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slouch hat chin strap (2015-03-01)
good quality item; works great !

Wassenaar - NL
strap (2013-10-16)
quite happy with this item which looks close to the original, though the leather is a bit too thin

lanceraux - FR
Chinstrap (2012-08-30)
Good chinstrap excellent

Fitzgerald - NZ
Order 41857 (2012-03-20)
Very pleased. Quick an proficent, thanks for good service!

All the best


Nieminen - SE
UK Slouch Hat Chinstrap (2011-05-17)
Works great, only wish the leather were a little thicker.

Phelan - US
chin strap (2011-03-25)
I saw one when I was a kid in Tasmania Looks like the one I remember so again excalent

Taylor - CA
Thank you. (2010-12-24)
I am greatly satisfied this item.

Torimoto - JP
- (2010-12-11)
good quality item !!!

Wassenaar - NL
Slouch Hat Chinstrap (2010-07-12)
Nice item, could have done to have been a little thicker and had flared ends which I wasn't expecting. Still a very good copy to make the hat look more authentic.

Lord - GB
UK Slouch Hat Chinstrap (2010-03-31)
Well made, excellent!

Henley - AU
Akubra Sloutch Hat (2010-01-29)
The hat is everything I have come to expect from WPG. The size was perfect, the quality was outstanding. A great piece of kit for anyone doing Commonwealth re-enactment.

Kim Calvert
Long Range Desert Group Preservation Society

Calvert - US
Akubra Australian Slouch Hat (2009-12-04)
Outstanding! None better.

Simmons - US
chin strap (2009-11-24)
Good chin strap. Could be heavier.

Simmons - US
Chin strap (2009-06-01)
Sound thanks

Perry - IE
leather chin strap (2009-04-19)
excellent. fits hat and gives it that lived in look.

Simmons - US
UK Slouch Hat Chinstrap (2009-01-22)
Excellent quality and easy to fit - really nice finishing touch

Elliott - UK