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British Army 100% wool reproduction WW-II socks (2010-07-31)
Hello. These are excellent socks. It is almost impossible today to even find 100% wool socks. Some sock makers get as high as 85% but never 100%. I find your socks to be very great. I have problems with "trench foot" I received in military service many years ago. As a 100% service connected disabled retired combat veteran, I have many disabilities. As to my foot issues, I can only wear fully leather boots, and can only wear socks made from Natural fibers. I can deal with some nylon and spandex with the wool as long as the wool content is at least in the 80% or above range. I also wear US Army socks. There is a factory near my home in Burnsville. They have been making socks for over 60 years. I buy the Army socks which are 50% wool, 30% cotton and 20% nylon. I wear these in summer. In colder weather I wear the Wigwam EL-Pine socks that are 84% wool, 11% nylon and 5% Spandex. However your wool socks will now also be included in my winter and colder weather wear as well. In fact I can actually wear your socks all year if I wish. I really am grateful for your fine product. Keep up the good work.
Gene Garren

Garren - US
great socks (2010-07-29)
nice medium weight boot socks,
would love to have these availible in white or cream colored.

brian - ft lauderdale
WW-II reproduction British Army Socks (2010-07-22)
These are great. They are the thickness that is really functional and great. I have 2 real pairs of WW-II German Army Socks without the size rings. The kind of weave is very close between the socks of both armies. These WW-II reproduction 100% wool socks will get a lot of use and especially in winter. I think wool, and cotton are far better for the feet than synthetic socks. I am a 100% service connected disabled retired combat veteran. One of my problems is "Trench Foot". Natural fiber socks are far superior to the made made fibers. I am stocking up on your great socks. Thanks again.

Garren - US
. (2010-05-11)
Just right. I'm a size 10 Australian (Eu 44) and They are good.

Laurie - AU
pretty nice (2010-05-09)
wore them all day today in my ammo boots, pretty comfortable and look like they will last a long time

Smith - CA
British Wool Sock (2010-04-14)
Excellent, as always... thanks!

Emidio Jose - Brasil
British Army WWII Socks (2010-02-27)
Terrific to have these on the market at last, without a shred of man-made fiber! Shape, color and weight good for British WD "Silver Grey" issue, 1914-45. Yes, they do run large: With laundering, Size 2 should suit my US Size 10.5 foot.

243 Herbert - US
Brit Army Socks (2010-02-24)
Good quality, size 1 fits my 9s. Probably coming back for more soon.

Johnnie - HQ, 15 Scottish Div, Gambrills MD
British army socks (2010-02-12)
Very well made, but a little big in my foot.

Emidio - Brasil
UK WWII army wool socksI (2010-01-19)
I think they'r great! My wife even wants a few pair! Great job.Fast shipping.

Cole - US
British Army WWII Socks (2010-01-02)
Pleased with size 2 also. I wear a size 11 and socks fit perfectly.
Happy New Year!
Carleton & York Reg.

Godin - CA
Socks (2009-12-16)
They are great. While it is recommended that they are size 8, they fit my 9 1/2 feet fine.

Kinney - US
Mr. (2009-12-14)
Quality product at a great price. Customer service and communication unbeatable, with quick delivery time.

Morris - US
Braund (2009-12-05)
Excellent service and communication. My son is also please with the product. Thank you!

Braund - GB
As per above... (2009-11-06)

Got them in record time (as usual when it comes to WPG).

Looking forward to getting years of service out of these socks & they look like they can deliver!

Top-notch item...

Griffiths - AU
Great socks (2009-10-30)
Where else would you find 100% medium-weight wool socks of this quality and for this price?!

I ordered the size 2 (I take a size 11 US shoe/boot) and they fit perfectly.

Have already placed an order for a few other pairs...

Griffiths - AU
British Army WWII Socks (2009-10-30)
ordered a size 2 (I wear 8.5) and they are a little big. No biggie, Im sure a run through the dryer will that. Nice weave/weight, good color. I can't wait untill it gets cold!

Cleaver - US
british army WW2 socks (2009-10-21)
Excellent service and product, speedest delivery, thank you very much!!

german - ES
Wool socks (2009-10-21)
No worries here. Nice wool socks, thickly made and should last well.

I am a US 10 and ordered size 2- they are fine.

Steve - Melbourne Australia
socks (2009-10-11)
great socks and fantastic quality.

Brady - US
Good product, and fast delivery (as usual).

cottarel - FR
Socks (2009-08-20)
Good Socks good too wear

Petros - Germany
British Army WWII Socks (2009-07-15)
Excellent reproduction down to the details. Fits well and it is warm. Thanks!

Triffoni - BR
British Army WWII Socks (2009-05-06)
Superb products, very fast deliveries. Thanks

Bernaud - FR
WWII Socks (2008-01-04)
Delighted with products. Fantastic service. FANTASTIC DELIVERY TIMES.

Nigel Francis - UK
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