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Indy Shirt (2015-11-18)
Very well-made shirt and looks authentic. An improvement from the other replica Indy shirt I had. This one is a true fit and the color looks to be more accurate. Great buy!

Poniewasz - US
Glad I bought one. (2015-02-11)
As you can see from the other reviews, this is a very well made shirt and perfect for an Indy fan.

Kyle WS - US
The Indiana Jones SHIRT (2015-11-02)
Good shirt, but I'm glad I ordered two of them. One was very well made, but the others' collar is only half-sewn along the hem, and is still in its original packaging. That one obviously slipped by quality control. Sorry.

Chelemedos - US
Indiana Jones Shirt (2015-10-22)
This is a great shirt, ordered a size large and it's a tad big but I threw it in the washer on hot and dried it on hot as well and it shrank down and fits great. Nice thin material just like the movie shirts!

Delaney - US
awesome Indy shirt!!! (2015-10-17)
Shirt has great look,feel,price...WPG is the way to go for your indy gear needs without a doubt!

Lalonde - US
Indy shirt (2015-10-15)
This came highly recommend from several costumers and forums. It didn't disapoint... WPG has always been top notch in quality and quick delivery..

Pelsue - US
Great Shirt! (2015-10-15)
Normally wear a size large in T-Shirts and ordered a L. Fit great, a tiny bigger than normal but after washing was perfect.

CA - Redding
Tony (2015-10-02)
Well made shirt. Fits very nice even after washing it, though you will have to iron it.

Mendoza - US
Great shirt; WPG was very helpful (2015-09-30)
Shirt looks great. WPG was very helpful directing me to purchase the correct size.

Fischer - US
Awesome (2015-09-28)
Nice shirt, high quality.

Guillaume - France
Nice Indy shirt! (2015-09-15)
Material & construction: seems good quality and reasonably well-made.

Wash/dry: The shirt lacks a care label, which should be added, if possible. I put it through a conservative cold wash and tumble-dry-low (removed from the dryer promptly to reduce wrinkles). Seems to wash pretty well.

Shrinkage/wrinkling: Shirt didn't appear to shrink at all -- yaaay! It does come of out of the dryer somewhat rumpled, but not badly wrinkled. It can certainly be worn as is (Indiana Jones was rarely well-pressed) or given some touch-up ironing.

The WPG Indy shirt doesn't wash/dry quite as carefree as the similar current LL Bean field shirt (which is the main reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5).

Fit: Neither tight nor loose. Not as roomy as the LL Bean field shirt, but neither is it too slim-tailored like some modern shirts, and that's a good thing.

I generally wear a medium or large shirt, ordered the WPG Indy shirt in Medium and it fits well, neither too snug nor too baggy.

If you're of an average build for your size, follow the sizing specs on the WPG website.
If you're more generously sized, be aware there's not much extra room in this shirt so maybe order a size up.

I do wish the left chest pocket did not have a pen-holder section stitched into it. That feature reduces the size and utility of the main pocket and could easily be eliminated from the design.

All in all, a very nice shirt. Indiana Jones online forums say this one the most affordable, reasonably-screen-accurate Indy shirt available.
And it can certainly be worn for everyday life as well as Halloween or adventure treks.

Howard Weinstein - US
very good (2015-09-08)
This is it.
It' a great indiana jones shirts.

watanabe - JP
Great Indiana Jones Shirt (2015-08-20)
As far as I can tell, this is a perfect match for the Indiana Jones shirt, it is also an excellent quality shirt for daily wear. I've worn it to work and gotten complements! I did leave the bull whip at home though...

Manchester - US
Fantastic Shirt (2015-07-12)
This was the second Indiana Jones Shirt that I have purchased and I absolutely love it.

White - US
I'm very happy with the shirt and the quick delivery. Thanks.

Pond - US
Shirt (2015-05-01)
Great shirt, one of the best available!

Dr. Jones - AU
Excellent Quality. (2015-04-22)
I normally wear a medium size shirt but I ordered the Large to allow room for shrinkage. This was a great choice. After the first wash, it shrunk just enough to give a more fitted look. This shirt is totally screen accurate. Amazing quality and price as well! Highly recommend for Indy cosplayers.

Kinard - US
It belongs in a museum! (2015-04-08)
Got a small-long shirt by a friend's recommendation and the gamble (American sizes are always difficult to match to European) paid off. The shirt fits perfectly and has all the right color and details you could want for your Indy costume. Definitely got my money's worth!

P.s. Extra props for sending it from Dubai so there were no ridiculous import charges!

