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OK (2008-09-08)
Just one thing: Perfect.
Thank you very much

franc - BELGIUM
Officer Russet Shoes (2008-06-23)
Great addition to my officers uniform this was the final addition I required to finish my officer uniform.Ever so comfortable, excellent quality and finally they look the part

Alan - United Kingdom
Comfortable! (2008-02-03)
Immediately comfortable with no break-in period required. Excellent quality. I may order a backup pair!

Scott - Tulsa
US Officer Russet Dress Shoes (2007-07-14)
The shoes arrived yesterday and frankly, the only word I can use to describe them is "WOW!"
The finish is excellent and the small details are impressive (the gilt stamp in the heel is a nice touch, so''s the shoe horn). All they need are the flat laces from the el cheapo Bates brown low quarters I''ve been using and yours will be indistinguishable from a pair of originals. Oh yeah, and they fit better than the Bates too.

Mark Stoddard - US
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