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SD cap (2012-02-28)
A fine product somewhat improved over his caps from just 2 - 3 years ago - but the chin strap still needs to be improved.
Fast shipment as usual.

Harmon - US
Service cap (2012-02-18)
Good reproduction.
Good size.
Good manufacture

Damien - FR
SD Cap (2012-02-18)
Mine just arrived two days ago into the UK a delivery time of only 3 days from UAE. Very good quality and good sizing, not so sure about the chin strap I was expecting something more substantial. But never having held an original I have nothing to compare with.

Tim B - England
very nice and fast delivery (2012-01-25)
this cap is good, it feels real.
i pity the boys who were supposed to wear this in August 1914!

Krieps - LU
. (2012-01-03)
Very fast shipping. The cap fit perfectly and it is very well made. However the "new" chin strap is absolute garbage. See earlier comments about it. I also noticed the cap is missing a line of stiching that holds the side pieces against the stiff band inside. Lastly the image shows the cap with air vent grommets however on arrival there were none present and I had to put those on myself.

Im still pleased with it but it could be better.

Baker - CA
British servise cap (2011-12-20)
incredible lightning delivery and another superb item from What price glory!! Thanks Jerry!!

german - ES
British SD Cap (WW1) (2011-11-14)
Beautiful reproduction SD Cap, good craftsmanship. Fits perfectly. Cap badge attached without messing up the stitching. Looks smart. Essential for the British impression.

Midwest - US
Ron (2011-09-25)
Excellent service; OR Service Cap proved to be above expectation; fit was perfect. I will be ordering your products with confidence in the future.

Stehn - AU
mr (2011-08-31)
Fast shipping, good service, cap appears well made,replaced the chin strap with one from an Aussie slouch hat.
All in all very happy. Thanks.

British officer dress cap and buttons (2011-08-10)
Very happy with all my items.
thank you very much for good conditions of delivery and quality.

Herkenrath - FR
service dress hat (2011-07-11)
good quality and it fits!!

Saumure - CA
UK Service Dress Cap (2011-05-22)
Nice job. The cap is great and it was delivered in a timely fashion. Very happy with the purchase.

Young - US
Britidh issued SD Cap (2011-03-23)
excallent cap, very good for ANZAC troops of WW1 (not always in KFF-Hat Khaki Fur Felt/Slach) chin stap polished brown, and looks spot on from period photo of diggers in British issue SD Caps. Great service was hear within a fortnight.

York - AU
Hat 2 (2011-03-05)
I bought a second one of these hats about a year ago. Because of some sizing issues on a previous hat I asked and was told "the hats are labelled accurately". I ordered a 7 1/4. It was marked as such but was actually 7 1/8. The chinstrap buttons were in the wrong spot and the chin strap was totally inaccurate. After resewing the buttons and replacing the strap the hat looked pretty good. I managed to sell the hat to a buddy with a smaller head so things worked out. I did complain and received an apology but this would be unnecessary if things were done right the first time. I am hesitant about ordering a third hat.

Jim - Alberta/Canada
Hat (2011-03-05)
Bought one several years ago. At that time they were listed as "sized small". I ordered a 7 3/8 to fit my 7 1/4 head. Hat I got was actually 7 1/2 +. Kind of annoyed but as it went on a display dummy it didn''t matter.

Jim - Alberta/Canada
UK Service dress cap (2011-02-04)
Great cap. Are you going to re-stock the UK officer Dress cap #201033000 and the RAF officers peaked cap #201630000? I want them both also!

Hansen - US
UK Service Dress Cap (2011-01-09)
Great cap! Chinstrap that came with it needed cutting to fit and I had to put on brown shoe polish on it. Otherwise quick shipping and quality repo. Worth every dollar.

Shaw - US
UK Service Dress Caps (2010-12-17)
Fast delivery good quality but mistake in chinstrap is completely wrong

Dyokin - CY
- (2010-11-29)
Very good quality cap !

Wassenaar - NL
... (2010-10-30)
products of good quality

Karaschuk - RU
Brian (2010-10-25)
Very happy with sd cap, but chin looked cheap and i replaced it my self with a better looking one, overall very happy

kenny - IE
UK casquette anglaise (2010-10-22)
Une fois de plus je suis très satisfait des produits sans parler de la rapidité de livraison!!! Je dis un grand bravo

weiss - FR
$45.00 (2010-08-02)
Great hat, great quality for the price. Well packed and fast shipping to boot.

Martin - US
SD CAP (2010-07-08)
Great hat with only minor issues. Front peak too flimsy and weak and dont see it lasting, should offer a choice of side buttons (some were just small brown ones)chin strap should be made to fit not need to be cut and coloured. No trouble putting badge on...the trick is to DRILL the holes first.

Radford - AU
SD cap (2010-05-10)
Nice bit of kit. As mentioned on previous reviews it did need some minor work (Buttons sewn the correct way up, leather strap needed polish/colour and the length adjusted by trimming a piece off). One thing i must mention, is if you want to shape the hat by putting in water and brushing DON'T, the colour in the lining runs and gets in the seams of the hat when its dry!