Sipos - NL
Great adventure shirt (2015-03-11)
The shirt got to me quite a bit quicker than i expected. I immediately tried it on and was very pleased with the quality and the fit of the shirt. As others have said the tails are a bit long to be worn untucked but means things will stay in place. Cant wait to wear it on my next adventure.

Bailey - US
indy shirt (2015-03-01)
great product ,high quality ,ultra fast shipping ,screen accurate.many thanks .will purchase another one.

guilbault - CA
simply the best (2015-02-20)
scene accuracy in color and design , great quality , impressive stitching , very comfortable , ultra fast shipping , it shows that they care about their costumers satisfaction. really happy with this deal.many thanks to everyone at wpg.

al kenobi.

alain - canada
great service (2014-12-15)
Great customer service. Great product.

Dziedzic  - US
satisfied customer (2014-12-15)
Customer service was exceptional. Even after more than one return and or exchange. Very pleased.

Dziedzic  - US
Cool shirt to own even if you dont have a man-crush on Dr Jones (2014-11-09)
6'4", 235 lbs, 38" waist, XL long was perfect. Sleeve length good. Arrived way faster than i thought (under a week). Get one - chicks dig it! You gotta be a pretty big dude to be thinkin about an XXL.

Carlton - US
Great shirt - way huge though (2014-10-30)
Great quality shirt, but boy it was huge. Ordered the Large Tall and it should be Large-Wide-Super Tall. Will be selling it and ordering a large standard and hope that works out better.

French - US
Love It!! (2014-10-27)
Absolutely love it!! Perfect and sizing was exactly as specified. Great job!!

Herring - US
indy shirt (2014-10-21)
Great Delivery, very fast arrival. The shirt is awesome, great fit, great color. Very happy.

kowalewski - US
Indiana Jones shirt (2014-10-21)
Made very well. Pretty satisfied with it.Could be a little roomier but it has a slimming' look to it which i need!,LOL... Great shirt!

pearsonjr. - US
very happy! (2014-10-19)
First off... EXCELLENT DELIVERY!!! Ordered on a friday and received the following thursday, from overseas no less! As for the shirt , I was skeptical of the size chart ( usually wear a L) but I went ahead and got a M... fit perfectly. It was a bit stiff at first but nothing a run thru the washer didnt fix... if i had any complaint its that there''s no button on the right chest pocket... meh, no big deal to me

carl - illinois\us
Indy shirt (2014-10-12)
Arrived very quickly. Shirt is cut VERY ample at the midrift... too big for a mere size Large. Sleeve length is surprisingly good though! The shirt length is also on the long side, even for a Long size... It would be interesting to have the choice of a more stone color as well. Overall a good quality shirt for the price, but could use a bit more attention to quality control. Not a bad purchase at all.

Zoccali - CA
Indiana Jones shirt (2014-10-02)
Great shirt-obviously solidly built with good, thick material.

Harris - CA
Indiana Jones Shirt (2014-09-26)
The shirt is exactly what I was looking for. Was very pleased with the speed of the shipping.

Norfleet - US
Order it large (2014-09-21)
I purchased one of these a few years ago. Fit great when I first put it on. Love the shirt and design, however, it shrunk quite a bit with just a few washings. If you order one, order a size larger than you normally wear.

Eric - WI, USA
Great shirt...very Indy -- indeed! (2014-09-20)
I really like this shirt -- second one, I have purchased. My only complaint on this item, is it is a bit stiff to begin with, but with repeated washings, including fabric softener, it works out to be a good friend. Very close to S.A. (Screen Accurate), If that is what one is interested in, but for me -- it is just one good adventure shirt! Well done. W>

Conly - US
Really quick delivery from US!! GREAT QUALITY. No problems size wise after washing. Great colour - it goes with everything...lm just going to wear it all the time!!

Graham Bell - GB
chemise raider (2014-08-21)
bonjour jaurais du prendre la taille m tout cour et pas m longue mais sinon elle est super je pense quelle peut retrecir au lavage un super produit j avais commander avant une s longue et les manches d origine sont plus longues que la chemise m tout court donc je pense que ca va aller voila

sogne - FR
The Indiana Jones SHIRT (2014-08-20)
Quality product and no problem with UK size expectations! Shipping from the US is hassle free with no additional import charges. Just buy it! You wont regret it...

