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WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-02-26)
Thanks for the quick service and delivery.

Godin - CANADA
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-02-25)
Very good quality. Maybe a little under sized.

Faggion - ITALY
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2009-02-10)
Reproduction unrecongnizable from the original, well done

Perfekt Shirts (2009-02-04)
Very best Shirts. Both perfect!! Fast deliver to Germany. Many Thanks A+++

Uebelmann - Germany
AERTEX SHIRT (2009-01-17)
Jerry, you've been making this shirt for years and it's absolutely perfect. Don't change a thing. Cheers, Bill

Wisher - US
A+ (2008-11-03)
perfect reproduction

Stanek - CZ
Stuart, A , UK (2008-10-07)
A very nice shirt, however, the sleeves could be about 1" longer. Most 42" chest shirts you buy commercially have longer sleeves. Maybe I just have long arms!

Avent - UK
Excellent! (2008-10-04)
It's my second shirt that I have bought from you and it looks perfect. Service was first rate and I had my shirt within 5 days of ordering it!

Lord - UK
Thanks (2008-07-16)
Hello. These fine shirts arrived yesterday, in good order. Top shelf kit. Many thanks for your v.professional service.

Mark G Gibson - Australia
Well done Maj. Jerry !! (2008-06-06)
Jerry Lee, you might have been falling behind..but my order came in fast, and the quality of the stuff is EXCELLENT. The Brit Officer boots look really well done...will tell you how they go on the use. You remain my reference supplier for any good repro wife is only lamenting she would like a Waves uniform...and can't find one.

Maurizio Piglia - New Zealand
Perfect (2007-01-08)
The best shirt that I own. I use this in hot weather for shirt sleve order. Great!

Michael - Michigan
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