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Very Impressed (2021-02-25)
Very very impressed with the quality and accuracy of these trousers

Thomas - Charlevoix MI, USA
Second Pattern Jungles, Good! (2020-12-01)
For a repo, these are very good! Sizes are just a tad on the big side, however, I have not washed yet.
Color is good and the material is about as close as you can get to the mil issued poplin. Recommend!

BT - Milwaukee, WI USA
PHENOMENAL!! (2020-11-26)
Received in 2 days! The fatigues are exact replicas, well made, true fit!!!

Brown - US
Excellent reproductions. (2020-11-06)
I purchased these along with the jacket. These were made with the same quality and attention to detail as the jacket. Color excellent. Cut and fit amazing. Waste sizing is accurate. They do come very very long in the legs, I'm 5'7 and took off nearly 5 inches to get the correct length. Good news for you taller guys.

Brian - Utah, USA
Another winner. (2020-10-05)
With nobody else remanufacturing these at the moment, its easy at the price to make a leap of faith with these. Cut , shade, fabric and construction are all very close to original poplin. That cant be said for other repros and the fact they are non ripstop gives those inclined for early and mid impressions a great option to field their impression.
Well recommended.

Tim - Birmingham UK