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Excellent reproduction of Extreme Orient Para trousers (2017-03-14)
These are excellent, spot on quality materials andthe attention to detail is impressive, well worth the price. I ordered 34" waist and they fit perfectly, sitting comfortably above the hips at the belly button level.

I am always impressed by WPG productions and I first ordered their wares nearly 20 years ago via long distance telephone call.

Always jolly good! Thank you.

T J - Great Britain
Amazing (2016-06-13)
Amazing product, nice jacket, with good fabric.

I recommand for Indochina impressions

David - France
Superb All-purpose BDU (2016-06-12)
I am not a reenactor. I am constantly on the look out for functional, purpose designed, hard wearing utility clothing, primarily for work outside in the garden, landscape or lower 40. These trousers were a functional hybrid of the British tropical BDU. Created by the staff of the 1st and 3rd DBCCP, they represent the first adaptation of what became the 53/47 TAP. I knew they would be a hit when I discovered that I did not want to take them off! The fabric/design vents and yet is hard wearing; the pockets offer a variety of load bearing capabilities. For work wear purposes, they are a version of Filson x Riggs x Carhartt. I highly recommend them!

Matthew - US
Love the pants! (2016-03-25)
The pants arrive quickly and were everything I expected! Love the pants.
They are correct about sizing. I got a size 3-4 inches larger than normally and they fit, (higher than normally).

Paul - Georgia
Amazed with the quality of this product (2016-02-16)
Very durable and great feel. A good tough replica that will take you back.

Duplechain - US
Fan-bloody-tastic (2016-01-11)
These are an outstanding repro. Very well made and extremely practical.

A word of caution, these are VERY high waisted and quite unforgiving so don't kid yourself on your waist size and measure around the navel - if in doubt go up.

Bruce - Enfield