US Web Gear Packages (Set 1)

US Web Gear Packages (Set 1)

Webbing Set (1), reproduction:
M1923 Cartridge Belt (100755)
M1936 Suspenders (100771)
M1936 Musette Bag (100769)

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US Basic Infantry Package
View M41 Jacket (100068)
Wool shirt (M37 Officer (100118) or (M41 Enlisted (102609))
M37 wool trousers (102371)
1pr Socks (102607)
Enlisted or Officer web waist belt(100621)
Service shoes (100656) or Roughouts (100667)
Leggings, reproduction (100707)
Jeep cap (100091)
Reproduction M1923 Cartridge belt (100755)
US M1910 T-handle Shovel (100772) and US M1910 Shovel Carrier (100782)
Reproduction US M1910 Canteen Cover (103137)
Reproduction US M1924 First Aid Pouch (100796)

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