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camp table (2015-03-10)
Outstanding reproduction. Looks very similar to an original folding canvas chair I have from 1944. Looks like a matched set. Always need a table when doing living history events for keeping personal items and having a place to keep things off the ground. It is just what I expected when I order something from WPG.

dennis - Virginia Beach VA USA
Amazing little table (2012-06-30)
This table rocks, the underside of the table is composed of slats of teak and it all fits together nice and tight...I also bought th large & small campaign washbasin set and the small washbasin will hang nicely from the legs under under the table to form a sort of drawer pouch to store things. I'm hoping WPG will offer the chairs again like to get a full campaign dinner set! (-;

Manny - US
Missing article (2011-06-29)
This article was not in the parcel which you sent me by FedEx.

fabien - FR
Folding Camp Table (2011-03-02)
This item was in top notch condition, all the leather and hinged parts were in perfect working order. Love this!

Partenheimer - US
Nice table (2011-02-23)
I got one of these and I really like it. It isn''t a solid sturdy table like a field desk but is very good for light duty things like eating, hygiene, etc.

Tim - Missouri
Camp table (2011-02-17)
You have to love the British for some really great quality field equipment they developed during the War!! Very light easy to put into use! Thnks, WPG you guys are the best!!

Gary - Pennsylvania/USA