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Superb quality (2020-05-15)
This is the second one I’ve ordered. Perfect winter blanket for the house with some historical style. Also,very fast shipping indeed.

John - US
Nice (2020-03-06)
Other than the slight defect, which doesn't bother me at all- a nice blanket for the price.

Amazed (2020-02-23)
Looks great, thanks!

Laybourn - US
Very nice wool (2019-11-01)
Top stuff really wooly

mccabe - UK
Excellent service (2019-08-17)
I placed this order about the same time as a separate order from Poland. This order was processed, shipped, and received faster. Customer service over the phone was very professional. I will continue doing business with WPG.

Watson - US
Nice Blanket (2019-05-08)
Excellent reproduction. I haven’t put my original bedding blanket next to it yet to compare, but this looks quite nice. Yes I got the ‘defect’ version and saved a few $$. This will work great for the few times it will actually get used.

Mark - US
Super,fast delivery (2019-04-23)
For me this article corresponds to my wait.

Excellent Blanket! (2019-03-18)
Excellent Blanket! Great color and weight -highly recommended!

Jarrell - US
Awesome Blanket! (2018-03-17)
Great experience. Love the blanket and the customer service!

Miller - US
Outstanding! (2018-03-14)
This is just what I've been needing to complete my WW1 AEF impression! Excellent reproduction and just as sturdy as the originals! Thanks WPG!!!

Ditto - US
Superb saddle blanket (2018-02-05)
Excellent in every way. Thank you

Ditto - US
fast delivery (2018-01-09)
Excellent, finally I've got one! Thank you

Di - FR
First Class (2016-02-26)
Excellent in all aspects. Can't wait for Spring so that I can try out under saddle. I'll pass along my horse's review when he gets a chance to try it.

Smith - US
US M1908 Saddle Blanket (2016-02-20)
The best repro saddle blanket you will find. Thick, and well made. I can't wait to get it sweaty and dirty, so it doesn't look so damned new.

Mark - Connecticut
US M1908 Saddle Blanket (2016-02-09)
Another quality reproduction from WPG. I could pass it off as an original all day long. I look forward to putting it to the test under my McClellan. Thanks Jerry!

Mark - Connecticut, U.S.A.
WWI Blanket (2014-10-01)
My horse loves it...

Bingham - US
US M1908 Saddle Blanket feedback (2013-03-14)
Outstanding repro. Looks great with my 1904 McClellan Saddle. I can not wait to use it at an event.

Maddox - US
Wolfe, US (2012-04-21)
Excellent repro blanket.

Wolfe - US
US M1908 Saddle Blanket (new) (2012-02-24)
Very well made with nice, authentic looking markings. This is a keeper!

Bone - US
Saddle Blanket (2011-07-08)
Excellent repro. The ink stamped tag is a nice touch.

Jordan - US
US 1908 Saddle Blanket (2011-03-23)
Looks like my original

Stanley - US
Blanket (2009-12-09)
Beautiful repro - Thanks for making it available.

Holt - US
1908 saddle blanket (2009-06-11)
Wow!!!!! I have an original.....I could put yours next to it and have a hard time figuring out which was which

Braiwick - US
saddle blanket (2009-06-03)
better than expected, very nice material, heavy wool, just what I needed to go under my displayed cavalry saddle

Mckenzie - US
blanket (2009-04-14)
Happy again.

Frazer - US
Wonderful! (2009-04-09)
Very nice repro, a little thinner than I expected but this is top notch wool. I might need another...

Brian - Reno, NV
nice blanket (2009-03-11)
This blanket is spot on. I never thought I'd be excited about a repro blanket, but this is awesome. I will order another.

Frazer - US
US Model 1908 saddle blanket (new) (2009-02-07)
This is a fantastic reproduction. It is a bit thicker than my original, which is nice for actual use. The embroidered insignia are slightly thin, but a very nice addition. Overall, a very nice, high quality reproduction.

Hunter - US
Tom New Jersey (2008-11-18)
Well made. Attractive and great to own

Russo - US
Outstanding! (2008-10-09)
This blanket is the correct dimensions, color, and has the correct insignia. I''ve used it quite a lot on my horse most recently at the National Cavalry Competition. 5 Stars plus!

Fred - California
US M1908 Saddle Blanket (2008-09-21)
This piece of gear recently met the challenge in competition at the United States Cavalry Association''s, National Cavalry Competition. Outstanding work Jerry!

Mike - Nebraska / USA
Great blanket (2008-07-16)
I liked these so much I bought two. This is a really nice item and HUGE!! I have not compared it to an original but this is a great looking, durable blanket.

Rel - Colorado
Quality Blanket! (2008-04-02)
Woolrich move over!This is a quality blanket. The stitching and the borders were tight. The embroidery was a nice touch. This is a fine purchase.

Carl - USA