UK 1902 Universal Pattern (UP) Saddle Wallets

UK 1902 Universal Pattern (UP) Saddle Wallets
These are high quality reproductions that are nearly indistinguishable  from originals.
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These saddle wallets were used by all British and Commonwealth cavalry units on the 1902 and 1912 pattern saddles. Included are the long straps for attaching the greatcoat.
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UK P03 1903 Pattern Water Bottle Carrier
New reproduction of the water bottle carrier issued with with the British
1903 equipment for both Infantry and Cavalry. NOTE THIS IS FOR THE CARRIER ONLY. WATER BOTTLE IS NOT INCLUDED
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UK Mk VI Water Bottles (Blue)
Reproduction.  Comes with felt cover and cork. The Mk VI water bottle was adopted in 1903, enameled in blue and covered in thick khaki felt. Though officially replaced in 1939 by the Mk VII bottle, the Mk VI bottles continued in use throughout WWII.
Our Price: US$ 22.00

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