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Perfect!! (2021-10-14)
I was so excited when the bag arrived in the mail. Went for the reproduction so I could use it as a daily bag in addition to my Indy costume accessory without worry about durability.
The strap is excellent as well, don't worry if you are confused about how to attach like I was, there are easy guides online! More than worth the price, I love it

Sena - US
Great Product (2021-09-04)
Extremely fast shipping (faster from UAE to USA than USA TO USA!). The product is a great reproduction and the leather strap is awesome as well.

Good quality, great look! (2021-05-04)
This bag really completes the look of any Indy cosplay. It’s durable, well made, and even better with the price. Get the added leather strap!! It is so worth the money, and looks the part too. Easy to put on the bag too. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a great Indy bag, or just good side bag with lots of room

Tanner - US
If you want a screen accurate bag... (2021-04-03)
If you want a screen accurate bag... the WPG bag is pretty close to Jones's bag in the details. Unfortunately the color isn't close enough to the actual bag. If you're just looking for a close-enough bag, you'll be happy; it's a good reproduction.

Zielinski - US
Fast (2020-12-31)
Very cool bag

Dan - CA
Satisfied (2020-12-24)
The quality of the bag and the service (processing the order, shipping, etc) were such that I would be glad to do business with WPG again.

Great Condition (2020-10-01)
If this bag is as old as they say, then it's in great shape. Very fast shipping, appears to be durable, leather strap appears sturdy, but I would definitely spend some money to treat it. Hopefully it will serve my purpose of carrying things that don't fit in my pockets. I wish there was a video or some pictures to attach the strap. I just zoomed in on the pics of the bag to see how it's done.

Paul - Texas, USA
Great stuff (2020-09-12)
Impressive delivery time from the UAE and a great bag as well. Great service as always by WPG.

Excellent item and service (2020-08-03)
I'm just getting started in the Indiana Jones hobby, and Jerry and the crew were shipping, and the items are top-notch. I will definitely buy from WPG again!

Dawkins - US
Fast Delivery (2020-07-14)
The bag is really nice, and I was impressed with the leather strap. Very soft compared to some other satchel straps I’ve seen. I was very impressed with how quickly these items arrived.

Cline - US
Heavy Duty Bag (2020-07-10)
Nice quality. Lots of pockets for storage. In sunlight it looks a little more mustard yellow and indoors it looks olive green. (Olive drab). I opted for the leather shoulder strap & it is heavy duty leather. Very high quality. Shipped Fast!

johnson - US
Super (2020-06-08)
Best repro Indy bag for the money! Well made, durable, will be used on many adventures!

saunders - US
Worth every penny! (2020-06-05)
I purchased the reproduction because it was just cheaper than the original and I wasn’t sure what condition they were going to be in after all this time. I am not disappointed! For being the cheaper alternative, there is nothing cheap about this bag. It is made out of high-quality durable canvas and the stitching is sound. Plenty of pockets for all kinds of treasures.

Mertz - US
Fast and accurate (2020-05-19)
Very accurate and durable bag and strap. Arrived very quickly! Highly recommended!

Monroe, NC - US
Great product, super fast delivery, awesome customer service! (2019-12-19)
The MK VII respirator bag is exactly as described, and is a perfect Indiana Jones satchel. WPG shipped super fast and the product was here before I expected. Had a little snafu with being billed twice (my fault), but the staff at WPG were quick to refund my second charge and were very helpful. Thanks WPG!

Mueller - CA
Very nice (2019-12-05)
Bought it with leather strap, very nice feel and very satisfied

Johan - Scandinavia
Outstanding (2019-11-23)
Dressed as Indy for Not so scary at Disney world. I used spray waterproofing and it did't discolor it. Kept the insides dry, even my electronics. It turned out being an amazing bag i used the entire time i was there.It held everything i needed and is quality. shipping was fast as usual.

Kevin - US
Great Bag! (2019-10-17)
Quality exceeded expectation. Spec was flawless to every detail. Strap was easy to attach after finding a little video on YT. Great for my Indy cosplay as well as daily use!

Allen - US
WPG - The Real Deal (2019-07-06)
This MK VII back is a replica, they said. Really? Because the one I got looks just like the originals in every way. Add the leather strap and I've got the back Indy carried. Oh, did I mention the price? Don't tell

C - US
Super, Fast delivery (2019-06-27)
Very good
I Buy two

Demers - CA
Excellent Customer Service (2019-06-05)
Bag arrived with a grommet which had come off. I was told to keep the bag and another was promptly sent free of shipping.

Wiley - US
Fast delivery, great product (2019-04-23)
The bag is well-constructed and the leather strap is worth every penny. Everything arrived much faster than I had anticipated. A great experience!

Pederson - US
Amazed (2019-04-16)
I am very pleased with your items.
Good prices, high quality and fast delivery

Just what I needed (2019-04-12)
If adventure has a bag, it's definitely your Indy Bag.
Good price, high quality and fast delivery.
Thank you.

Impressed (2018-12-18)
Thick cloth, heavy strap, no problem using this daily. So glad it isn't junk.

Stone - US
Fast and good quality (2018-12-05)
Good sturdy bag, not junk!

