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Outstanding reproduction map case insert. As a collector of original WWII military objectsI would have preferred an original insert, but all to often the plastic overlay has become brittle with age and often crack. (2020-06-04)
The WPG map case insert is an outstanding alternative to the original.

Conzett - US
Jerry, Wajed and the rest of the WPG team are amazing! (2019-01-09)
I have been shopping with WPG for ALL my Reenacting needs since 2009. Since them every single item has been of good and accurate quality at a very good price and always delivered fast with excellent customer service. This US M1938 Map Case Insert is no difference. Thanks guys.

cm24445 - AU
A+ Item, never disappoints! (2018-08-27)
Perfect reproduction, quality build, great price and rapid shipping. WPG has always been our groups preferred supplier. We will never go anywhere else.

A.M. - AU
Map Case Insert (2014-07-14)
What we expect from WPG- very good. After AI bought this I note the local surplus dealer has piles of these. Happy with this one. I use it (mounted) and it has held up so far.

Jon - US
M1938 Map case (2013-08-03)
Very good- reviews live up to what I got!

Costin - GB
Map case insert (2013-03-07)
Looks good, nice reproduction.

Moore - US
naples fl (2012-10-01)
great job wpg i am a return and a continued customer

clark - US
US M1938 Map Case Insert (2012-09-03)
very good repro just like the original

Hao - CN
Map case insert (2012-05-16)
Outstanding item! The color (greenish khaki),is an exact match for my minty original map case.

Klink - US
Map insert (2012-05-15)
Great piece! Totally satisfied!

Layman - US
map case (2012-04-30)
Very very good qualite! incredible!

All ok whith WPG!! Thx

Cruz - ES
M1938 Case Insert (2012-03-30)
Excellent, well made reproduction. So very hard to find an original, even then, the acetate is scratched & foggy. This repro is perfect in all respects, and very usable! A "must have" with the M1938 Map Case.

Childress - US
US M1938 Map Case Insert (2012-01-12)
Looks great, a very good repro, shipped and arrived quickly.

Roe - US
M38 map case insert (2011-10-16)
Quality reproduction, fast shipping. Will be using both map case insert and Ste Mere-Egleise reproduction map for re-enactments and living history events.

Ertle - US
US M1938 Map Case Insert (2011-04-26)
Great quality item, very good service. Thanks!!!

Rubio - ES
Remarkable (2011-02-25)
The proper care in reproducing a simple yet important item like this -It''s said to be "virtually indistinguishable from originals", like many other products from WPG, this is absolutely right. You get the New shape of the real Old thing. It couldn''t be better.

Ricciardi - Italy
Web gear (2011-01-14)
Excellent repro. In excellent quality. I have know WPG for some 15 years and always have had great products.

Bethke - US
US Map case insert (2010-10-08)
If you have the map case, you have to by this.

Klau - AU
Map Case Insert. (2010-09-27)
A very high quality reprduction. It's nearly indistinguishable from an original.

Foreso - US
Merchandise Received (2010-09-09)

Bilardello - US
US M1938 Map Case Insert (2010-07-16)
Fast divery and a very nice case. I look forward to showing it to other folks.

Faltesek - US
Good shape (2010-07-01)
Good shape...............
Great Great quality.
If you like this....Don't think about it just buy it !

Thurdnampetch - US
Map Case Insert (2010-04-15)
Great communications from WPG. Fast delivery. Thanks.

Martin - US
US M1938 Map Case Insert (2010-03-31)
Very good repro, much better than a similar item I bought from another vendor.

Kilroy - IT
map insert (2010-03-07)
nice quality item

lequien - US
US M1938 Map Case Insert (2010-01-08)
great quality insert looks almost like the real thing great job guys love it!!!!

hastings - US
US M1938 Map Case Insert (2009-12-30)
Looks great and arrived quickly

Vriezen - NL
Mr (2009-10-04)
I am extremely happy with this item as well as my other purchase.

Toohey - AU
Mr (2009-08-25)
I am extremely happy with this item as well.

Toohey - AU
Very nice! (2009-08-04)
I realy love this.

Kobayashi - JP
US M1938 Map Case Insert (2009-06-15)
As always an excellent item and I hope that you continue the production of this high quality items for the new generations of collectors and reenactors. Thank you very much

german - ES
Exellent (2009-06-11)
Excellent product

US M1938 Map Case Insert (2009-06-05)
I love it. It is perfect in everyway. The customer service is A #1 in my book. I have never had a complaint about any products that I have ordered and I still do not.
And very fast delivery to me here in the UK

cool (2009-04-09)
very good product

O.Fox - AU
M1938 Map Case Insert (2009-02-28)
I was not pleased with the first delivery. When I opened up the package the plastic grid was torn in 2 places. I contacted WPG (Mr. Jerry) and offered to send it back for a replacement. I was told not to send it back and that another one would be sent out. A week later the replacement arrived. I love it. It is perfect in everyway. The customer service is A #1 in my book. I have never had a complaint about any products that I have ordered and I still do not. I believe that the first insert was torn up during shipment. Thanks again, and I will definately come back to WPG.
jimmy strauss

strauss - US
Map case insert (2009-02-24)
Delivery good, Product quality good

Rowell - US
MR (2009-02-11)
SUPER FAST DELIVERY, And Communications, However We Were Very Very Lucky, The Box Was In Shambles, Contents Hanging Out,Not Free To Fall Out, YET, But Close, They Now Look A Little War Ravaged, I Am Still Ok With Them, Slow Down, Pack With More Protection, When A Package Leaves Your Hands, Prepare For The Worst, I Do, I Package Accordingly, Each Item In Mind, THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE, STILL LOVE YOU.

Terry - US
Business Owner (2008-12-20)

Terry - US
M 1938 Map Case Insert (2008-11-25)
Looks like the real deal to me! Highly recommend!

Houston - US
Best Item (2008-11-14)
Very Awesome with the map

Zavala - US
map case (2008-11-05)
perfect fit and highly recommend.

rogers - US
Map case insert. (2008-11-02)
Great item. It would be helpful to see how the map and the insert work together. How it is folded and what else was usually included in it's contents. Thanks.

Willis - US
product review (2008-10-14)
good quality reproduction very happy
quick service

Rodgers - US