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Awesome (2018-03-14)
The fit and look great!!

Raley - US
Great looking boot. (2017-05-26)
Nice fitting and great feeling while wearing.

best all around value (2017-05-05)
compared many repros to originals before buying these boots. They are the best value available for repro boots, and after a coat of hubbards, look identical to originals.

Heft - US
US M1917 Trench Boots (2017-04-17)
I was VERY surprised by these boots. They were a bit stiff at first (didn't have a chance to break them in prior to the event) but they broke in after a few hours at the WW1 event in Rockford, IL 2017. My feet felt great all weekend, some of the most comfortable reenacting boots I've ever worn. They look great too, once I applied Hubbard's Shoe Grease. Thanks Jerry Lee!

Fronczak - US
Durable, quality boots (2016-05-17)
These boots are great. First event had them submerged for about two days, and the only issue from that was the heel pad came unglued. Easy fix. After drying and being cleaned, they look well worn, but are none the worse for wear. Exactly what I'd expect from combat boots.

Allen - US
Love it! (2014-04-28)
Everything I hoped for.
Nice and pliable. Clear 1944 USMC manufacturer and date.

Buffington - US
1917 boots (2014-01-20)
Love the boots. Great repro.

Blevins - US
Great! (2012-03-23)
Super fast shipping! Boots are of great quality, I have been wearing them for a few hours and they seem like they will hold up well in use.

James - PA
M 1917 Boots (2011-03-13)
Great pair of boots. Well made and an accurate reproduction. Fast shipping and great product. What else do you want?

Kuntz - US
Great Boots (2011-01-06)
Just received a pair of 1917 Trench Boots. Look great and solidly made. Fit as well as my custom made Robert Serio CW cavalry boots. Fast shipping and great customer service. Thanks Jerry. I just found out about your Pershing boots - guess I''ll have to save up some more.

Chris - Illinois, USA