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Great Pants and light (2020-05-24)
This is my second pair and these are excellent and light version so now I have both heavier and light. I’m 6’2” and purchased a 38 waist. They fit beautifully and hang just right. Enough hem to lengthen considerably but not needed. A tailor made fit out of the box. I wear these everywhere and they look sharp. Great all round durable and comfortable pair of pants.

Elwood - CA
Great pants! Notes on sizing & pockets (2020-05-05)
These are amazing pants, and when I put them on I FEEL like Indiana Jones.
2 points worth mentioning - 1: these are high-waisted pants! When you're measuring yourself, plan for them to sit just below the belly-button. If you wear these pants around your hips like you would your jeans the crotch hangs pretty low for a 'penguin' look. IJ does wear them this way some of the time, but for defeating Nazi's or fighting the Thuggee you'll want to hike them up - at which point they become very easy to move in for you to narrowly escape rolling boulders, etc. So, make sure you measure yourself at the right place to get the right size.
2 - The back pockets are not scalloped, which differs from the Raiders' pants. Not a huge deal, but a detail that I missed...
Anyway, if you buy these, plan to have them tailored to get the leg length that you want and you can always adjust the waist size then too, if necessary. That's what I'll be doing - it's just something to factor into the price of the pants when purchasing

Curtis - US
Great Pants-Super Fast Delivery (2020-05-05)
These pants are truly worthy of an adventure. They are heavy, rugged and built to last. Shipping was insanely fast.

Rob S - US
Very Happy (2020-03-25)
These pants are exactly what I was looking for! The delivery was fast, they look and feel great and they fit perfectly upon arrival. Thank you WPG for a fast and easy procedure and a great product!

Mark - CH
Great Replica Trousers! (2020-03-24)
I am very impressed with WPG's 2019 production of Indiana Jones trousers. They are the perfect weight and color. Customer service was, and always is, immensely helpful; because of it, I ended up with two pairs. Forget all of the other Indy pants on the market...these are the ones you need!

Ryan - US
Like the 2015 Version Better (2020-02-24)
I now have all three variations of the WPG Indiana Jones Pants, and while I like the new lightweight version, they are too light for my taste, the 2015 fabric is just not weighty enough for me. Also the inner lining button was missing and part of the crotch seam came apart the first time I wore them. Good thing my wife sews :)

White - US
Best Indiana Jones shirt (2020-01-29)
Very fast delivery and terrific shirt both in quality and design.
Cannot praise highly enough.

Philip - California
Awesome as usual (2019-10-24)
The pants are just as described. The picture does not do them justice. The color is wonderful. The color seemingly changing in different light. To my eye, the color reminds me of Last Crusade. But that is just my opinion. Bottom line- light weight, sturdy construction, and great color.
The sizing was off, but I fully expected to take the pants to the tailor, so no real problem.
I also ordered a new Indy shirt and the two look absolutely perfect together.

Denney - US
Order EXACT Size! (2019-10-12)
These are great pants! I ordered one size up because my Coyles pants are a bit snug at 42 and I’ve heard they run small. The 44’s I ordered are giant on me. Wish I had ordered the 42’s. I have about a 41 waist. The legs have about a 1-1/2” hem. I have 30” inseam and would need to take them in several inches.
At the end of the day, these are a quality “costume” pants. They probably wouldn’t hold up for an every day wear. They are lighter weight than my Coyles and the color (compared to the Coyles) is lighter and more pink. Measure your waist where you normally wear your pants at and order that exact size.

Carl - United States
Well made but expect to have them tailored (2019-08-10)
These are screen accurate down to style and color. In my experience, the size was way too big. I ordered 32 and they fit like 34 to 36. So I ordered the 30 and they were still too big. I am having the waist taken in about 1 1/2" and shortened by about 12". I do have short legs and I usually fit 28" inseam and 30" waist. So if you're a small guy like me order small.

Countryman - US
Indy Pants (2019-07-22)
Pants arrived with super fast delivery and are excellent quality they fit like a glove and are very comfortable, extremely happy

Vincent - Perth, Australia
Length (2019-07-13)
The pants arrived quickly , a nice product , but the pants seemed a little short , I took them to be tailored , but not enough hem to let out , so they're maybe an inch and a half short for me . It would behoove WPG to list the length that these come in . Otherwise , very nice pants , quick delivery , an all around great shop to deal with

California , USA - Burbank
Indy pants (2019-06-06)
Excellent purchase. These are well made pants. They are as described, light and sturdy. They fit perfectly upon arrival. Delivery was amazingly fast, as it was the first time I placed the order. WPG is a great gallery of hard to find items. I am always impressed when I visit this site!

Hoffman - US