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Well made (2017-12-01)
Very well made, authentic reproduction. Pleased with my purchase.

Voight - US
Finished the barn working in these... down on the Homestead. (2017-11-15)
This pair is holding up better than the first pair I ordered - a grommet tore out the first time I tried them on. I worked for about 80 hours over a 5-day weekend in these and they held up well and provided the 'pant-leg-security' I needed not to snag and catch on everything, from the top of the roof to the graded ground below. LOVE 'em... I mean as much as a feller can love some canvas, ya' know...

M1897 brown leggings (2017-09-01)
These are amazing-exact copies of originals,very well made,thanks for making a much needed item of kit for the 1898 time period

ERIC - West Virginia USA
excellent quality (2017-08-08)
Well made item, fit as advertised. Been looking for these for awhile now and this was a real find for me.

Good for everyday hiking use. (2017-05-17)
This is the second pair of canvas leggings I bought, this time to use as a gift for a friend.

Karl - AU
Good for regular hiking too (2017-04-09)
I bought my pair for hiking purposes, as I do not like the modern snake leggings.They are very comfortable,stylish and surprisingly practical!

Karl - South Australia
great leggings (2017-03-29)
High quality, and they appear to be faithful reproductions. I said this about another item, but getting and keeping things in stock and in a range of sizes would help.

Freeman - US
Quality reproductions! (2016-11-22)
These are so well made you would swear they are made by the original military contractor! Great reproductions of these impossible to find turn of the century leggings!

Wisniewski - US
super (2016-10-05)
great, very good repro ++++

These work! (2016-09-04)
Doing a Rough Rider or cavalry impression? You can actually ride in these. They are tough, comfortable and look even better after a couple of weeks "in the saddle."

Bruce - California, USA
Hard to Get (2016-07-04)
I was glad to see this item at WPG. These are an impossible to find accessory for the Span-Am period. I was sorry to hear that they are already out of production. The only criticism I have is the rivets are not quite the quality that I would prefer, hence the 4 instead of 5. None-the-less, I am glad I got these before all the inventory is gone.

Brill - US
US M1897 Dark Brown Canvas Leggings (2016-06-09)
Another fantastic, high quality reproduction. They fit as they should, and are of a relatively heavy weight canvas, so they will hold up to abuse.
Thanks again Jerry!

Mark - Connecticut, USA