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perfect fit (2017-06-14)
I really appreciate that wpg have items in long size. Jacket is a perfect fit on me! (6'3" ordered a 40L). only issue is that zipper closes to the right and not left.

herodes - SE
Fits if you buy 1 size fitter (2016-09-08)
The look and the quality of the vest is pretty good, but you really have to be careful with size and take minimum 1 size fitter than your own.

I wear original 40R clothes but I took a 38R jacket and it fits, although i find it little bit long.

Richard - France
M42 paratrooper jacket (2015-07-18)
Was exactly what I needed.Thanks.

Farmer - US
SGM, USA (Ret.) (2014-11-18)
Not as "oversized" as some comments may indicate. Zipper is Far superior to the U.S. Mountain Jacket.

jacket (2014-06-26)
looks great, fits just right.

Zeder - US
Better than advertised (2014-06-23)
M42 Jacket exceeded expectations. Delivery in 4 days. I'll shop here again.

Bill D. - US
Better than advertised (2014-06-23)
Jacket exceeded expectations. Delivery in 4 days. I'll shop here again.

Bill D. - US
Good product (2014-05-20)
The jacket is ok. Good color, good size of pocket. The Talon zipper is very well made.
But the jacket (40R) is really too long !!! I have to make an adjustment of about 5 centimeters from the waist to bottom of the jacket...

Martin - FR
Denny Kozol (2014-04-20)
Great jacket and the exchange service was beyone belief. Even though I ordered the wrong jacket they worked with me and made my day. I will be ordering again soon.

Kozol - US
Nice but way too large (2013-04-01)
very nice but way to large, I washed in hot water and it is still to big, I will have to order smaller size.

Carine - US
M-42 Paratrooper Jacket ( unreinforced ) (2013-03-06)
Your quality has improved over the years with what seems to be better zippers and fit is in alignment with the sizes. Thank you for your attention to the details of your product. As re-enactors, we are hard on our gear and uniforms. The veterans and their families insist on seeing the best uniforms to represent them at tactical battles, living history events, and parades.

Beville - US
WWII enthusiast (2012-07-28)
Good product but too long for my height but I can get that fixed.

Morris - CA
m42 standard jump jacket (2012-02-09)
color excellent, material pretty good, BUT sizing about 2 sizes too SMALL in chest.

Excellent Jacket (2011-12-21)
I was told that the WPG jacket was not as good as the ones from other makers. They are DEAD WRONG! The price, fit and color are amazing. Super fast shipping! Will recommend to my unit for sure.

J. Woosley H/504 NC - US
Tooooooo biiiiiiigggggg.... (2011-12-10)
The jacket is toooooo big for me. I´m 190 cm tall and I order the long size. It was an error. I returned it and order one size small in standard size, not long. The zippers seems so fragil.
The shipment very quick. Four days from UAE to my house in Spain.
I am waiting for the new jacket one size small.

Barquin - ES
awsome (2011-10-02)
Fit almost perfectly...only slight problem was that the sleeves were a little long...but that is fixiable...other than that totally worth it

Blue - US
Well Made (2011-09-13)
Great Jacket and 5 day shipping. Way better than my ebay m42 jump suit. Pretty baggy, but its suppose to look like that. The coloring is pretty good but i recommend you get it dirty or age it to give it a gritty look.

Mike - Thousand Oaks, CA
Paratrooper Jacket (2011-08-04)
Had a hard time getting this jacket from another site. I received an e-mail from WPG saying that they had them in stock. Oredered it and received an e-mail stating that the size and type were not available but, the other option was just fine. Thank you for great service!

Leland - US
Akron, OH (2011-06-09)
These guys are fantastic. Thanks so much.

Hanna - US
M42 jacket (2011-03-18)
very good stuff, as it is said it s really oversized

hadjadje - FR
M42 paratrooper jacket (2010-11-15)
Very nice fits perfect.

Gentle - US
oki (2010-10-29)

great (2010-10-08)
This is a great product my stuff took 5 day not including weekends to arive

Wight - CA
M42 Jump Jacket (2010-05-12)
Great customer service, Jacket looks good - tho arms are longer than I would like, but that's minor. Short Body Lengths would be welcome.

Hannant - GB
Trustworthy (2010-02-24)
Fits really good, once you ask jerry for some help with size. It''s more than I expected, way to go.

Gabriel - Brazil
Dad (2009-12-23)
Great stuff, quick response and shipping.

Edwards - US
Brian, NL (2009-12-08)
Fast service.
Lovely jacket. The zip seemes a bit flimsy though..time will tell!

O - NL
Feedback (2009-10-30)
The M42 Paratrooper Jacket arrived in a timely manner. It fits well and looks great.

Satisfactory (2009-10-30)
The jacket was too big for me, so I returned it. It was their smallest size too. As for accuracy of the jacket, it's very close to the real and original jacket. The thing I really liked though was their customer service. They are quick with responses and were very helpful with my problems.

Dang - CA
Thanks! (2009-10-29)
Super customer service! Will definitely order from WPG again. Thanks Jerry!

preston - US
M42 Jacket (2009-10-21)
I have just received the jacket: IT IS SUPER! Even the label in one of the pockets is like the real thing! The fit is like described. Talon-zipper is tops! Thanks again. Chris

Lonsain - NL
M42 Para Jacket (2009-10-08)
I was surprised with the quickness of the shipment and the quality of the jacket. The jacket fit as described and was historically correct.

Anderson - US
Continuing Your Great Service!! (2009-08-29)
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for your continued excellent service and product offering. Keep up the great effort!!!!

Johnson - US
US M42 Paratrooper Jacket (2009-08-04)
excellent fit, authentic looking garment 10/10

Hiscock - GB
Look the Part (2009-07-11)
As a history teacher I know how important presentations w/ real exhibits are for children to learn. This field jacket and the trousers will allow kids to 'handle' w/out worry for the real thing. Excellent addition to my classroom collection!

abril - US
Jacket cloth constructin great, zippers suck. (2009-07-02)
I got the M42 paratrooper jacket. Everything about it is great ...almost.
The workmanship on the cloth portions are excellent. I ordered tall, it's
a perfect tall size. The only problem? The zippers, they are terrible.
They catch and get stuck, feeling like they are going to break. It takes
numerous up and down attempts to finally get the zipper to close all
the way. I'll be looking into getting a new zipper put in the jacket.
The one it came with is worthless.

Green - US
m42 paratrooper jacket (2009-06-21)
very high quality jacket just like original thanks!

larry - north carolina
Great product (2009-05-04)
This was a great jacket, feels great, much apreciated WPG.

Penn - US
Better Than (2009-04-27)
Ive own many jump jackets over the Years. These are Better Than ATFs or any other out there!

US M42 Paratrooper Jacket - (2009-03-01)
Nice product...good quality and fit

Dan - Syracuse, NY
Very Comfortable (2008-10-22)
This jacket was a lot nicer than I was expecting! It's also very comfortable. I'd wear it once in a while but people would probably think i'm a weirdo haha

Deering - US