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Mr (2009-07-27)
Excellent piece of kit, looks just like the real thing.

Dixon - GB
Kilt apron (2009-10-07)
Just receive yerterday. Very nice item, can't wait to get it dirty...and a bit more wrinkled. :)

Manning - US
Kilt Apron (2009-06-04)
Excellent quality item. Just like the original.

Kay - DE
kilt apron (2009-05-08)
great one, superb addition to my scottish kit
thanks jerry

thierry - FR
kilt apron (2008-12-18)
Very pleased with it! Well presented even down to the stitching, seems a pity that I will have to get it dirty. Thanks Jerry

KILTS Aprons (2008-05-21)
Just like my original. Thanks Jerry keep up the good work.

Wil - NC
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