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Super (2021-05-02)
Everything was great..

austin - US
High quality, fast delivery (2021-03-09)
An excellent replica.

smith - US
First Aid Kit, Parachute (2020-11-08)
Excellent service as always! Fast delivery. There’s really not a whole lot that can be said about these kits as they’re basic to begin with. I wasn’t going to shell out a ton of money for an original, so this is a great alternative. The only way it could be improved is by changing the “stuffing”/contents with something that better matches the dimensions and shape of the cardboard boxes for Carlisle bandage, tourniquet, and morphine syrette. This would give a better look and feel to the kit, in my opinion. I understand that changing this in future models could increase the prices, but it might be worth it. Otherwise, I’m happy with it. Thanks, Jerry Lee!!

Randy - CT
Super (2020-05-24)
Again thank you for the fast delivery of items. Will buy from this company in the future.

Grazioso - US