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Br. Army Wool socks (2015-11-16)
These socks are fine. Great service and quick delivery

Erickson - US
Socks (2015-09-21)
What can you say? 100% wool. Great value.

Hillenbrand - US
Mr. (2015-06-04)
Best socks for WWII reenactment ever! Especially if you're wearing boots like ammo boots...

Yang - US
WWII Brit socks (2015-05-22)
Thin (lightweight), gray (not green) wool; they look well made. I wear a size 10.5 U.S. and bought the socks in a size 3. They are HUGE unwashed, but shrunk down a bit (I'd say to a size 11). Great folks to deal with, and quickest shipping anywhere!

Steve - USA
super sock (2015-04-20)
These socks are great, have bought a few previous, they start off scratchy but after a few wears they soften up nicely.

gunson - NZ
Mark (2015-01-20)
They're socks, what more can you say!

Godwin - NZ
socks (2014-07-10)
Great item to have

Fenech - MT
socks (2014-06-29)
Size fits perfectly. Good quality

Fenech - MT
top notch (2014-06-05)
great looking socks, and value for money, will buy more.

corcoran - GB
peter usa (2014-03-30)
fit great good bargain

kohler - US
Lovely and quick delivery (2014-03-10)
Nice fit, great details, super-quick delivery.

Michael B - US
Mr (2014-01-14)
Good quality items, excellent delivery times. Prompt and helpful replies to my emails from Wajed in the sales team.

His1adw - South Yorkshire, GB
Nice socks! (2013-11-07)
I am no expert on British socks, but these socks are well made and quite warm. They seem a good value for the money! Highly recommend.

D. Ray - US
British Army WWII Socks (2013-06-03)
Warm and comfortable, perfect item for winter events.

Michael - RU
British Army Socks (2013-03-07)
Great socks - bought size 2 - just a little on the large size for my size 10 feet. I plan on buying some more - but I'll get size 1s.

Harmon - US
socks (2013-03-06)
a little big but great quality, and quick delivery.
Next time will be ordering size 1

Telford - GB
Excellent (2013-03-06)
Exactly as advertised. Quality is excellent. Size 2 is tad big on my size 12 feet. Very pleased, will definetly order agian.

McDonald - CA
British Army WWII Socks (2013-02-17)
Very good socks perfect for wearing with ammo boots.

Michael - Russian Federation
socks (2012-12-17)
Excellent as usual.

Stewart - CA
Great socks! (2012-12-04)
These socks are of good quality and work like a charm with my ammo boots. Size no. 1 fits my size eight (British measure) feet just right.
I can really recommend these!

Konrad Sladeczek - US
british army socks (2012-11-18)
nice socks but arrived to large , should also put sizing on website as normal for those not expert in british army sizing

adams - NZ
Great Kit (2012-10-17)
Comfortable, warm and well made; Size 2 fits my UK size 10 feet!

Allton - GB
Great socks. (2012-10-11)
Fantastic socks, well made, comfortable. Size "2" fits my 10.5/11 wide feet perfectly.

Bray - CA
British Army WWII Socks (2012-06-17)
very comfprtable, will wear them coming winter.

van - NL
British Army WWII Socks (2012-06-14)
Nicely reproduced, perfectly fits my ammo boots, recommend!

Bowen - Israel
Very good, with slight hitch (2012-06-08)
Bought 2 x size 1's and when they arrived 1 pair was about 1" longer than the other. I sold them on OK though.

forster - GB
British Army WWII Socks (2012-05-25)
great, much better than what is used in the army now!

van - NL
British Army Socks (2012-04-28)
I wear a size 10 and ordered size 1 socks and they are a perfect fit. Great quality for the price and itchy as all get go. Another great item from WPG and super fast shipping.

McCleaf - US
WW British socks (2012-04-18)
The socks are great and comfortable

Maloney - US
Great quality, run big (2012-02-21)
Amazing knitting work. I couldn't buy the wool yarn alone for the price of these socks. As others note, they run big, but that means they'll fit when most people launder them wrong and they shrink!

Pelikan - US
Alejandro US (2011-11-03)
fast service and good quality. perfect!

Stamoglou - US
British wool socks (2011-10-19)
These are Nice, I needed an other pair.

Squiers - US
WWII socks (2011-10-10)
Very good copies, pleased with product and service. Recommending to my unit.

Campbell - US
British Gray Wool Socks (2011-08-02)
I think I need some more of these fine socks!

Squiers - US
Simply Awesome (2011-06-13)
I just received my socks today. Four days from the UAE to Colorado is pretty dang good in my book. And it did not cost an arm and a leg to get them here. I wear a 9.5-10 shoe and ordered the Size 1 sock. Perfect fit. I can not wait for my ammo boots to get here.

Robert - Colorado Springs, CO
Few information about the relation with shoe size (2011-05-09)
I have a 11US/10UK shoe size and ordered a 3 size socks. And this are huge! There are few information about the correlation of shoe sizes with sock size. The answer to my questions was here, on the feedback of the customer ... and I fault to look at it. Anyway the quality for the price are unbeatable.

Perez - ES
British Army WWII Socks (2011-04-11)
Pleased with size 2. I wear a size 11 and socks fit perfectly.

Ribbenrott - SE
Pretty (2011-02-25)
Nicely made A+

Kane - US
better from last order :) (2011-02-10)
good quality, but big sizes

Borovicka - CZ
Guy who pays the bills (2011-02-10)
Good stuff at a good price

colihan - US
very good !!! (2011-02-06)
Could be originals !!! Even the bizarre colour is reproducted !!!

Major Lafrime - FR
Sox (2010-12-30)
Husband happy with his Christmas gift.

Bednarczyk - US
Another Great Item (2010-10-30)
like the colour very much- nice authentic look, well done again!

Janes - IE
Great socks (2010-10-27)
A fantastic repro.

Kelly - AU
British Army WWII Socks (2010-10-13)
Colour lighter grey sent when should be charcoal grey. Sz as described

wormley - GB
British WWII Socks (2010-09-28)
Finally a full wool sock, size one a good fit to my UK 6.5 size very nice, as itchy as they should be

frank - DE
Socks (2010-09-28)
Very good Wool Socks. Size 2 Fits good on my 10,5 Foot

Rueegg - CH
Wool Socks (2010-09-25)
Bought size 2 which is perhaps still slightly long on my UK 10.5 feet but I'm sure I can shrink them a little. Authentically itchy. Great.

Bennett - GB
Great item (2010-08-29)
Great socks, correct size, looking good

Vrolijk - NL
Great Service! (2010-08-04)
Nice quality. Can't wait to try them.

McDonnell - US
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