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Great shirt. (2019-05-13)

Really like the shirt. Good fit. Screen accurate. Recommended.

Rudds - UK
Great quality shirt (2019-05-04)
I purchased an Indiana Jones shirt from Amazon, but it’s stiff and wrinkles easily. The WPG Indiana Jones shirt is much better quality. It feels smoother and doesn’t wrinkle as easily compared to my other one. I thought it would be more of a stone color, it’s definitely Khaki.

Mitchell - US
Indy Shirt (2019-05-01)
Great shirt and value for the money. I have 6 and wear 5 each week. So every shirt is washed once a week for the entire year. That said, I get 18-24 months out of the 6 lot, before it's time to replace. Now that's a well made shirt to wear that often and last that long.

Great shirt fast delivery overseas (2019-04-30)
Got to say it’s a great shirt. Fits great. Sizing guide very helpful.
Colour nice but not screen accurate for a raiders shirt. A little too green.
Maybe other colour options for screen accuracy depending on the film look you like would be good?
Arrived in about a week to U.K. so that was great.
Few little issues with button stitching not quite secure but that happens all the time on shirts theses days.
Overall very happy with the shirt. Packing and delivery exceptional.
Thank you WPG.

Bonar - UK
Good shirt (2019-04-25)
I really do like the shirt and I'll probably end up buying another one or two in the Future. I will say that is longer than normal shirts I own even though I bought a regular length which is not a bad thing that means it will stay tucked in no matter how much movement that I do. I do like the color it's a little bit more of a grayer khaki which in my opinion is closer to the Raiders of the Lost Ark color. And I like that look better then some other shirt choices out there.

Johnson - US
A good solid shirt and purchase (2019-02-05)
Thought I'd have to wait on a change of season, but it warmed up a few days and I gave it a try. Very well pleased and will be close to perfect come summer.

Bought the XXL after perusing the size guide and at 5"ll" and 260, it was the right choice. Had a well worn Hanes beefy pocket-t under (it wasn't that warm this AM) and the tapered tailoring had it a bit tight just under the arms on the side of the chest. Good belly room, though and it will be just right for summer. Another quality product form WPG.

Montague - US
fast shipping! (2019-01-10)
love the shirt! very accurate to the later Indy movies! I am buying a couple more to always have a fresh one in the closet!

Sandoval - US
Best Indy shirt you can get! (2019-01-08)
This is my third Indy shirt from WPG and again, very happy. This is easily the most accurate and highest quality Indy shirt out there...and I think I have all of them ! I don’t just use it for costume wear, it is worn on a regular basis. I am 6’2” and 200 lbs with rather long arms and the long/XL fits perfectly. It washes in the machine in cold delicate cycle on the delicate dry cycle and has no preciptable shrinkage and wrinkles up nicely to look screen accurate. No complaints and you can’t go wrong with this one!

Kevin - Colorado USA
Great quality (2018-11-03)
Great shirt. I feel like it went well with the outfit!!

Grogan - US
Really looks and feels good (2018-10-24)
Certainly superior to a “costume shirt,” this could have come out of the actor’s screen wardrobe! I’m so pleased to find an item of this quality and excellent appearance.
I ordered on a Sunday night and received it from UAE by FedEx on Wednesday.

Trey - Houston, Texas USA
Super fast (2018-10-24)
Fast delivery excellent quality

Swann - US
Great Shirt (2018-09-21)
This is the second one I've bought from here. Love the shirt and great service as well.

Reyher - US
Great Indy Shirt! (2018-08-28)
I love this shirt! Much thicker and higher quality material than I anticipated. Very Durable, I would say! Color is fantastic for an Indy shirt, too! Sizing is....odd, but that is probably because these are made outside the US. A 2xl is usually slightly baggy on me, but this and the 3xl were kinda tight. But I still plan to wear them both! Overall, a solid shirt!

Johnson - US
Awesome shirt (2018-08-07)
Great fit and good looking piece

Warner - UK
Indy Shirt" Super ! (2018-08-04)
I have shopped for a while. The WGP's Indy shirt it's an excellent purchasegood quality, well constructed and a excellent replica. I'll buy an other soon

chalom - CA
Perfect! (2018-07-15)
I just got this shirt in the mail and it is absolutely prefect! I have purchased other shirts in the past from different suppliers and all of them were very yellow in color, but this one from WAG is the perfect color, and it is of a more durable material. I'm very excited about this new shirt of mine. Thank you WPG!

