White Cotton Shorts

White Cotton Shorts
White Cotton Shorts
White Cotton Shorts

New production of our British 1941 Pattern Shorts in white cotton.

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Customers have long asked us for Gurkha shorts in white, and we have asked our main supplier for years to make them. They finally did it, but instead of Gurkha shorts they made 1941 pattern shorts. So that is what we are offering. If you remove bandage pocket and belt loops you will have Royal Navy shorts.
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British Army WWI and WWII style Trouser Braces
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UK Aertex tropical BD Trouser (Jungle Green)
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UK Rank Chevrons (Original)
View WPG located a huge stash of original WWII or earlier production chevrons on original khaki wool cloth.  These are suitable for wear either as rank or as service stripes.  Price is per pair.

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UK P-37 or P-08 2 inches equipment buckles (Original)

These are the wide brass buckles used to attach the large pack to the pack straps. Original, used with a little corrosion (easily cleaned). Price for One buckle only

Our Price: US$ 2.00

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UK Cloth Embroidered Padded Rank Crowns on Khaki Wool
View British Rank Crowns for WWI or WWII.  
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