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Excellent! (2018-02-20)
An excellent purchase...fitted well around the backside and waist and the tight calf-fitting made it easy for me to wind my long puttees on. V.V.V good value for the cut-price. Excellent postage service too...nicely done WPG!

Smith - UK
Excellent Service - Quick Delivery (2018-01-15)
I was surprised by the speed of delivery. Quality of the product is excellent. Thanks

Schultz - CA
Excellent. (2017-01-09)
Good value at the price. The calves were indeed quite narrow, as mentioned, but by ordering one waist size up I was able to get a pair which fitted. These were ideal as I prefer trousers without laces at the bottom.

Thurston - UK
Nice pair of breeches (2016-04-27)
If you have reasonable knees and calfs and not too large (i.e. over 16") then these reduced priced duds are an excellent purchase. Make sure you measure around your belly button. No laces around the knees, just buttons at bottom of breeches around calf. Still, they look mighty fine. Brilliant!

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
Bedford Cord trousers (2016-01-10)
Perfect fit for my skinny calves!

Brian - VA
. (2015-11-09)
Good fit ... thanks

Macfarren - UK
Beford Cords (2015-04-12)
Being a 5' tall woman, these breeches are perfect for me.

MacLachlan - CA
Breeches (2014-12-15)
Nice, but the legs would fit a little girl, too small on the legs.

Robert - Montreal
Breeches (2014-12-14)
The legs are way too small, can not slid my leg in it. Would rprobably fit a little girl.

Dionne - CA
Riding Pants Survey (2014-12-14)
The package arrived and the breeches were in good shape. I would like to comment that the sizes run small so you need to add at least two inches for comfort. The breeches are of excellent quality and wear very well. Any horseman would love to have them because they are rough and very warm during the winter months.

Gonzales - US
Kick ass item!! (2014-11-12)
Buy these pants! Asap! Seriously, They are sooooo comfy , fit like a glove, looks amazing, and the price is right!! Incorporate them in your re-enacting if you can! You won't be let down! ☺️

Chandler - CA
Lieutenant (2014-08-15)
Excellent pair of breeches., I've worn them several times riding and they are far superior to anything that I have seen around in a very long time. I would highly recommend these breeches for anyone doing a cavalry impression.

Copeland - CA