Cody - Utah
Good, took a full work week to get. (2018-06-24)
Shirt is great! Love it, I'm a size Large long , 44 jacket, 6'2, 190, I say all 'this to help others in sizing. I ordered a Large long, fits perfect, will buy more. The cut and style dead on, color and everything it Is GREAT!
Order your normal size, at least it is for me.
Shipping was slow for DHL, not sure why held up in Ohio? Ordered on Monday, got on Saturday.
No complaints!

Tucker - US
Indy Shirt (2018-06-16)
Can't top this!
Sizing, I'm 6'2, 190, 44 top- 16.5x 35, I ordered the large long. Perfect fit!!!! Love the material and cut.
It's such a great shirt, more will be ordered!!!
Highly recommend!!!A+!

Tennessee - US
My best Indian Jones shirt! (2018-06-10)
As always, very happy with the WPG transaction. Blazing fast delivery speed.
I am 6’2” and 200 pounds. My arms are long and that tends to be an issue with some shirts. I ordered a large / tall and it is perfect. It did not seem to shrink after a cold wash and low temp dry. I wear the shirt regularly ( this is my third Indiana Jones shirt) and I’m very happy with it. I may order another!

Caskey - US
ok (2018-05-20)
great good, very accurate to the film!!! I recommend it at all

lopez - CL
Great shirt (2018-03-18)
Great shirt, well made, great look at a great price.

Tinka - US
Awesome Indy shirt, good quality for a great price. Shipped fast. (2018-02-03)
Awesome shirt. I was a little concerned about the sizes but fits good. I have a 41 chest, so I order a medium, fits like I wanted it to. I'm going to order a extra one. It's a very good price and shipped to me quickly. If you want a nice Indy shirt this is a good one.

Phillips, Arkansas - US
Perfectly Accurate (2018-02-01)
I've been researching Indiana Jones shirts for a long time and finally found the WPG version to be the most accurate and best value for price and quality. I'm extremely pleased with my purchase and was amazed at the speedy shipping. I got my package a lot sooner than expected and love the quality and cool, comfortable material of this authentic shirt. After getting my shirt and comparing it to the movie on the screen, I see WPG got all of the details and color just right. Thanks guys.

Sam Taylor - US
Better than expected. (2017-12-21)
The shirt is better than expected. Especially for the price. The color is spot on.
One caveat is the size. I’m an XL or L. However, I ordered a Medium because I did the measurements the website requested and the shirt fit perfectly. Just make sure you measure correctly and don’t go by whatever size you are.

Cuellar - US
Fast delivery (2017-11-15)
Love the color of the shirt! It's a cut a bit full, and kind of "rustle-y/noisy, but comfortable and looks great!

albritton - US
Awesome shirt (2017-10-30)
I thought it would be a gimmicky, low quality shirt for a costume. But it's like, a REAL shirt! It's really cool! Thad you!

Protti-Melendez - US
Good Shirt (2017-09-25)
See my previous review from 9/19/2017.

Pimental - US
The Size Is The Thing! (2017-09-23)
I stand 6 foot 1 inch, 250 pounds, with a 49 inch chest and the XL-L size fits nicely. By that I mean that if I were ANY bigger in the chest I would need the next size up. But, for right now, the shirt fits almost as if it were tailored for me. But, unfortunately,the sleeve size of 26, after washing, is just a wee bit shy of reaching the base of my hand, causing an undignified look when the cuffs are buttoned.
The fabric quality is lightweight but well loomed with small, well executed stitching.
Overall the WPG Indiana Jones shirt is a good shirt for the price.

J. Ritchie - US
Good Shirt (2017-09-19)
This shirt is well made and accurate as far as the style goes for an Indiana Jones shirt. The only issue I have is that the shirt is a darker tan color than I prefer. If the color was a lighter shade or even stone/cement color it would probably be the most screen accurate shirt on the market. Still I liked the shirt so much that I bought 2!

Pimental - US
Amazingly fast delivery! (2017-09-02)
I'm pleased with the shirt. It fits well and is of good quality. The service was perfect - lightning fast and good communication throughout. Thanks!

