than the one pictured on the website. I would absolutely order from this company again.

Torontonian - CA
Perfect (2011-08-31)
Awesome! The Mark VII bag is in great condition. Smooth transaction, quick shipping, will come back for more in the future!

Perczyszyn - CA
Exceeded expectations (2011-08-30)
This bag is fantastic - I was somewhat dubious when I saw the listing for the original Mark VII bags but when I received the bag I was blown away - these are legit! Don't forget to order the leather strap.

Dismore - US
Mk VII bag/Indy style holster (2011-08-19)
Received my holster and Mk VII bag in under a week. Absolutely pleased with the products, service and shipping times. Top stuff!! Great job Jerry and thanks. You definitely have gained a "return customer".

Breau - JP
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2011-08-18)
Incredibly quick delivery - one week to Finland - thanks a lot for that. MK VII satchels (I ordered two) mainly in good shape. In the second bag the cloth piece holding the strap ring was deacayed and crumbled to small pieces on the first ride. I hope I can get that fixed. Still a good deal and a nice present.

Hynnä - FI
Great Bag, Great Shipping! (2011-08-08)
Got a bag from WPG, it was shipped quickly and described perfectly. Didn't take long to get here from Dubai!

Cohen - US
I love it! (2011-08-01)
I really do like it and it will accompany me on my tours, from now on. Perfect service. Thanks!

Nickel - DE
Mark seven bag (2011-07-30)
As has arrived quickly they are rendered I account that I had between the hands a history piece! It is exactly I wished like it or in the color that in the look, perfectly conserved although has 70 years!! I have coupled with strap in leather (a little hard to my warning us has put a time to take its just one distressing but now it is perfect) ;-p beautifulst advised +++

AleJones - IT
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2011-07-19)
As most everyone else has already noted, the shipping is lightning fast and the quality of the W&G Mk VII is remarkable. It's hard to believe this bag is 70 years old! A thought-provoking artifact of history, and a perfect piece of Indy memorabilia. Thanks, WPG!

Gary - JP
Amazing! (2011-07-16)
The bag arrived very quickly and is in an immaculate condition. The color, size, and all-around comfortableness of wearing this is superb. I suggest buying the leather strap along with it, since it''s a bit short with the normal strap (depending on how you wear it, I like it at my waist). Cheers!

Nate - Utah, U.S
Excellent Customer Service (2011-07-11)
Entire process was fast and easy. Had to return an item and had no problems at all. Thank you.


Leavy - US
Great shipping and condition (2011-07-06)
The shipping was unbelievably fast! I placed the order on Sunday afternoon and it shipped from Dubai to Toronto by Tuesday at lunchtime.

The bag itself is in incredible shape, I''d be surprised if it was 30 years
old, let alone double that...
I am very happy with the product and service, I will be purchasing from WPG again.

Ben - Caanada
GREAT G&B BAG!!!!!! (2011-06-28)
I can't say enough about the quality of these bags!!!! Absolutely fantastic!!!! Super fast delivery!!!! Get one while they're still available!!!!

Matuk - US
GREAT G&B BAG!!!!!! (2011-06-28)
I've bought many of these bags...and they've all been in SPECTACULAR condition!!!!! LIGHTNING FAST DELIVERY!!!!!

Matuk - US
Very good (2011-06-27)
Hi,i´m very happy with the MK VII bag, is like i have think. And the delivery is very fast.


Barahona - ES
nice bag (2011-06-24)
very good condition, perfect as always

frederic - FR
MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bags (2011-06-20)
Excellent seller. An easy,smooth transaction. MK VII bags arrived in mint condition. Highly Recommended

Smith - AU
Excellent (2011-06-10)
Nearly 70yrs on my W&G Mk VII order is in supreme condition for its age. Down to the smallest detail this bag is the real deal, a little piece of (Indy;) history. Cheers

W&G Mk VII Bag (2011-05-31)
Very pleased with the W&G Mk VII bag I recieved. It made it to my APO in Afghanistan and is back in the fight!

Never Forget,

Klotz - California
Mrs (2011-05-26)
Fast delivery, bag in great condition

Melbournite - AU
Brit Mark VII Bag (2011-05-20)
Perfect Condition!

Perkins - US
The MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag ORIGINAL (2011-05-11)
Love it.
Just on time and as you promised
I believe Indiana got his bag from you.

Thanks a lot

Altamirano - CL
MK VII Bag (2011-05-10)
Wonderfully fast shipping, even if it's coming from Dubai! Also, the customer service can't be beat! The bag is awesome, if I ever wear it out, I'll buy another only from here.

Nguyen - US
MKVII W&G (2011-05-07)
Very pleased with my purchase. Shipping was AWSOME, couldn't belive how quick.
Now for some distressing to give it some character. ;)

Wilson - US
Indy Satchel (2011-05-02)
What a great find! This Indy Jones satchel is just what I needed for my 10-day excursion to Israel. It is rugged, perfect in size with compartments for water, sunglasses and passport and not too heavy. The leather strap, sold separately, makes adjustments on-the-fly and doesn’t cut into your shoulder. We made in 1942 and will serve well in 2011. A perfect product!

Rouse - US
WPG MK VII original bag (2011-04-30)
Very, very fast !!!! amazing, good condition!Thanks for all.

Duery - CL
AMAZING BAG (2011-04-30)
I ordered five of these bags, and they're all in exquisite condition!!!! Lightning fast delivery!!!! Highly recommended!!!!

Matuk - US
As always I'm very happy with WPG's product and service. (2011-04-20)
The bag is perfect. Combined with the leather strap it's a perfect and handy bag for every day use. Except off course it's cooler than any other bag out there. My 7 year old son is wondering if I'm getting the Indy whip as well, he was disappointed to hear you're not selling those. ;-)

Hozée - NL
MK VII Bag (2011-04-20)
Awesome is what i can say about the speed i got my order from half way around the world and the the MK VII/ Offiers Pink's/ and web belt were all a cut above THANKS W.P.G

aquino - US
MK VII (MARK SEVEN) Bag W&G (2011-04-07)
Like everyone said,this bag got here lighting fast. The condition is excellent, friends at work thought i bought a new European man bag.

Calzada - US
MK VII WG bag (2011-03-31)
mint condition original MK VII WG bag.
thank you !

gontard - FR
GREAT G&B BAG!!!!!! (2011-03-24)
I just got this bag yesterday....and it's FANTASTIC!!!!! Fastest delivery I've ever seen!!!!! Get one while you still can!!!!!

Matuk - US
Nice bag! Thanks WPG! (2011-03-02)
MARK VII bag in great shape for it's age. Obviously it's not "new-looking" for a 60-year old item, but it has clearly been well-stored. Fantastic piece, and impressive shipping speed. Thank you!

MPK - Florida, USA
the same like indy! (2011-02-17)
Awesome bag! It smells just like it where over 60 years in the area 51 (the depot at the end of raiders of the lost ark)


Fernandez - CH
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