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Great Item Bad quality control (2020-08-19)
Really good quality holster solidly made, but the piece of leather with the hangar is installed wrong on the front of the holster NOT the back as pictured here or on originals. I would give it 5 stars and It would not bother me but it effects how the holster hangs on the belt and makes it less comfortable to wear.

Oliver - CA
Delivered quickly, good quality (2019-07-16)
Fits 1911A1 pattern pistols, comfortable strap

McNab - US
Super fast delivery, EXCELLENT quality!! (2019-07-15)
This is a very fine reproduction of the 1912 swivel holster. High quality leather and superb workmanship!!

J Smith - US
Perfect (2019-04-03)
You have to put this robustly made NEW holster in context. It is like one that was issued way back when and I like that. It needs breaking in just like an original. I suspect in a few decades, you will not be able to tell the difference between them. I highly recommend it.

Ray Bob - US
US M1912 Mounted Pistol Holster (2015-11-07)
Well made piece of gear, and should be suitable for reenacting as well as static display after being treated with Neats Foot oil. Start light and continue till you get the shade you want.

Foster - US
US M1912 Mounted Pistol Holster (2013-08-19)
There was some white residue on the leather when I received it. I took some neatfoots oil to it and it dissolved. A really nice piece of leather work. All natural, it will take on the proper tone after some use. Thanks, Jerry, for another authentic product!

Speer - US
US M1912 Mounted Pistol Holster (2012-07-06)
Best reproduction of the profile and fit of the 1912/1916 holster I have seen in many years.
Excellent craftsmanship in the leatherwork/stitching.
Only thing keeping it from "5" rating is not very good matching between the swivel/shank leather and the holster itself. Still, well worth the price!

Will-Ko - US
A true classic (2012-06-01)
This is a damned fine piece of leather. Top quality and simply perfect. My 1911 is very happy with it and so am I.

Roschbach - US
Us 1912 Mounted Holster (2012-03-15)
It's everything I hoped it would be. Good job!

Patterson - US
Shipment (2011-12-30)
Never received!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Montgomery - US
Hon (2011-05-07)
Once again, I am impressed with the quality of the goods you sell and also the prompness of delivery, well done. A Note; By removing the spacer at the bottom it also takes the earlier Colt 1902 Military Model in .38.,a perfect fit.
Thanks again

Paul, Perth W.A. - AU
Quite Pleased (2010-12-15)
I can't give the holster a "5" only because I don't have many others to which I can make a comparison. I'm impressed with the quality and the holster broke in quite nicely, very easily. I like the brass hardware over the steel of more "modern" holsters.

Nuke - US
Excellent (2009-09-20)
Outstanding holster. Leather is in excellent health, and it fit my 1911 like a glove.

However, as I already have this holster in dyed brown rather than natural, I bought the holster to carry an M9 (or Baretta 92 FS). I removed the spacer from inside the holster (the stiching is excellent, and the spacer turned out to be a well formed wooden shank. Very nice) and the holster broke in exceptionally well for the Baretta.

This is an absolutely great buy. I have bought two other holsters of the same type and this is by far the best.

Will - Georgia, US
M1912 Mounted Holster (2009-08-18)
Fits my M1911 like a glove. Good leather.

Nakao - US
Good Quality for the Money (2007-09-13)
Very nice quality holster for the money. It fits my 1911 perfectly and broke in very well. The quality of leather on the leg strap could be better, but overall worth the money.

Brian - Reno, NV
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