Campbell - US
Excellent Shirt and Service! (2017-08-26)
I received my shirt two weeks ago and it is terrific. I was worried about the sizing, but the Large Long I ordered worked really well. I am 6 feet tall, 210 lbs, wear a 44L suit coat and a 17' neck, 34/35 dress shirt. The Large Long might be a tiny bit big on my shoulders and waist, but overall it fits great and will probably work well over time with more washing and drying. If I order one in the future, I might take a chance on a Medium Long, but that could be too small for my size. It did not come with washing/drying instructions, which would be nice to know. I am also very happy with the color and the natural wrinkles after washing. The shirt is light, breathable, and comforable. I highly recommend this shirt. The shipping was terrific too. My order shipped from the UAE to the USA for some reason, maybe the USA warehouse was out of stock, but WPG upgraded the shipping and I received my shirt and pants on Wednesday after placing the order on Saturday.

Ryan - US
Incredible speed of shipping! (2017-08-23)
Love this shirt! Need about 10 more. Very comfortable!

penny - US
Perfect Indy shirt (2017-07-03)
Same price as the others, but vastly superior. Color, texture and fit are dead on.

Serrecchia - US
Very well made! (2017-06-15)
I'm 6'3" tall and I can wear either a large-long or XL-long generally. I got the XL-long just to be on the safe side and it fits very well. The material is of good quality and the shirt looks great. Besides being an Indy shirt, it really can be worn to the office with a tie and a jacket and will look great! It's not made like a costume shirt. It's the real thing.

Daniel - Maine, USA
Спасибо (2017-05-31)
Быстрая доставка. Плотная ткань. Хорошее качество. Рекомендую к покупке. И еще рекомендую тщательней подбирать размер. Лучше проконсультироваться с продавцом.

Vasiliy - RU
Fast delivery! (2017-05-09)
Shirt is super authentic. XL fits well for my 46" chest.

Hallsted - US
AMAZING! (2017-04-14)
Awesome shirt that looks and fits great! Shipped fast, top quality. Another can't miss item from WPG!

Paul - Maryland/USA
awesome (2017-04-14)
Shirt in good quality and pretty screen accurate, nice contact - vendor absolute recommendable!

Tietz - DE
Perfect fit (2017-04-04)
I am 6'5", 48' chest, 37" sleeve. I ordered XL long and it fits perfectly. Very fast shipping and great customer service.

Joe - Oregon
Excellent (2017-02-05)
Arrived quickly and is a perfect fit.

Simser - CA
Perfect reproduction (2017-01-03)
Perfect reproduction, as advertised.

Schoendorff - US
Fast delivery! (2016-12-17)
Fantastic fit and look. I am a 46 inch chest so XL was appropriate. I will wear it next year on my Safari in Tanzania. Perfect functional shirt for this. Material is durable and looks good wrinkled too. Excellent buy!

Hallsted - US
Great Reproduction! (2016-11-12)
Recently saw the real thing at the Nat Geo exhibit.
Jerry really nailed it!
Great reproduction at a good price

Great shirt. (2016-10-16)
Shirt is very high quality and well made. I ordered the xl long based on the size chart and it was too tight. Its a straight fit torso on the shirt, so if you have lats or a bit of a spare tire then you should go one size up. I ordered the 2xl long and it fits perfect on my 52 chest 42 waist. WPG shipping is outstanding as usual.

Warren - CA
Great product, great service (2016-10-07)
Exactly what I was looking for, plus it came right on time. Would happily use them again.

Kelly - US
Nailed for Indy's grayer shirt. Good price. (2016-09-28)
This shirt is damn close. For the price, it's nailed. If you're doing an Indy outfit that is grayer (Temple, outdoor-Cairo, truck chase) then buy it here. If you're going for a warmer color (Bar, flying wing), then you might want to try Wested. That said, this shirt is a good buy. Fabric is more solid than I expected too.

(and yes I am actually a Dr./Indy fan)

Dr. Z - US
Pretty accurate - good delivery time (2016-09-23)
If you're building an indy costume, you're probably figured out that depending on the scene, his shirt is browner in some scenes and more khaki/gray in others. If you want the khaki version, this is it. The details of the shirt are pretty good. First well too.

Dr. Z - US
fast delivery (2016-09-21)
Good Shirt!! Is too much long for me (size S) but i like it!

Schipani - IT
No shrinkage (2016-08-31)
Hard to keep well pressed but not too hard to iron. Great that this shirt can be worn in the 'crumpled' look. Best of all it does not shrink and the colour does not fade. A good lightweight durable shirt.

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
Quality indy shirt (2016-08-11)
Great shirt! Hope with a couple of washes it shrinks just a little. It took only five days to reach me which is fast imo. The material is light too, not overly thick like some others you can purchase. Thanks guys

Starr - AU
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