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Australian Field dressing (2017-11-25)
For the price absolutely stirling item. Used for FFD with Mk 2 helmets.

Ian - Canada
It is old ! (2017-05-30)
genuine dressing, readable date, cool.

Hurtig - CA
Excellent value (2017-05-07)
Nice original item for great price.

Kyle - CA
Quick delivery (2017-02-10)
For the price awesome value for original item.

Kyle - CA
Aussie WWII Bandages (2016-02-17)
I received 2 of these Australian made WWII bandages today. I am overall pleased with the quality of these items. Excellent price as well. Mine are marked Johnson & Johnson and are dated November 1942 and January 1943. the '42 is a little warped out of shape, but I still love it. I will definitely consider WPG for future purchases.

Travis - Missouri, United States
UK First Field Dressing (Original) (2015-10-01)
Good original item, some wear signs, but acceptable. Fast delivery. Smooth transaction.

Volk - SI
Super-good condition (2015-09-11)
Very legible, look good for something this old! And they arrive super-fast.

Blum - US
UK First Field Dressing (2015-07-20)
Item exceeded expectation-very quick delivery time

Tasca - CA
Fielddressing (2014-10-13)
Great original item and a great price many thanks

Kelly - AU
UK First Field Dressing (Original) (2014-07-22)
So happy to find these I bought 3 and very happy with them.

R Pike - AU
!!! (2014-07-08)
Very good shape!

Tereznikov - RU
none (2014-06-24)
Very nice. Great price.

simmons - US
U.K. Field Dressing (Original) (2014-04-08)
The perfect addition to my WWII helmet with camouflage netting. Great price.

White - CA
UK field dressing (2014-02-21)
unbelievable you guys find this stuff! very inexpensive pricing, had to get 4 of them!

Rhodes - CA
field dressing (2014-02-11)
Great price at $2.00 can't beat it. Clear markings and excellent condition. I recommend buying a good amount before they are gone.

Brian Moore - US
Field Dressings (2014-02-03)
Speedy delivery and great service. Wonderful to be able to still get them...

Binns - AU
Good Item (2013-12-26)
Good item, not a whole lot to say here. Fully readable print on the front, great for display.

Gerig - US
UK First Field Dressing (Original) Feedback (2013-11-14)
Thank You very much

Lee - HK
Field Dressing (2013-10-29)
Great original item.

fyfe - GB
Great (2013-03-25)
There isn't much to describe here-just a perfectly well preserved field dressing, which is a rare sight to-day, especially at this price!

von - US
Mr (2012-12-04)
As usual,good quality, good service and speedy dispatch

Lean - AU
Good condition (2012-11-11)
The field dressing I received is in good condition, with only minor signs of age. Great item!

von - US
UK First Field Dressing (Original) (2012-11-01)
Excellent, original and great price, Thanks

Ben - Canada
Field Dressing (2012-10-31)
Veddy veddy good - let us know if you get the shell dressing back in stock!!

Dunn - AU
Recu parcel (2012-10-06)
Thank you tres good quality

And j have to command(order) at home a smock uk which not

Will have to not delay

Thank you has you wpg

patrick - FR
UK First Field Dressing (2012-06-11)
Great original first aid dressing, Australia made, dated.

Peter - SG
aussie bandages (2012-04-24)
Great item, great price, was able to kit out my medic bag nicely with these

Salisbury - US
Review (2012-03-20)
Good price for the excellent quality.

Mcginness - GB
UK First Field Dressing (Original) (2012-01-16)
Great originaland spot on service

Borg - AU
Field Dressings (2012-01-15)
Excellent price, excellent product, excellent shipping.

Gavel - CA
UK First Field Dressing (Original) (2011-10-26)
Excellent products, all original as listed, add to my collection of original gear well. Thanks WPG!

Henley - AU
Excellent (2011-08-04)
Great price for even as small an original item as this!

Beeble - US
Aussie 1943 dated original field dressing (2011-07-05)
This is just the ticket for the Aussie medical kit. Great original item, speediy delivered.

Cobber55 - Australia
great (2011-06-24)
very nice original item

frederic - FR
Dressing (2011-04-19)
Great service, speed of shipping etc. Happily use you again

Crichton - GB
Super objet je recommande!

Timoth - FR
Incredible find and price! (2011-04-03)
Always love coming back to WPG for deals like this. Got my shipments super fast. Incredible bandages for an incredible price. Don't know where you guys come up with some of this stuff for these prices but the deals and the super fast shipping will always keep me coming back.

Hite - US
Great product (2011-03-30)
Ordered two, one for stuffing under my helmet net and one for opening up to make authentic looking bandages for tactical battles. They arrived clean and dry, no signs of mold or storage dust. Both dated Jan 1943.

John - Portland, OR USA
very good (2011-03-06)
very good items, very satisfied

lelievre - FR
UK WWII dressing (2011-03-03)
Excellent, what more can you say?

SE (2011-02-11)
top item, top service, very happy again guys, thanks

blackman - AU
SE (2011-02-11)
you guys always supply a great product, at a great price, with speedy shipping. thanks again WPG

blackman - AU
SE (2011-02-11)
thankyou WPG. i only wish my wife would let me spend more! thanks again

blackman - AU
F/A Packets (2011-01-29)
Great Original and top notch service.

McCue - CA
UK First Field Dressing (Original) (2010-12-14)
Great item & great service. Good to see someone stocking Australian WW2 items.

blackman - AU
Mr (2010-10-14)

Great value items and impeccable international service. Outstanding!

Geoff @ Tommy's Pack Fillers.

Carefoot - FR
First Field Dressing (2010-10-05)
First class service.

Much appreciated

Pickering - AU
Great (2010-09-02)
Perfect shape, now lives in my helmet net.

Jicha - US
Great Value (2010-08-05)
Looks great in my helmet! Thanks WPG.

Harrison - CA
Great! (2010-08-05)
Awesome value, only $2.00 can''t argue with that.


Jonathan - Canada
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