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Products and service (2014-08-28)
Great service and excellent quality products

Gouws - ZA
Aertex shirt (2014-08-07)
Fast delivery, excellent product

Turner - GB
Shirt (2014-07-06)
Nice quality shirt made from the same original material . Did Dye it Jungle green only one disappointment the stitching is nylon and the dye does not take to it. would be better if cotton thread was used so it matched the shirt when dyed.

David p - GB
UK WWI Aertex Desert Shirt (2014-07-01)
This shirt is well made and very comfortable. I ordered a size up (44 instead of jacket size 42) and it fits well in the body, the sleeves are a tick short, but no big problem. Very good construction and nice details, such as the underarm vents. I just saw that a well-known British designer with a thing for "military inspired clothing" sells garments made from this or a similar fabric as "basket weave" with an extra digit on the price tag! Overall very happy with this nice reproduction, so much that I went and ordered the Aertext battledress jacket right away!

Phillip - UK
s (2014-06-21)
great shirt very pleased

thomas - GB
Zduńska Wola (2014-06-11)
Rapid delivery but shirt seems to have a little bit short sleeves (even in my case, when I had to take one size larger items).

Komorek - PL
First Class Service (2014-06-10)
I received my order as specified and I must say it was a first class from start to Finnish.
The KD Trousers and British KD shirt are a top quality product . I will certainly be recommending your Clothing to all my fellow Re-enactors . Excellent Many Thanks !!!

Evans - GB
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2014-05-29)
The shirt i have ever wanted to buy!I'll buy other aertex shirts if you'll produce them in the future

Airtec shirt (2014-05-19)
Very nice quality shirt. Agree with the short arms but since they were worn with the sleeves rolled up, won't make much of a difference. Ordered a chest size larger. I'm pretty slim and it was a form fitting. Might have been better to go one even one size larger. Didn't shrink when washed. A great product.

Popiela - US
Aertex shirt. (2014-05-10)
An excellent reproduction, material is very high quality, I'm a big fan of these shirts 10/10

Jenner - NZ
Mr. (2014-05-02)
Superb quality and fit, with very fast delivery.
A huge thank you

Husted - US
Karel Clothier , Australia (2014-04-12)
From manufacturing to delivery is first class.

Thank you What Price Glory.

Karel, Aust.

clothier - AU
peter usa (2014-03-30)
I wear a size 46 but bought the size 48 and it fits perfect . theres extra room to move about.

kohler - US
Desert rat shirt (2014-02-24)
Very nice shirt, arrived incredibly fast, as mentioned by others the sleeves are a tad short. I guess I feel it is shy in the shoulders as well. I am rather slim and wear a 14.5 neck, 32 sleeve. This was said to be a 38 with 15.5 neck. Fits like 14.5, 31.5 sleeve

Very good quality! (2014-02-03)
Very good quality!

Kuipers - NL
AP (2014-02-02)
Excellent shirt. Superb service.

Zimmer - US
mr (2013-12-14)
well done all arrived promptly. Look great

leck - AU
Artex shirt (2013-12-11)
Very well made shirt. Good quality cloth & color. Arms are a just a bit to short for comfort.
Great service as ever, especially the communication. Thanks a lot.

Marcel - NL
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts feedback (2013-11-28)
Excellent services, arrived in 3 days. Thanks

Lee - HK
UK WWII Aertex shirt (2013-11-14)
Very fast service as usual. This shirt may have been mis-labeled as it was WAY too small. But some others say theirs were small so I will exchange for a larger one and see what happens. Definately short in the sleeves. My 44 fit like a 42 or maybe a 43 Short. Will exchange for 46 and see what happens. Good looking shirt otherwise. Maybe this is one that should come in Long sizes.

Neuenburg - US
Aertex Desert Shirts (2013-09-27)
Came in faster then I thought possible. Great shirt can't wait to wear it in the field.

Faltesek - US
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2013-09-24)
You are the best for all reenactors.

