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Original cavalry breeches (2011-01-18)
Shipping was very fast, especially since the item came from overseas. The item was "as described", except for several small moth holes. However, I realize the item is original and more than 70 years old. Overall, I'm satisfied.

Fitzgerald - US
Mr (2010-11-10)
Bought for a friend again, he liked these so much he asked me to get him another pair. These ones were in even better nick, as new with no holes.
Speedy shipping, got here in four days.
Thanks again WPG.

Richard - England
Mr (2010-10-22)
Bought for a friend. He's very happy.
He said they had a slight smell of moth balls and a couple of tiny holes (not moths) which were easily sewn, otherwise perfect/like new.
Quite amazing when you consider their age, I was there when he opened the parcel and was equally impressed, a real time warp.
My friend is computerless so I handled the order. Jerry was very helpful, comm's were excellent and the order promptly shipped.
Always good when your the middle man! Thanks WPG.

Richard - England
Breeches (2010-06-04)
I am delighted with these breeches. At first I was not overwhelmed, seeing the relatively coarse cloth, and the 70 year old wrinkles, but ha ve since worn them in the saddle. The cut is excellent, the comfort far better than it looks, and, partly by lucky chance, the fit is perfect.

Jon - Ireland
Original Wool Elastique Breeches (2010-05-10)
These breeches are absolutely perfect. Never issued, they still have the cutter's tags attached and the laces tied through the bottom holes just as they came from the QM. No moth holes or discoloration, either. They do need a professional pressing due to deep seated 75 year-old wrinkles. These will give years of horseback service.

Fred Klink - US
Radm (2010-05-05)
Excellent.Perfect fit.New condition for age.One pin head size moth nip but of no concern,as can be stitched up.What I have been looking for.

mcmahon - US