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cork (2012-04-30)
matches on original i have nearly perfectly. stock up on these!

erik s - US
Same as original (2012-04-12)
Same as the original

Werner - BR
Water bottle cork (2012-04-12)
Great communication and fast postage.What more could you ask for ?

UK Water bottle cork (2012-03-27)
Spot on and fast shipping!

Carpenter - US
uk water cork (2012-03-22)
everything went well. i'm very happy with my purchase

pellerin - CA
Corking good cork (2012-02-18)
Very happy, just what I needed!

J.V.V. - US
UK Water bottle Corks (2012-01-16)
Just like the original.

Borg - AU
Paratrooper (2012-01-10)
The item I ordered it surpass my expectations.
Keep up the good work.

Urlich-Vivar - US
Mr (2011-12-13)
Great looking replicas

Malcolm - AU
UK Watter Bottle Corks (2011-11-07)
Well made, only required slight sanding to fit Australian WW2 w/bottle.

Stehn - AU
WW1 Trouser Braces "British" (2011-11-07)
Top quality and an exact copy of style used by the Australian Light Horse.
Ron S. Australia

Stehn - AU
UK Water bottle corks (2011-10-26)
Awesome corks, fit perfectly, no more rust in my canteen! Thanks Jerry!

Henley - AU
Cork (2011-10-12)
Very nice, perfect replacement.

Seth - US
Water bottle stopper (2011-10-03)
Exact replacement water bottle stopper to replace my rusty one.

Haywood - GB
water bottle corks (2011-09-20)
You've got the little nut down pat. I've had to taper the cork slightly to make it fit

Tim - CA
Wonderful (2011-08-04)
Fits perfectly! great item that I don't see anyone else making!

Beeble - US
Australian import alert (2011-07-29)
For those Aussies out there please be aware that if this cork item needs to be inspected when it goes into quarantine it will cost $150! I was able to avoid the fee by sending them a photo of the item.

Barry - Australia
Water bottle corks (2011-07-28)
Great repro items, all parts look just the same. The cork itself needed a little tapering to fit the opening in the water bottles. Did this easily on my bench grinder, no problems.

Bell - AU
water bottle cork (2011-07-23)
Same fantastic service, great product...

Radford - AU
Fine (2011-07-18)
Looks great

Roberts - US
Excellent (2011-07-07)
Identical to originals. Speedy delivery. Quite reasonably priced! Thanks again WPG!

Fred - USA
great (2011-06-02)
good ane cheap

Borovicka - CZ
water bottle cork (2011-05-23)
Very nice repro of the water bottle cork. A bit tight to start (but that's ok). Useful for WW1 and WW2 (string needs to be longer for WW1).

Harmon - US
UK Water Bottle Corks (2011-04-21)
Always a nice item to replace an old one.

Paulson - US
Water bottle cork (2011-04-12)
Compared with the original, this is an accurate copy and fitted my early war (i.e. blue enamel) bottle perfectly. A welcome replacement to the rusty original

Keyte - GB
Replacement Cork (2011-03-19)
Does what it says on the tin... I was lucky and able to reuse the metal top of the old cork so it looks aged.

Bickerdike - GB
Great replacemnt (2011-03-18)
Great replacement

LtMoravcuk - SK
Shipping (2011-03-13)
Hi all..
Product was fine considering it was only a cork on a bit of metal on a length of string. What I did want to say was how impressed I was with the shipping speed of WPG...Well done chaps

Tim B - West Yorks, UK
Water bottle cork (2011-03-08)
Only a cork but fantastic, just the same- perfect.

Ashford - SE
out with the old in with the new (2011-02-24)
Both canteens have new cork! Yay!

Kane - US
SE (2011-02-11)
top item, top service, very happy again guys, thanks (too cheap, buy them now!)

blackman - AU
Perfect (2011-02-11)
Look perfect, very useful and a must have for any 'serious' re-enactor.

Bell-Hartley - GB
Corking great (2011-02-07)
Really good repro corks. Great value and service as ever.

Melchett - GB
cork (2011-01-22)
These ae pefect for resoring those old bottles...great company to deal with.

Radford - AU
UK Water Bottle Corks (2010-12-21)
Good work on the corks, perfect fit. Another Job done well by WPG.

Fitz-Gerald - NZ
Great! (2010-11-03)
Great quality. Looks like an original.

Kurashko - RU
UK Water Bottle Cork (2010-11-02)
Real Handy item to allow resurrection of old waterbottles

Tuohy - NZ
British WW1 Style Waterbottle Cover (2010-10-28)
Excellent item, fits perfectly. Recommended

Darcy - IE
waterbottle corks (2010-10-20)
Waterbottle corks fitted perfectly save for some trimming. Look as per original and a good item to have. Prompt delivery too. Cheers, Kim Fawkes

fawkes - AU
waterbottle corks (2010-09-09)
Prompt service and delivery. Corks like original though need trimmig to fit neck of bottle. Will order from WPG again. Cheers, Kim Fawkes

fawke - AU
Water Bottle Corks (2010-08-31)
Very quick shipping and useful communication. The cork fits the Mark V water bottle nicely.

Eardley - GB
Great item (2010-07-23)
Showed up quickly - great item that will give my P37 another few decades of use.

bargar - US
Perfect (2010-07-17)
A much needed reproduction.

Mateja - US
water bottle corks (2010-07-13)
Very pleased with these. Just need trimming to fit into neck of bottle. Quality so good I should have ordered two more. Great company to deal with. Very personable staff and delivered very quickly. Puts a lot of local companies to shame, so prompt is WPG! Cheers, Kim

fawkes - AU
corks (2010-07-08)
Again,,,,great product and promt delivery.

Radford - AU
UK water bottle cork (2010-05-13)
I am pleased with the cork although the cork and overall size is about 1cm longer than some others. Also the cord as supplied should be about twice the length to match original cords.

corks (2010-05-12)
great cork sets...and speedy service as usual

Radford - AU
water bottle cork (2010-04-12)
Awesome product and service.

Radford - AU
Bottoms up! (2010-02-23)
Perfect. Just what I was looking for my original canteen.

Wallin - SE
UK Water Bottle Corks (2010-01-20)
Great product. Looks just like the original without the rust.

De Clercq - BE
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