Roberto Fratini - IT
Eddie (2013-09-10)
Very good quality shirt but shame the sleeves are far too short. there seems no option for sleeve length. What about a jungle green version? with longer sleeves. still very pleased with WPG except import tax stings us here which makes things expensive. how about a distribution centre in UK?

Mayell - GB
Breathtaking speed of delivery and necessary exchange, I had to ask for two sizes up.
Now it fits perfect. Sturdy quality and smart looking.
The epaulettes were sown to far back on the shoulder, I had to move them a little bit forward.

UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirt (2013-08-30)
Great shirt...great fit ad well made.

Hinson - US
Pm (2013-08-28)
yes, another 5 rating. Really excellent product and quickly dealt with. thank you.

Best - GB
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2013-08-14)
Good fit, Feels like good quality.

Dawson - GB
Aratek Shirt (2013-06-13)
Love the shirt. Will order another, but at one size up as some shrinkage has occurred.

Brondos - US
Aertex Shirt (2013-06-04)
Excellent shirt, fits perfectly, made well, super fast delivery. Thanks WPG!

Rob - UK
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2013-05-28)
nice product but a minor slip in the quality control - only one shoulder had the cloth loop for epaulettes (but at least both epaulettes supplied!)

Macdonald - GB
Mr (2013-05-27)
Ordered one size large and it fits perfectly excellent product

Spurgeon - US
Australia (2013-05-12)
I had to organise for a return and go for a size 44, but it fits perfectly. A well made item that I shall enjoy wearing. Prompt service and speedy delivery to Oz from UAE as usual. Thanks again guys.

Wilson - AU
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2013-03-12)
Perfect production

Pigliapoco - IT
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirts (2013-03-10)
Nice replica.

Lukas D. - CZ
Aertex Shirt (2013-03-07)
Great reproduction, sleeves are a little short, worth ordering a size larger. Excellent quality though

Murphy - US
UK desert shirt (2013-03-07)
good shirt, great quality.

aertex shirt (2013-03-07)
great fitted well - will buy more soon

leck - AU
shirts (2013-03-06)
I am using my shirts for work(office and field). They are excellent. I recommend ordering 1 size larger in most cases. Service was up to WPG's 1st class record!

Sullivan - US
Absolutely recommended! (2012-11-11)
Excellent shirt; identical to original and on top of that very well priced. I immediately ordered two more.

Konrad Sladeczek - US
Desert tested (2012-11-07)
Forget Exofficio and all those other "tropical shirts that cost $70 ! I did four days in Death Valley Calif. with my Aertex shirt. Comfortable and cool. Had to move epaulettes forward though. They were sown too far back on shoulder.

Proximo - California, USA
Aertex (2012-09-23)
Wanted authentic pullover. This one is Aces! WPG service fast as usual.

Thorington - US
Aertex Shirt, will buy again (2012-09-12)
excellent as always, this is the second shirt I have bought. Ideal item, ordering process easy and professionally dealt with

Ruffell - GB
UK KD shirt ww2 (2012-09-10)
Excellent shirt , excellent transaction will / should of ordered one size up will keep this in mind for next time .

Mike - England
Graham Taylor (2012-08-30)
Excellent shirt, looks perfect with KD shorts. Get a size larger a for good fit.

Taylor - GB
UK WWII Aertex Desert Shirt (2012-07-22)
Once again both fantastic service and a fantastic product!!

aertex shirt (2012-07-18)
fourth shirt like this that I have bought,love it

Pope - US
Jim (2012-06-30)
I'm never disapointed with WPG products. Shirt fits great!

Custeau - US
tropical shirt and trousers (2012-06-24)
these are superb, better than the real thing, im very happy
would be good to see berets in sizes 7-3/8

adams - NZ
mr (2012-06-21)
this is the second shirt I have bought and all comment from others have been complimentary

Littlewood - GB
shirt (2012-06-18)
Fantastic quality shirt great wear when hot. They breath really well & look the part! Cheers!

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