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Thanks Jerry and WPG. The boots re excellent though I'm glad that I ordered one size up - they fir perfectly. A high quality product at a good price. A very satisfying crunch on the parade square. In fact I'll be wearing them on Parade exactly one month from today - just enough time to get the 'bull' on them.

Jimmyinablizzard - CA
Ammo Boots (2013-03-07)
Quick shipping as normal - nice repro.

Harmon - US
Canadian Issue Ammo Boots (2012-12-31)
Wonderful fit and comfortable out of the box. They will need some work to dull them down as they come with a decided sheen to the leather. But a few hikes on a trail or in the woods should take the shine out of them.

Rob Westbrook - US
Great condition! (2012-11-04)
Very fast shipping and the boots are in great condition, but the nails and plates really need to improve

Yang - US
Awesome (2012-09-17)
Excellent! Am very impressed!

Little - US
Great!! (2012-09-10)
Nice reproduction boots! Too bad I can't jump with these due to the hobnails..

Pahapill - CA
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2012-09-10)
genuine item I am happy with that

Mesiti - US
Ammo Boots (2012-09-03)
Wow. Great pair of boots. Fit perfectly. Sturdy leather construction, will wear forever before they wear out. They will take some work to break them in tho. The boots arrived with an extra pair of laces and 6 spare hobnails. Rocket Shipping!! One week to my door from halfway around the world!! I will defineatly order fom WPG again.....

Rambow - US
Very nice! (2012-06-18)
Very nice and well made, I'm looking forward to getting a lot of use out of these.

Marc Baetsch - US
excellent (2012-06-03)
excellent boots, perfect repro

Werner - BR
Ammo boots (2012-05-26)
Wonderfull, top quality, exact size with sizing chart. Just the must!

Arnaud - FR
Ammo boots (2012-05-24)
AAAAAhhhhh, nice fit, boots are excellent. Not overly impressed with the laces though.

Gavel - CA
Boots (2012-03-05)
Very good copy am very pleased with my purchase

Baugh - NZ
Ammo Boots (2012-01-24)
Very well made and heavy duty. These will work for WWI brit, WWII Canadian, NZ, and Aussie.

Armbruster - US
WW1 Boots (2012-01-23)
Great quality boots. Hard as iron so I recommend lots of neatsfoot oil and dubbin outside to soften them up, I use vaseline on the inside rubbed in with the heat of your fingers, this works a treat and also adds to the water proofing. Once broken in they should last years.

Pouch - IE
Ammo boots (2012-01-07)
Great quality for the money. Soak them in warm water and scrub the finish off, wear them until they dry and polish them up.

McCleaf - US
Boots (2011-12-05)
Very good product, better than I thought they would be.

Gavel - CA
Mr. (2011-11-13)
The ammo boots are well constructed with good quality leather. Make sure and use some conditioner on the leather to soften them up a bit before wearing them. Nice boots overall.

Still - US
hobnail boots without toe caps (2011-11-09)
Great product; great service, fast delivery and price good.

Newman - IE
british ammo boots wothout toe cap (2011-11-05)
excellent item, first quality and very very accurate

german - ES
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2011-10-27)
excellent! thank you.

buchen - DE
British ammo boots (2011-08-02)
I bought these boots for my sisters french resistance impression and the're great, well made boots. Great product!

Hersche - US
Excellent reproduction. (2011-05-08)
That's exactly what I was looking for my Canadian Uniform of Lincoln & Welland Regiment. Fast shipping, even for France. Thanks !

Zouin - FR
ammo without toe caps (2011-04-28)
Great, but RAF can't use hobnails so an option around that would do well.

Campbell - US
Mr (2011-04-18)
Recieved in good order.

Good deal.


van - NL
ammo boots (2011-03-17)
The ammo boots, no more words

Cruz - ES
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2011-01-30)
Excellent boots and they only took a week to get to Alabama. They arrived the day before my birthday. I'm working up a Polish Air Force impression and like others I would like to be able to get them without hobnails or plates. I appreciate the breakin instructions provided by other reviewers. Any thought on what to do with the holes left behind when the hobnails are removed?