GUnny - US
Test (2018-11-07)

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Test (2018-11-07)

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Surprisingly Better New Reproduction Version (2018-09-24)
Much thicker and stronger canvas in this replica version than the one I bought here 15+ years ago. Pleasant surprises everywhere except I happened to have one that has a hard to pull off snap with the loose male end attached on the bag. Ended up not using that snap for fear that repeated use might rib the snap off the canvas (Same problem I had with the original MK VII purchased earlier, but that's excusable since it's an old bag to begin with). Otherwise this would have been a very good, durable and stylish EDC bag.

Debating if I should order another one, worrying that the new order might have the same problem. Will decide later.

Keung - CA
I love it (2018-09-22)
Great construction and authenticity- thank you!

Vozzo - US
My 3rd Purchase (2018-05-04)
My first one was terribly faded and the strap came apart after a few years of fairly regular farm use. I am happy to have a new one. The new strap is darker inside and out but as you can see in the photo, any bends in the leather result in lighter cracks. The exterior of the strap will need to be coated with Neatsfoot Oil, Pecard's Dressing, or something similar to protect it fully. Adjusting the strap as is leaves marks.

There were a few loose threads inside the bag, once a few inches long. This bag also has some small strings that my previous bags did not possess. I don't know how film accurate this bag is compared to others, but it is durable and functional. I used to carry a laptop in mine, coffee cans full of range cubes as well for feeding our coos.

Matt - US
Fantastic bag! (2017-11-29)
Delivery was prompt. Arrived in time for Halloween. As for the bag itself...I love it! Aside from it being a perfect replica of Indy's bag, it's also very well made and durable. It's now become my go to bag. I couldn't be happier. Oh, also it looks great with my Indiana Jones costume. Thanks so much!

Winter - US
I am very happy with this purchase, it arrived in just 2 days! (2017-11-27)
The bag is exactly what I was hoping for, i may just get a new leather strap to get a little more screen accuracy, but besides that I am thoroughly pleased!!

Jason - US
Great product and experience (2017-09-26)
Item was just as described, delivered quickly. Great overall purchase. Would buy from them again.

Beery  - US
Fast (2017-09-03)
I received my MK VII bag. It's as I expected! I received it fast, and will serve my purpose

McIntyre - US
Great products (2017-07-21)
Very fast shipping. The bag along with the strap are very nicely made.

Filkins - US
MK VII bag rep (2017-04-09)
The bag arrived fast. Really liked the canvas and the colour. the only problem, I used it 2 weeks in a trip to Europe, regular use everyday...and at some spot I lose one of the lower drain vents...

O'Brien - US
Awesome (2017-02-18)
Super service!
Bag is very sturdy, pairs perfectly with leather strap. I have and will continue to buy from WPG!
Thanks, Will

Will - CA
Great Replica Bag (2016-10-12)
I chose this bag out of the three shown because it was the best deal with the same perks (minus the missing center divider inside). Other than some uneven stitching throughout, it is a very sturdy and well-replicated bag from the Indiana Jones trilogy. I would also recommend rinsing the bag in hot water to get the wrinkles out; it worked for me just fine. Overall, I am quite satisfied...and don't forget the leather strap!

Trent - United States
Great and Durable Bag (2016-10-10)
Just used this bag for my Indiana Jones cosplay for New York Comic Con and it was perfect, both in look and functionality! Quick delivery, good sturdy quality, and comfortable to wear with the leather strap.
Highly recommended.

Garcia - US
fast (2016-10-02)
Item is just like the one in movie. Thanks.

davis - US
Perfect for what it is (but see details) (2016-09-28)
This bag (and the leather strap) are excellent reproductions for ROTLA. The rings are metal, and the other metal fixtures are correct too. The color is too yellow for a ROTLA bag (for that you need Todd's Costumes bag since it's more green), unless you are doing a ROTLA truck-Indy costume. I got it for a dusty-truck-indy, so it was perfect. NOTE: Zap it with a light green dye and it'll probably even out. I did. And it worked.

The leather strap is if you're doing an "Indy in Cairo or truck-indy" costumes, you'll be happy. If you're doing earlier scenes (temple), then you might want to try the lighter Todd's costumes for the strap.

Dr. Z - US
Satchel (2016-07-27)
This was the first item I bought from WPG and it was a great experience. It got here really fast and I was impressed with the product itself. Great stuff!

Mark - Yukon, Canada
As promised (2016-07-12)
So I love it.

I bought one 10 years ago, and when it finally died I bought a second.

That's not a back-handed compliment; 10 years is a long time to use a bag.

Awesome, and I'm sure I'll be back in 10 more.

Shepard - US
Fantastic (2016-06-07)
I have been very pleased with everything I have ordered from WPG and the Indiana Jones bag and leather strap is no exception.

White - US
Very Satisfied (2016-06-01)
I not only purchased the bag but I purchased the IJ Safari Shirt as well, and liked them so much bought 2 more. I am amazed that these items are even available for purchase and further amazed by the detail in manufacturing. Very well done!

Smith - US
All worked good (2016-05-05)
Tracked shipping, responsive client team, ticked all the boxes. Very happy!

FakeIndy - PT
Excellent (2016-01-21)
Great product, really good customer service. Cheers.

David - UK
Very happy (2015-12-29)
The bag was excellent -- a little problem with one of the brass snaps, but I was able to fix it myself. I'd shop here again.

Randolph - US
Crazy Quick Delivery (2015-12-22)
Considering that the bag shipped from the UAE, it arrived way quicker than expected. Question to the company were answered promptly and the bag, of corse, is great.

Villanueva - US
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