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great delivery time (2021-02-08)
the 2nd one i own i wear it most days in winter

macneill - US
british sweater (2021-01-09)
love it in fact it is my 2nd i have got from him i even wear it when i am not reenacting very comfortable itam goes well with my WPG seaforth kilt

macneill - US
Great sweater, fast delivery. (2020-05-25)
Great sweater will buy again. Maybe a little short as stated by some reviewers, But can be stretched. I ordered a XXL probably won’t need to stretch it as I plan to wear it with my kilt and sporran and it will hang just right. Great price.

Barnes - US
very nice items (2020-04-22)
very nice items

lee - KR
Great deal (2019-01-20)
This sweater got to me in less than a week, it is not undersized at all, and appears to be a good replica, within the range of colors on the few originals Ive seen. Bought it for DAK reenacting but ive been wearing it all over town the last week.

stone - US
Fast delivery (2018-12-28)
Perfect fit! Color is right on.

MacMullen - US
Good deal (2015-11-09)
Very comfortable and gives great range of motion

Nolla - US
true gen (2014-10-29)
Can't really go wrong here. The sweaters were exactly as pictured, which means exactly as imagined, which means they fit--exactly--and by my old-goat way of seeing things, are way cool.

Hunter - US
Tends to big (2014-08-01)
It was sized on the upper end, which I guess makes perfect sense. I bought larger than my own US size because I'm an "in-betweener", and it was big. Still, that wasn't a problem. I cycled it through a very hot wash and it shrunk right to the perfect size. (I've done that before, kinda know how to pull it off.) I confess I was surprised that it was big, but they got the sizing right for the upper end of the range. Quality is excellent, just as shown otherwise. Scratchy, like wool is supposed to be. I'm happy with it.

Clark - US
Jumper (2013-03-15)
Once again fatastic bit of kit

Allen  - GB
British sweater (2013-02-05)
Nice colour and make, but very big for the size. I am 38 chest and sweater was far too big. Lucky for me fits my friend who is 43 chest, so I sold it.

Przemek - Poland
British Army Sweaters (2013-01-15)
Excellent, fits perfect and is warm enough to wear it under Denison smock even when winter is very severe.

Tihonov - RU
Mr (2012-12-05)
Received in a few days

Power - NZ
British army sweater (2012-09-11)
every Brit should have one! outstanding quality!

mitchley - GB
Graham Taylor (2012-08-30)
Lovely pull-over; colour and quality excellent. Arrived very quick.

Taylor - GB
British Army Sweater (2012-03-27)
Spot on! Well done, and fast shipping!

Carpenter - US
Not quite what I expected (2012-02-15)
Unlike some reviews, I found the jumper to be very baggy. I ordered a medium as I'm a 40" chest, but it still resembled a loose sack on me. So I deliberately shrunk it in the wash and it looks a much better fit now. Apart from that it's a nice texture and colour so I am quite happy with it.

British Sweater (2012-02-10)
Been wearing this all winter so far. Well made, and will order another when I wear this one out.

Armbruster - US
Good but very baggy (2012-02-06)
I must admit after reading all the comments about this jumper being small and people having to stretch it,I was surprised that when my medium size arrived it was very baggy! I''m 6ft and 40" chest, so from the reviews I got the impression this should fit me well. I''ve had to shrink mine in the washing machine and now it looks a much better fit. Apart from this the jumper is very nice and delivery was quick.

JD - London
***** (2012-01-31)
Very good fit and quality.

Bengtsson - SE
British army sweater (2012-01-11)
Great sweater, fits wonderfull. five stars.

Broos - NL
D.Palmer (2012-01-04)
An excellent quality repro fits well as good as an original great service from WPG

palmer - GB
fashion sense! (2011-02-25)
I mite wear this to work, very nicely made!! A+

Kane - US
British Army Sweater (2011-02-17)
This sweater is one of my favorites. Wool is not itchy and it will keep you warm on the coldest days!! Great attention to detail in the manufacturing!! Spot on guys!! Thanks again for a great job well done!!

Gary - Pennsylvania/USA
WW2 sweater (2011-02-16)
Looks good, well made. Thanks again WPG for great service and products.

Newman - US
sweater (2011-02-15)
Excellent, but scratchy...

Pearson - US
Amazing !!! (2011-02-06)
Very fine repros !!!! Compared to originals, it doesn't stink nor was eaten by mothes !!!

British Army Pull Over (2010-12-07)
Outstanding, looks great, fits well and is quite comfortable, many thanks!


Steffen - US
Sweater (2010-09-25)
I am 6'3" with a 42" chest and ordered a size L. Fits well but a bit loose around the waist and the arms could be a touch longer. But perfectly wearable. Other than that a very nice jumper indeed.

Bennett - GB
41RMC (2010-06-17)
I love this sweater and the color! The picture on the website doesn't do it justice, this is a great buy!

Sorich - US
Jumper (2010-03-18)
It was exactly as promised. Fast shipping and a good price. A great fit as well as itchy as all hell. Thanks again for everything.

Cusick - US
comfortable (2010-01-28)
i agree with the others - it is very nice and warm sweater in the wright colour for a very good price.

Schatull - DE
Nice Sweater! (2010-01-10)
I purchase this a couple of years ago and was completely satisfied. Once you wet and stretch it out, it fits perfect! I would order your regular size. These are quite fashionable as well. I wear mine to the office on casual Fridays.

Andrew - USA
sweater (2009-12-07)
lovely and comfortable!

Epstein - US
British Army Sweater (2009-11-21)
Great sweater, fits perfect . High speed shipping. Excellent service.

Kay - DE
british army sweaters (2009-10-21)
nice, perfect

hajek - CZ
perfect (2009-09-28)
Perfect- no more to say.

Fitting- I am 6'' tall, 40 chest and 34/35 waist and I ordered a medium. Perfect fit even after washing.

No issues with construction either- all good.

Steve - Australia
Sweater (2009-09-23)
Perfect looks like the original.

Jonathan - Malta
British Army Sweater (2009-08-22)
This item is very good indeed, fits well, is the right colour and nice and warm too.

Gamble - GB
Great! (2009-08-17)
Fits well and iches to high heaven! Just like an army sweater should!

Watson - US
? (2009-08-12)
Fantastic quality, comfortable to wear and an accurate reproduction.

Sergent - AU
British Khaki sweater (2009-06-16)
Slightly worried by the quality of this one. It's so good that the wife was eyeing it up to wear as a fashion item! Looks like I'll have to buy another to ensure I have mine for re-enactments. Keep up the good work Jerry, shipping was ultra fast.

Melchett - GB
british army sweaters (2009-06-12)
perfect, good for british re-enacment

hajek - CZ
Thanks! (2009-06-08)
Got my jumper today and it''s really nice! Can''t fault the service either, 5 days from order to delivery. Fantastic!

Pete. - UK
excellent item (2009-05-19)
Item was every bit as nice as described on website, very fast delivery. quite satisfied.

gilliland - US
Sweaters (2009-03-05)
Good quality. But if you are tall and slim better to choose the size M

Faggion - ITALY
sweater (2009-01-06)
As usual, excellent quality repro. Will keep you warm during cold night´s in Arnhem!

Plachta - BELGIUM
British Sweater (2008-12-31)
Quick service, and a great product!!!

Kinney - US
super fast shipping, correct and professional seller! thanks

sweater (2008-11-29)
fine piece of history! itches like hell! money well spent. Great service and fast delivery

mark leahy - UK
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