Bednarczyk - US
British Ammo Boots (2011-01-17)

Great shipping! I wanted boots without the hardware so had to remove all of it. Other than that, nice pair of boots.

White - US
mr (2011-01-05)
boots recieved in good order, with promp delivery.

stracey - GB
British Ammo Boots without Toe Cap (2010-11-18)
Superb. Well made. Strongly recommended

Greenshields - GB
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2010-10-12)
Excellent item just like the original WW 2 Canadian ammo boots, good fit. Fast shipping ,awesome serves. Very satisfied.

Todd - Alberta Canada
British Great war Ammo boots (2010-09-10)
Again fast shipping, the are very sturdy, very happy with them.
Though I would have preferred them with out the hobnails.

Shields - GB
Ammo Boots (2010-08-26)
Good quality and fit well right out of the box. The hobnails and plates were a pleasant surprise as I thought I'd have to put them on. Only complaint is the dye they put on the edge of the soles. It gets over everything when wet so I hope it stops soon.

Harding - US
boots (2010-07-16)
good kit nice boots
fast shipping

Longley - GB
Ammo boots (2010-06-15)
Thanks WPG for another exceptional item. These look and feel great on my feet. Also very period correct! well done!

Potter - US
Ammo boots (2010-06-10)
Very fast delivery, and they fit great too. all in all a great purchase

Aguilera - US
Boty (2010-05-05)
Je to skutečně vĂ½bornĂ©.

Sehnal - CZ
hard as nails but good (2010-04-30)
This boots look like they are going to be hard to break in but they surely look well built and of good leather .

Bonmati - US
Excellent (2010-03-19)
As above, an option without hobnails would be good (as its not specified whether the toe-capless boots come with them or not). I do RFC re-enactment, and the RFC also went without hobnails as it would damage the fabric of the aircraft. However, they are excellent for my First World War infantry re-enactment. A word to the wise, take a week or two of wearing them everyday to break them in before doing a heavy re-enactment weekend or such. Much easier on the feet that way!

Robert Palfrey - US
Ammo boots (2010-01-04)
Great boots! Good fit with enough room for socks. They do need to be soaked to get the dye out as mentioned here. Good quality though!

rogers - US
Nice product (2009-12-03)
Good copy
High quality
The good price

Perevedentsev - RU
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2009-11-19)
Very nice repro
Laces and nails more, wonderfull

Didier - FR
Ammo Boots w/o toe cap (2009-11-03)
Fit well and I am looking forward to taking them into the field this week. Fast delivery.

Draa - US
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2009-10-30)
VERY nice set of boots!! I am preparing to break them in right now.

Cleaver - US
Canadian ARMY issue boots (2009-10-21)
Got mine in 4 days- I take a 10, ordered a 10, it fits perfectly. Just rinse them under warm water and sponge off the laquer- easy. They then lose the fearsome parade ground glow.

Just a quick point to those who posted re the studs for RAF/RCAF style boots- these are modelled on the Canadian ARMY issue boots! They had studs! These are not incorrect boots unless you want them for anything other than army issue boots.

Excellent repro, not like some other rubbish boot products coming out of the far East.

Steve - Melbourne Australia
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2009-09-05)
Excellent service. Good items

del Horno - ES
Boots (2009-08-22)
WPG - great fit,Fast shipment,can't wait to break them in.

Jim, Tewksbury - US
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2009-08-07)
Excellent repro and very fast shipment.
I don't think the leather should be so shiny, it now looks if the shoes are made of plastic instead of leather.

van Hoppe - NL
Excellent (2009-07-17)
Fast Shipping and nice product

Cajolais - CA
British Ammo Boots Without Toe Caps (2009-07-15)
Excellent reproduction down to the details. Good sevice and thanks!

Triffoni - BR
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