Gibson - GB
Time will tell (2014-08-15)
Recieved my Indy shirt recently and by the feel of the materials I noticed this was a quality shirt. Threw it in the wash and didnt shrink much which is great but would like to feels the material soften up a bit. I bought this for my indy costume this year but would also make a fantastic fishing shirt down the road if I choose. Overall I like it and feel justifed for the price!

dasosa - US
Fantastic! (2014-08-09)
I've been shopping around for a shirt like this for a while, and this one nails it. I'm not barrel-chested, but this shirt makes me look pretty damn good. The color is perfect, the quality is very high, and the price makes it an overall stunning value. I'm going to buy another at the behest of my wife.

High five!

Bender - US
LOVE IT! (2014-08-05)
I have two of these shirts and love the look and feel. If it helps others with sizing I am approx. 5ft 10in, 42in chest and 33" waist - MEDIUM was the way to go.

AWESOME shirt and AWESOME customer service!

Vaughan - AU
New manufacturing method? (2014-07-31)
Love the smaller pockets and darker buttons. However, stitching integrity seems to be weak in areas like pen pocket flap corner and some other places. Returned 2 out of 3 shirts for stitch separation. Returned one for uneven seams. Disappointing.

Indy - US
New button color! (2014-07-29)
The latest run's slightly darker button color matches the fabric, as seen on 'Raiders.' Rated 4/5 due to stitching coming apart on one sleeve, and an exchange was no problem. I'm avg. height and wear a size 42 blazer, so the size M-R is very fitted like a screen-worn shirt, while a L-R (my normal size) fits more comfortably like a standard off-the-rack shirt. Overall good quality.

Frank - US
Big (2014-07-28)
I went by the sizing chart, but the shirt I received was absolutely enormous on me. It's such a splendid specimen, though, that I saved it for (a much larger) friend's birthday. I'll be ordering one for myself in the future, but using a bit of Kentucky windage on the sizing.

Simmons - US
Indy shirt (2014-07-27)
Awesome shirt very impressed with WPG service and delivery....ordered it and received it in less than a week! Shirt is dead on when it comes the color...other reviews complain about the thickness but this military issue it's supposed to be that any case I'm totally satisfied with this shirt

Aguayo  - US
This shirt rocks (2014-07-19)
I'm very happy with this purchase. The shirt looks and "acts" like Indy's shirts in the movies. I'm probably going to end up ordering one or two more of these so I can wear them more often. Fast shipping. Fair price. Great product!

Looks Great (2014-07-14)
This shirt looks like a perfect match for the Indy shirt.

Roger - US
Indiana Jones Style Shirt (2014-07-09)
EXCELLENT Customer Service! And EXCELLENT Shirt! I am getting married in a few days and planned an Indiana Jones theme garter toss. I planned everything out & ordered an Indiana Jones shirt from another distributor (who I will be nice & not give the name of) with plenty of time to get everything before the wedding. The other supplier was a little slow to get it here and when I got it & washed it to get out the packaging creases, the shirt started coming apart! With less than a week before the wedding, I e-mailed What Price Glory to see if they could get me a shirt delivered before the wedding. I was given a phone number & told to contact Jerry. I called Jerry & told him what was going on and that I needed an XL-Long Indiana Jones shirt. He checked and said he only had L-Long and XXL-Long. I told him my chest size and the sleeve length I needed and he made the extra effort of measuring some of the shirts while I was on the phone with him. We decided that I needed an XXL-Long. I was a little afraid it would be too big but I had to have one so I ordered it. He shipped the shirt as soon as he got off the phone with me and I got it 2 days later! I tried it on and it fits PERFECTLY! I washed it, put it in the dryer on low for a few minutes, tried it on again, and hung it up still damp to finish drying. All seams & stitching still perfect and still fits Perfect! I wish the material was just a little stiffer but other than that, the quality is Excellent and I WILL be ordering more later!

Kevin - Tennessee USA
Indiana Jones Shirt (2014-06-01)
Arrived quickly and fits the bill. I wear an XL, which I ordered. The sleeves were long but not a problem (a medium would have given me the right sleeve length but then I would not have been able to button the neck)as I expected to have the sleeves shortened. All in all, a nice facsimile to the Indy shirt I had been looking for. B.T.W. a decent price for the quality of the shirt.

Maldonado - US
Indiana Jones Shirt (2014-05-28)
Authentic copy of the film heroe's shirt. Very light cotton poplin - durable and with a good fit. Highly recommendable.

Pahn - DE
Indiana Jones shirt (2014-05-16)
Very impressed with the fit. The color and look are great! I will be wearing it on a regular basis and just ordered a second. Very nice over all.

Smith - US
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