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Impressive (2021-08-13)
I have just purchased a cap comforter and it looks, feels and smells exactly like the one I was issued with when I served as a Royal Marines Commando. Superb, well done

Lee - UK
Cool Beans (2021-07-13)
Very nice, very warm, well made, Brilliant!

Almond - UK
Good Repro, fast delivery (2021-07-04)
This is my second Cap Comforter from WPG, and I continue to be impressed by them. Like my first, it is well made, comfortable, warm, and durable. A must-have item for WWII Commonwealth impressions, especially if you do anything during the colder months of the year. Additionally, like my first cap, I plan on using this for purposes beyond reenacting because of how practical it is. Unlike my first, hopefully, it won't be lost blood trailing a deer!

Allen - US
Brill (2021-06-03)
Item received within a good time, due to distance travelled. Exactly what i wanted, 10 out of 10, cheers guys.

Collins - UK
Great! (2021-04-29)
Quality item and I'm looking forward to wearing it next winter!

York - US
High quality item (2021-04-22)
The wool used must be a high quality. I was using this cap comforter while hunting rabbits in -20 C with significant winds. It kept me warm all the time and several layers of the folded fabric make it wind resistant. I recommend it for use in harsh conditions. Thank You

Andy - Canada
Very fast delivery (2021-04-13)
I was very impressed with how quickly this arrived. It came from UAE to Canada within a few days (maybe 3 -4 days) via fed ex.

The colour was a bit lighter than expected, but I wouldn't know if it was off.

When folded to be a cap, it fit a bit tight on my head compared to a modern headover folded as a cap comforter.

Overall, impressed!

good quality, but too long (2021-03-09)
It's a nice cap comforter, but it's too long compared to the real one I had years ago. When it's folded in itself to create a cap, it is just too long. So, I just plan on using it as a scarf.

Anderson - US
Perfecto (2021-03-09)
Looks great, very comfortable

Jacobs - BE
Good piece of gear (2021-03-09)
Very pleased with this one. It appears to be built as the originals and it works as designed. Definitely a good piece to have in your kit.

Gibbons - US
Good producy (2021-03-06)
The material on the cap comforter is amazing. Only thing I see is it maybe be a bit long as it sits a bit high unless it tuck it in. I say it’s worth everypenny

Ambrose - US
Excellent (2020-11-02)
Delivery was far quicker than I had expected. Items really good quality. Very pleased, and already looking through the rest of the catalogue. Cheers.

Dan - UK
Fast delivery, great cap (2020-07-26)
This fits my big head perfectly! Brand new condition. Should be nice and warm this winter.

Josh - US
Excellent reproduction (2020-07-16)
Laughable that so many have complained about being given scarfs! Hehe, bare with the criminaly stupid, Jerry! An excellent replica of the cap comforter

Cottrell - UK
good item. (2020-06-09)
good&nice item

lee - KR
Amazing Quality product Super fast deliver- (2020-05-31)
Ordered the cap comforter, product arrived way faster than expected even though it was International delivery. Product was better quality than expected, takes me back to my military days. Thanks guys will def be shopping with you again in the future. Customer service was amazing!

Gibbons - AU
Amazing Quality product Super fast deliver (2020-05-31)
Ordered the cap comforter, product arrived way faster than expected even though it was International delivery. Product was better quality than expected, takes me back to my military days. Thanks guys will def be shopping with you again in the future. Customer service was amazing! ***** 5 star!

Gibbons - AU
Best repro ever seen! (2020-04-25)
Amazing product, thanks for attaching the "How to turn that odd scarf into a hat comforter - Video"

Vogel - DE
Excellent product (2020-03-17)
Great product, very fast delivery

Main - AU
Excellent (2020-02-11)
Great product! Fast delivery! Correct size that fit - previously bought one that was about half the dimensions. Thanks!

Hanford - US
super (2020-01-20)
good repro;excellent quality; rapid delivery;

Perez - DE
Superfast delivery!!! (2019-12-29)
Just like the original that I used to have.

McCabe - LU
Item received ok (2019-11-05)
Did not realise that there was a UK site so was double the cost. Lesson learnt for future.

Clarke  - UK
Iconic (2019-09-24)
Great reproduction on an iconic British cap. Takes a few tries to get the right shape, (thanks YouTube), but worth the effort.

Alan - US
Great (2019-09-17)
Awesome cap.

Hardage - US
Great Quality! (2019-09-17)
Love this thing. It’s actually the second one I’ve purchased. Very comfortable and practical.

Confer - US
Brilliant (2019-08-04)
Fantastic, highly recommend people get them quick delivery

Marchant - AU
pefetto (2019-07-19)

valentini - IT
Handy (2019-05-26)
Handy piece of clothing for cold weather wear. Nicely made and warm. As well as being used as a cap, can also be a scarf under a Greatcoat...

Tuohy - NZ
Simple ordering process & fast delivery. Very good overall. (2019-04-08)
The comforter is just as I remembered it 40 years ago. Good piece of kit.

Wheeler - AU
Quite excellent (2019-02-02)
In the latest cold snap I wear it to work every day. Quite warm and practical

mattimore - US
Fast delivery even before the payment (2019-01-29)
I had some problems with my PayPal account and even that, WPG proceaded with my order before the oayment was accomplished. It is extraordinery and thank for that.

Hanus - CZ
Great Comforter (2018-11-02)
Great Commando comforter and despite shipping from the Middle East still arrived in under a week.

Henni - US
Fast delivery (2018-09-14)
No instructions received

Bru - US
Very nice piece of kit! (2018-04-06)
Perfect repo, well made of good quality wool! Perfect for anyone working out in the cold!

Oram - CA
Warmth... (2018-03-20)
Nice addition to my cold-weather gear... Doubles as a neck wrap if I need it, and keeps my noggin warm. Gives me a uniques look, too!

Kearley - US
Very warm (2018-02-21)
Once I figured out how to make it from a scarf to a cap, it was just as I remembered from a previous cap comforter. Awesome, warm...perfect.

Hobbs - US
The best (2018-01-11)
Nicely done , same as original, super fast delivery . Top Ace !

Bergeron - CA
Super fast delivey (2017-11-11)
Beautiful and great item.

Ling - CA
Quick delivery (2017-09-26)
Excellent cap, well made. Will be essential kit when out walking

Sculpher - UK
Great piece of kit (2017-07-18)
Good stuff. Fast shipping. Slow delivery due to Customs hold.

Alatorre - US
Satisfactory. (2017-04-04)
Just right for hunting coyotes on skis.

Moore - US
great (2017-02-14)
I didn't expect it comes to my country this Quick!
and the cap itself is great too!

Joon Woo - South Korea
Great item, fast delivery (2016-09-20)
Well made, good price,fits well keeps your nut warm and tostie! recommended item.

turner - UK
Great product (2016-09-05)
Arrived in short order and the cap comforter was exactly as advertised. The order arrived faster from Germany than some orders I get from Chicago!

Saxon - US
Good delivery. (2016-06-20)
There is a guy that I know who wears one of these, flashes a cheap FS knife, and says he's a commando. I wear one of these, and I call myself warm.

Webber-Winsor - CA
Super (2016-06-19)
Veri nice, good fabric and colour!

Dieterle - DE
Super (2016-06-18)
good size and perfect quality

Dieterle - DE
Excellent Service (2016-06-01)
The goods arrived within the week and were better quality than I expected.

Dr. Stuart Phillpot

Phillpot - AU
great quality (2016-03-18)
Great quality! I bought one in each color and have already worn them about in the cold weather; they work perfectly.

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