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US Model 1885 Bedding Blanket (2019-05-28)
WPG is one of the few places to have a period Spanish American War blanket. Just used in a display for a Military through the Ages and got a lot of compliments. WPG has the best customer service of any sutler out there for living historians.

Stallings - US
stuck in the pipeline? (2018-11-09)
what's truly amazing is that something coming from halfway round the world can get here so fast, but something that's simply shipped stateside hasn't even made it yet!

fahner - US
One Nice Blanket (2018-05-03)
Just received this blanket. It is super high quality. Everything you expect from WPG. May get another.

Jim - Iowa,USA
Fast Delivery (2018-04-15)
I have received my order, and satisfied

young - US
Great blanket (2018-01-06)
Well made, great weight and comfortable. I have to order another one, however. Can't seem to get the first one back from the wife!! It's her go to blanket now in the winter. Excellent made product!

Kevin - Texas
Blue Blanket (2017-03-21)
I have been needing one of these since I bought the Model 1878 Blanket Bag. The price was right and the blanket is soft and well made. No threads are pulling loose. The hem is professionally stitched. I now have a brown Civil War emergency-type blanket, this blue one, and an OD-7 blanket. I am covered for all of my 1863-1973 impressions. Thanks, Jerry, for remembering to make these for us.

Speer - US
Blanket (2016-11-03)
Very impressed with the quality of this blanket! I may have to get another and use on my bed at home. Thanks Again Jerry!

Robert - US
Fast Delivery (2016-08-26)
Quality item, fast delivery.

Rollings - US