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My Dad called this the good kind (2008-10-07)
HI, I already own a 1960's era Japanese made US military canteen with the black top. My Dad, 17th Weather Squadron in the South Pacific said that he was lucky and got the better old style aluminum capped version. It kept the ice water cold even setting in the car with the temperature in the 90's. It's also sturdier than my old Japanese made one. Good stuff, probably getting another one.

Schroeder - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2008-10-06)
This is a great item and cheapest I've see. The quality is superb I will be buying more items from shop.

Johnston - UK
beautiful work (2008-09-29)
I think this canteen is great the only difference in looks between this one and an original is the shape and color, but after time it will have the desired beating up that it needs. great for anyone like myself that was looking for the aluminum capped canteen for WW1 and WW2 alike.

wiegand - US
Great product (2008-09-26)
The canteens and cups looked great! Plus they won't have to be dipped in a bleach bath to kill anything in them that has been sitting around for 60 years, a big plus for reenactors wanting to use them!

Cooley - US
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