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Super (2017-06-11)
Great brand new NOS pouch.
Superfast shipment.

Perfect (2017-05-05)
Perfect new condition yet they are 73 years old!

Mathews - US
Great Item (2016-05-12)
Just as described, another great buy from WPG

Harbs - US
Great deal (2016-04-12)
Great shape, great value.

Schuck - US
super fast delivery (2016-03-29)
fast delivery for the P-37 Ammo pouch great item
will continue to buy from What Price Glory, keep up the
great work!

Proud - US
Good item (2015-07-21)
You still can smell the smell of the of 40's in the piece :D

B.Cáceres - ES
revolver holster (2014-08-03)
Wonderful piece of kit.

Stewart - CA
P37 ammo pouch (2013-12-22)
In beautiful, unissued condition. A bargain ad the price.

Skinner - US
Ammo Pouch (2013-06-27)
Perfect. They look as new.

krupp - DE
pistol ammo pouch (2013-05-27)
good thank you

michel - CA
pouches (2013-04-27)
perfert for 38 special

brown - US
ammo pouches (2013-04-23)
perfect for 38 special ammo.

brown - US
Feed Back (2013-01-07)
Good communication, exactly as described.

Brady - US
Like new! (2012-11-11)
These pouches are original, but they look as if they were brand new. No faded colours or signs of bad storage. I strongly recommend buying them while they're still in stock!

Konrad Sladeczek - US
SO250968 (2012-08-16)
Look like brand new; the stamps are clear and I'm quite pleased.

Bodkin - US
36 ROUNDS (2012-07-16)
Blistering fast shipping ! These fit the belt perfectly and hold 36 rounds of 28 S&W .38 on C96 Mouser stripper clips for speed loading an old Enfield revolver, could not ask for better, these work very well indeed ...

Boomer - US
Jason, US (2012-07-15)
Excellent, exactly as described.

Zan - US
36 ROUNDS (2012-07-12)
Brilliantly fast shipping ! Perfect fit the belt and each pouch holds 36 rounds of .38 S&W on C96 Mouser stripper clips for speed loading an old Enfield revolver. I could not ask for better, these work very well indeed ...

Boomer - Minnesota, U.S.A.
Webley Leather pouch and canvas pouch (2012-06-16)
I was very happy with both the leather reproduction pouch and the canvas original. They will get a lot of use like my previous ones. I know they will last, the quality being excellent.

Blake - US
(Aust. mfg.) P-37 patt Pistol Ammo Pouch (2012-05-16)
- Again, a very well stored/ preserved WW2 original (as found by Jerry, & co)
- Mine was "D (broad arrow) D 1944" mrk'd (I've read the Aussies refered to their D D marks as "Dave & Dad" (a refence to a 40's era Radio Program)
- I will likely purch uno mas, as this original 'stuff' is soon dissapearing (& no longer the stuff of old surplus stores (even in Australia !)/ U.S. gunshows, etc...)

Reus - US
UK P-37 Pistol Ammo Pouch (Original (2012-05-02)
in your line, good conditions

casariego - ES
UK P-37 Pistol Ammo Pouch (Original) (2012-04-17)
in tour line

casariego - ES
like new (2012-04-17)
like new

Werner - BR
mr (2012-04-12)
Like new and came very quickly! I'm very pleased.

pondolfino - US
Great (2012-03-25)
Like New, thanks WPG!

Werner - BR
5 (2012-03-22)
Like new at a very fair price....these are getting hard to find

Sommer - US
UK P-37 Pistol Ammo Pouch (2012-03-15)
Just as described, a great Australian marked item

Harbs - US
uk p37 pistol ammo pouch (2012-03-15)
quick service and brand new old pouch!

feitsma - NL
.38 pistol ammo pouch (2012-03-14)
Very quick delivery. The item is exactly as described and in "new" condition, despite being as old as myself!

Jon H - Ireland