Colin - GB
William (2010-05-02)
Very good reproduction, but the stiffner is a little bit thick. It made it difficult to attach a badge. Apart from that, nothing wrong.

Kelly - AU
SD cap (2010-04-04)
Excellent cap.quick delivery

Kuntz - US
Mr (2010-02-13)
Oustanding service, excellent quality, good bang for the buck, quick shipping. What more could you ask for?

Hiorth - CA
JT (2009-12-22)
just what we are looking for,material vg and cut very original

stevenson - GB
british cap (2009-12-14)
very good selle, fast delivery.

UK SD cap (2009-10-30)
Excellent copy, chinstrap is a bit off but other than that I have no complaints

Cleaver - US
Nice, but had problems (2009-07-11)
I love the hat, but had the same problems that Ian from Massachusetts had.

The chin strap is totally wrong in the way he said, but also is completely raw leather. I had to buy some brown shoe dye to get it the right colour. I also had to shorten the short bit to get it to sit correctly on the hat. It looks okay, but is still wrong in the way it has to be put on. Ian was 100% right on how it should be attached.

I also couldn't put a cap badge on because of the way the stiffener stitching has been done. I had to unstitch it and restitch it.

Heath - GB
Mr (2009-06-24)
The peak of the cap was mis-shapen on arrival, that is to say it was badly bent. There was no damage to the packaging so I must assume that it was bent prior to dispatch. I suggest better quality control measures.
Otherwise it is acceptable.

Watts - GB
Much Improved but needs more work (2009-05-30)
The new (2008?) version of the SD cap is much better than the older version and well worth the cost. However, it could do with some minor details fixing in order to make it a museum grade reproduction:

1. The chinstrap is still completely wrong. I had to replace it with an original from my collection. Originals are made from two ten inch long pieces of half-inch wide chestnut-coloured leather which are attached together with two identical buckles similar to the larger buckle on yours. You have one of your straps doubling back on itself, whereas an original strap does not do this - instead each strap passes through the first buckle of the other and attaches at its end to the other strap. The end result is a strap that sits perfectly with no bumps at the buckles and no gap at the buckle where you can see through to the cap''s crown.

2. the leather interior of the sweatband is sewn onto the cap leaving an unhemmed edge. This is incorrect. Originals have a hemmed sweatband made from thinner material.

3. the interior of the visor seems to still be made of low quality cardboard. On the earlier version I bought this warped when it got damp, making the cap look terrible. This needs to be addressed so that the cap can be worn in wet weather

4. the stitching of the stiffener that keeps the top of the crown up at the front makes it impossible to attach a cap badge. I basically had to remove the whole stiffener and replace it just in order to attach my cap badge to the cap. There should be nothing preventing the use of a cap badge with these caps.

All-in-all it''s a really good reproduction, but I think people would be willing to pay $10-$20 more for something that didn''t need alteration after purchase.

Ian - Massachusetts, USA
Tommy set w/webbing (2009-05-22)
The SD cap is very good and I rate it a five. Previously, I ordered and received a Tommy set with webbing this is also first class.I have seen a real Great War jacket and yours is better.

Lankin - CA
ww1 sd cap (2009-04-19)
Absolutely the best service from a supplier i have ever had, from order to delivery in 3 days including a bank holiday. the cap is superb(and it fits), i wil be recommending you to others in my society and will certainly use you again

McClelland - GB
SD Cap (2009-04-02)
The nue run is much better than the last ones

Service Dress Cap (2009-03-25)
This cap is awesome!! I just wish Jerry sold trench clubs as I will need something to beat the women back with.

Benjamin McGee

McGee - US
UK Service Dress Cap (2009-03-17)
Delivery was very quick! WPG uniforms are made of a thicker, more durable wool and the same can be said of the cap. I will always recommend WPG.

Matt - US
SD CAP (2009-03-13)
Excellent quality, quick usual, and as always, a pleasure to deal with.

Duncan - USA
Service dress cap. (2009-03-04)
Excellent prompt delivery, and the cap is a really good reproduction. All in all very satisfied with my first purchase from WPG.

johnson - UK
Tony G. (2009-01-25)
Absolutely first class in all respects - speed of shipping, quality of goods and communications by emails. Well and truly recommended by me.

Best buy (2008-09-20)
Just to say you have perfect products and great communication, will buy again.

Ho - HK
Service Dress Cap (2008-04-17)
Only one word! Fantastic.

Shaun - UK
Great product (2008-03-19)
I''ve received my order today ( 18th March ). Thanks for the quick delivery and great product. I''ll be ordering from you again in the future..Thanks again..Pete..

Peter Dutton - Lancashire, UK
Service Dress cap (2007-12-22)
Beautiful hat. Completed my CMP impression. Fits perfectly, and looks just like the originals minus the moth holes.

John - MI, USA
SD Cap (2007-10-25)
Excellent repro SD cap. I liked the one my squad mate recieved so much that I had to order one myself. Can also be used as WW2 Commonwealth drivers cap

Davin - Australia
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